Saturday, August 28, 2010


Good?  Maybe.  WebChronicle Gun List.  I have an SKS that I haven't shot in a while.  Maybe I'll post it.

A happy waste

You know those letters I wrote to my Congresscritters?  Turns out they won't even need to read them.  EPA lead ammo ban?  Dead.

Still glad I wrote them.

Night driving

I don't know what it is around Wisconsin, but people are either driving around with their brights on or they have their headlights aimed directly at my eyes.  And I'm not the only one with that problem.  My buddy who drives a friggin' JEEP has the same problem.

Part of it is the huge amount of salt this state uses on the roads during the winter.  No, seriously.  The salt gets impacted into the road, and makes them shiny.  Every time a car is approaching me I have to deal with two sets of headlights - the ones on the car and the ones reflecting off the nice glossy road.

The other part of the problem is half of these people DO drive around with their brights on, and constantly forget to turn them off.  It's unreal.  And it blinds you when you're coming home at 9:00 at night, on a stretch of road where you have had to dodge herds of deer in the past.

Yeah.  So if you're in Wisconsin, and you've had a car coming the opposite way suddenly turn on it's brights and flash them several times, and as you drive past there's a guy leaning out the driver's window, middle finger fully extended, and the words "TURN OFF YOUR FUCKING BRIGHTS YOU DRUNKEN JACKASS!".....  that was probably me.  And no, I'm not apologizinmg.

Friday, August 27, 2010

And again v.3

The Media is NOT YOUR FRIEND!!!!!

I don't watch ABC news anyways, thank god.  Who knows just how long they've been manufacturing stories to fit their narrative; at least since the Viet Nam War, probably longer.

Why I'm not a Republican

Because of shit like this, this, and this.  Because the GOP has been nothing more than the Donk Lite party. Because if the GOP actually stood on the beliefs they claim to hold, we wouldn't have had the drunken spending spree under President Bush, and they wouldn't have lost to the Democrat American Communist Party in 2006 and 2008.  And because the ruling elitists of the GOP are resisting any kind of change what so ever, even though the GOP is about as successful as a boil on this country's ass right now.

Every time I get a letter begging for money, I send it back with a message written in Sharpie on it.  A nice simple message:  Return to the conservative values that you claim to hold, and I'll start helping you out again.  But as long as you only speak for the ruling class, you DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME.

They can all go to hell.  The GOP needs to die so it can be reborn.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Real World Proof

I don't know how many times I've said it, but if you want to see the end result of Democrat American Communist Party policies, all you have to do is look at where those policies have been in place for a while.  Like California.

Adobe Systems, maker of a suite of graphics programs such as Adobe PDF, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, have announced that they are building a $100 million facility in either Salt Lake City or in nearby Utah County, Utah. The facility will bring thousands of jobs to Utah over the next few decades.
In May the Internet auