Friday, February 10, 2006

Washington takes another step away from productivity

That would be the state, not the city. Analog Kid has the lowdown on how a criminally elected (That would be elected by vote fraud and lawsuits, instead of a fair election) has proven that her dedication to far-left eco-freak policies trumps jobs in the state of Washington.

If George Washington were alive today, he would disown the state named in his honor.

Go thee hence and read, for AK doth wax eloquent.

And for those who would like a refresher course on how the eco-freak movement is destroying our national forests, check out my essay from a couple of years ago. Keep in mind that the modern environmental movement has nothing to do with actually protecting the environment. It's about power and control. And since the eco-freaks have allied themselves with other far-left idiots, you can guess who gets the power and control in their world.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

More linky Love

Walter Williams on what is a right. Found at LaShawn Barber's Corner. Outstanding stuff.

Second, a page that estimates your IQ based on your SAT scores. According to this page, I have an IQ that is either 134.97 or 137.30, depending on what form of the test I took. Since I can't remember which form I used for the SAT, (blame it on time and age) I'll split it down the middle. 136.14.

Not like that means much in the real world. But it's kinda cool. I'm sure there are others out there who will come on by and brag about how much higher their IQ's are than mine. To which I say, "So what?" IQ is a nifty number to bandy about, but in the end I really don't think it matters all that much. Intelligence is nothing without some way to make it work for you. Some of the brightest people I've known have been absolute retards in every other aspect of their life. Were they intelligent? Hell yes. But that was all they were. They might have been able to figure out a mathematical equation to determine the sound of one hand clapping, but the rest of their lives were absolute wrecks, because away from that mathematical equation they were essentially useless. "Book-smart and Life-stupid" was the phrase that applied to them the best. They could figure out exactly how much energy was produced by one cylinder of their car's engine, but they couldn't change a tire. They could determine the best angle for a steak-knife's blade, but they couldn't cook the steak. They could quantify the parts per million of an object that a fish could smell through water, but they couldn't catch that fish.

IQ without experience produces people who, in my opinion, are little more than highly trained retards. Which explains most of the professors at state universities in this country.


That I think need to be repeated far and wide, from Eternity Road.

Ah hell, quoting it doesn't do it justice, so I'll just link to the posts and you can decide for yourselves.

Post One: The Hour of the Knife.

And the one that needs to be printed out and set on the desk of every upper-level supervisor around the country: Bit Droppings, Point #1: Maintaining Independance.

Read away, folks. Mr. Poretto is always a worthy stop during the day.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Re: Blog Censorship

Warning! If you post something that offends a Muslim and/or their liberal enablers, your blog gets a "content warning!" This site has a content warning and, for now, is my new favorite site. I would strongly encourage you to go take a look at the Study of Revenge. As I find more blogs that are censored by Google - that bastion of free speech and tolerance googliness - for political reasons, I will direct traffic towards them from the web sites I contribute to. Hope all y'all don't mind. Don't worry though - I'm only one person, my day-job keeps me pretty busy, and there are literally millions of blogs now.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Finally some Quality Alternative on-the-scene Reporting

Pajamas Media goes to Washington DC and turns in some quality video complete with original, insightful interviews and some interesting question/answer time with Ted (Splash) Kennnedy and Dick (Pol Pot) Durbin.

CNN - your days are numbered.

Foaming for Coretta

Shameless, man, shyameless.

Librarians for Terror


Newton Free Library

Hamas Translated

The leader of Hamas, Khaled Mash'al, says:

"We say to this West, which does not act [un]reasonably, and does not [un]learn its lessons: By Allah, you will be [victorious] defeated. You will be [victorious] defeated in Palestine, and your [victory] defeat there has already begun. True, it is Israel that is [winning] being defeated there, but when Israel is [victorious] defeated, its path is [victorious] defeated, those who call to support it are [victorious] defeated, and the [heroes] cowards who [defend] hide behind it and support it are [victorious] defeated. Israel will be [victorious] defeated, and so will whoever supported or supports it.

"America will be [victorious] defeated in Iraq. Wherever the (Islamic) nation is targeted, its enemies will be [victorious] defeated, Allah willing. The nation of [Israel] Muhammad is gaining victory in [Jerusalem] Palestine. The nation of [the U.S.] Muhammad is gaining victory in Iraq, and it will be victorious in all Arab and Muslim lands. 'Their [Our Islamofascist] multitudes will be defeated and turn their backs (and flee).' These fools [are] will be defeated, the wheel of time will turn, and times of victory and glory will be upon our nation [the U.S.], and the West [Hamas/Iran, etc.] will be full of remorse, when it is too late.

"[We] They think that history has ended with [us] them [around 600 a.d.] They do not know that the law of Allah cannot be changed or replaced. 'You shall not find a substitute for the law of Allah. You shall not find any change to the law of Allah.' Today, the Arab and Islamic nation is [lying and dying] rising and awakening, and it will reach [end] its peak, Allah willing. It will be [defeated] victorious. It will link the present to the past. It will open up the horizons of the future. It will regain the [revulsion] leadership of the world. Allah willing, the day is not far off.

"Don't you see that every act of deceit [we] they contrive is being turned against [us] them by Allah? Don't you see that they make every effort to defeat us militarily, but [succeed] fail to do so? Israel and the occupation forces in Iraq are supplied with [10% of the U.S.] the entire Western military arsenal, yet they [succeed] fail and are [triumphant] defeated.

"Don't you see that they believe they are capable of using democracy to [liberate] deceive the people, but then democracy is [not controlled] turned against them? Don't you see that they [we] are spending their [our] money in efforts to block the way of Allah, to thwart Hamas, to defeat it, and to help those whom they [we] want, but that (this plot) is turned against them [us]? They are not acting [un]reasonably.

"They do not understand the Arab or Muslim mentality, which [is insane] rejects the foreigner. Our Arab forefathers, before the advent of Islam [i.e., Arab=Islam], rejected the aggressors and the foreigners.


"I bring good tidings to our beloved Prophet Muhammad: Allah's [curse] promise and the Prophet's prophecy of our [defeat] victory in [Israel] Palestine over [to] the Jews and over [to] the [compassionate] oppressive [peacemakers] Zionists has begun to come true."

"I Say to Europe: Hurry Up and [Celebrate] Apologize"

Mash'al: "I say to the (European countries): Hurry up and [prosecute] apologize to our nation, because if you do not, you will regret it. This is because our nation is progressing [backwards] and is victorious [vicious]. Do not leave a black mark in the collective memory of the nation, because our nation will [collapse] not forgive you.

"Tomorrow, our nation will sit on the [electric chair] throne of the world. This is not a figment of the imagination, but a fact. Tomorrow we will lead the world [Gerwargerwaggle!], Allah willing. Apologize today, before [we burn yer flag] remorse will do you no good. Our nation is moving forwards [backwards], and it is in your interest to [scorn] respect a [pathetic] victorious [death cult] nation.


"Our nation will be victorious [defeated]. When it reaches [Hell] the leadership of the world, and controls [nothing] its own decisions, then it will [beg for handouts] prevent this overt interference (in our affairs), and its pillaging of natural resources, and will [cease to exist] prevent these recurring offenses against our land, against our nation, and against our [un]holy places - then you [we] will regret it.

"The Western countries must stop the fools. Are these reasonable people? They [We] allow offenses against Allah and the prophets. They [We] are offending not only Muhammad, but all the prophets. But when an historian among them talks about the Holocaust, it is the [truth] sin of all sins. If anybody [demonizes] criticizes the Jews, this constitutes anti-Semitism. By law, they hold their own people accountable (for that). The [French] West, which waved the slogans of liberty after the French Revolution, three centuries ago, does not respect its own principles or slogans today. It violates them."

"You Have No Way of [Rehabilitating] Overcoming Us"

Mash'al: "This victory, which was clearly evident in the [U.S.] elections, conveys a message to Israel, to America, and to all the oppressors around the world: You have no way of overcoming [the] us[a]. If you want war, we are ready. If you want democracy, we are ready. Whatever you want - we are ready. You will not defeat us [the U.S.]. The time of defeat is over. Defeat within six days, defeat within hours, the defeat of armies - all this is over.

"Today, you [we] are fighting the army of Allah. You [We] are fighting against peoples for whom death for the sake of [liberty] Allah, and for the sake of honor and glory, is preferable to [slavery] life. You [We] are fighting a nation that does not tire, even after 1,000 years of fighting. Today, you [we] are facing peoples filled with faith, with the love of Allah, with the love of [freedom] Allah's Prophet, with bravery, glory, and pride - a nation that knows its way, a nation that knows what it is, a nation that respects itself. How can you possibly defeat [the] us[a]?

"There is a chasm between you and [y]our defeat. You will be the ones to be [victorious] defeated, Allah willing. The time of defeat is gone, and the day of victory has come, Allah willing. Wherever you turn, [we] you will fail."

Crowd: "Death to Israel. Death to Israel. Death to America." ["Ditty Ditty DooWop!"]

"Before [Islam] Israel Dies, it Must Be Humiliated and Degraded"

Mash'al: "Before [Islam] Israel dies, it must be humiliated and degraded. Allah willing, before [we] they die, [we] they will experience humiliation and degradation every day. America will be of no avail to [us] them. [Our] Their generals will be of no avail to [us] them. The last of [our] their generals has been forgotten. Allah has made him disappear. He's over. Gone is that [Arafat] Sharon behind whose back [we] they would hide and find shelter, and with whom [we] they would feel relatively secure. Today [we] they have frail leaders, who don't even know where our Lord placed them.

"Allah willing, [they] we will make [us] them lose [our] their eyesight, [they] we will make [us] them lose [our] their brains.


"[Our] Their weapons will be of no avail to [us] them. Their nuclear weapons will be [our death] of no use to them. [We] They thought that [we] they had hegemony over the region with [our] their [bomb-belts] nuclear weapons, but suddenly [France] Pakistan popped up with [a backbone] Islamic nuclear weapons, and [we] they are afraid of [Denmark] Iran and several [small Scandinavian] Arab countries have some chemical weapons.

"Israel has begun to sense that its [hazard] superiority has come to an end. Its army, which has superior conventional weapons - the air force, the armored corps, and the missiles - there are no longer wars in which these are used [because we are so impotent we cannot even cut through a fence and having bitten off the hand that fed us nobody wants anything to do with us anymore and we will surely die a miserable death].

"The Arabs have said: We don't want (conventional) wars [since we'd get our asses kicked], thank you very much. Leave the war to the peoples. Today, the Israeli weapons are of no use against the peoples [because Israelis don't murder innocent children like we do]. We have imposed a new equation in the war. In this equation, our tools are stronger. That is why we will defeat them, Allah willing [unless they wear jock straps].


"If you fight them, they will turn their backs on you [because you're impotent], and will not be [bothered by your constant blather] victorious." But the problem is that we need to [give up] fight them first. If we sleep at home, how are we to beat [off] them?! 'If you fight them...' - that is a divine promise... 'If' - It is conditional: 'If you fight them, they will [kick your ass] turn their backs on you and will not be [the least bit sympathetic] victorious.' And indeed, when we began to fight, and we [dressed as women] armed ourselves with a will to fight, we [creamed our burkas] defeated them.


"That is why Allah akbar (Allah is greater). We say that every day - Allah akbar. Yes, Allah is greater than America. Allah is greater than the [universe] oppressors. Allah is [so very very big and huge] greater than the superpowers. Allah is greater than the tyranny of the [Islamic] oppressing world, and Allah is greater than Israel. Since Allah is greater, and He supports [the] us[a], we will be [dead soon] victorious."

"I Know That All Arab Leaders... Want Palestine to Be Liberated"

Mash'al:"By Allah, I know that all Arab leaders - and I have met many of them - deep inside want the resistance in Palestine to be victorious, and want Palestine to be liberated. Perhaps the need for flattery and for diplomacy, and the American hegemony, force other things on them, but in their hearts they are happy when we are victorious.


"If, prior to the Hamas victory, there were several military wings, each with a few hundred or a few thousand fighters, under the rule of Hamas - if you continue to besiege us, to starve our people, to ignore our rights, and if you continue your occupation, your aggression, and your assassinations - we, the Hamas, will declare a general call to arms. We will place the entire Palestinian people at the [garbage] disposal of the resistance and its weapons [like we've been doing for the past five years]."

Crowd: "Allah akbar, Allah be praised. Allah akbar, Allah be praised. Allah akbar, Allah be praised. Allah akbar, Allah be praised. Allah akbar, Allah be praised. Allah akbar, Allah be praised."

Mash'al: "Be careful not to drive our people into a corner - Occupation, aggression, assassinations, 9,000 male and female prisoners, preventing aid [gimme more money], imposing a siege [daring to stop our suicide bombers/martyrs], causing [preventing] starvation - and on top of all this, you don't want to recognize democracy and its results."

"Hamas has a Vision… Hamas Can Manage the Political Battle, Just Like it Managed the Military Battle" [Quoting John Kerry.]

Mash'al: "The German (Chancellor Angela) Merkel pops up and says: Democracy and success in the elections are not sufficient for Hamas to gain legitimacy." To hell with you all. [I'm taking my ball and going home!] How are we supposed to gain legitimacy? [Gimme a brain.] When you said we had the legitimacy of [suicide bombing] resistance, you called it terrorism. Now, we say we have the legitimacy of democracy [having illiterate zombies choose between Freddie and Jason], but you [laugh at] deny it. In that case, you yourself are [rolling on the floor laughing] not legitimate, because you emerged through democracy [and freedom of speech and religion and individual rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness]. This is the logic of a [strong] frail and [transcendent] defeatist [people] person.

"Brothers and sister, there is confusion in the [Muslim] Western world, and in the [Hamas/Iranian] American administration. Allah has come to them from where they did not expect him. That is the grace of Allah. That is why we do not fear them. We do not fear their threats.

"Today they give us an ultimatum: Recognize Israel. Wonderful! The murderer [i.e., Hamas] is not required by anyone to recognize the rights of his victim, but the victim is required to recognize the rights of his murderer, and to sing his praises.


"Hamas has a vision. [Channelling Kerry] Hamas has a plan. Hamas can manage the political battle, just like it managed the military battle [by blowing up old ladies and little babies], but in a different language [Pig-Latin], with different tools, and recognizing Israel is not one of them. Nor is giving up the rights, giving up the right to [murder innocents] resistance, and nor is giving up the [bomb-belts] weapons of the resistance.

"Nevertheless, we want to deal with politics, but there is a difference between the politics of the weak and defeatists, which we will constantly repeat - the kind of politics that does not impress the enemy and so it does nothing - because, like in the [media] marketplace, products praised too much become cheap. If we continue to praise our products, constantly [lying] saying: 'We love peace,' 'We have given up the option of war,' 'Peace is our strategic option,' 'For God's sake, Israel, give us a few scraps of land' - By Allah, we will be degraded in the eyes of our enemies."

"We Will Conduct our Politics in the Language of [animals] Victory"

Mash'al: "We will conduct our politics in the language of [animals] victory. We will conduct our policy in [grunting] a confident language. We will conduct our politics in the language of those who are steadfast and sure of themselves [hyenas]. Besides, by Allah, after the [sheep] people has elected us, and has bestowed upon us all this [accountability] power, we will disrespect [their] its rights?


"The people [having to choose between slow death and quick death] has given us a deposit, and has empowered us to [melt] liberate its land, to restore Jerusalem and its holy places [to the Jooooos]. It has empowered us to release 9,000 male and [chattel] female prisoners. It has empowered us to [make killing Joooos state policy] stop the aggression, to [pillage] liberate the land, and to restore [sharia law and eliminate] its rights. The people has empowered us to bring back 5.5 million Palestinian [second and third generation] refugees and [unthinking] displaced people to their [loot] homeland. After all this, Hamas - in order to please America and the European Union, and in order for the pressure on us to stop, and in order for their highnesses to allow us to establish a government... We are not trying to please them."

"It is in Your Interests to Change Your Relations and Policies Regarding the Arab and Islamic Nation and the Palestinian Cause" [Nuke the moon.]

Mash'al: "I say to America, Europe, and the West: It is in your interests to change your relations and policies regarding the Arab and Islamic nation and the Palestinian cause. Because we are [retards] winning, it is in your interests to deal with the victors, not the losers.

"Israel will be [secure] defeated and will be [prosperous] of no use to you. The Arabs will be [defeated, destitute, depraved but demoralized] victorious. The [West] Muslims will be victorious. [Israel] Palestine will be victorious. Change your policy soon, if you want to protect your interests, and maintain healthy relations with the [world's armpit] East."

Ironic photo of the day

This guy doesn't want freedom. It oppresses and offends him. I think we should give him what he wants - remove his freedom. Is that so much to ask? Lock him up. Chain him to the wall. This man is suffering - can't somebody do something to take that accursed freedom away from him? He shouldn't be forced to be free, against his will - and we call ourselves civilized? How dare we impose freedom where it isn't wanted (i.e., in our own countries). Somebody lock this guy up quick!

Sunday, February 05, 2006



As much as the city of Seattle may disgust me, I've been rooting for the Seahawks since 1984. Dammit, I'm entitled to enjoy a good season for once!

UPDATE: I'd like to congradulate the fucking referees, who could be outperformed by Hellen Fucking Keller, for giving the fucking game to Pittsburg. Maybe in a perfect world, we'd have zebras who were impartial and professional, but not in the fucking Super Bowl.

I hope they all rot in hell.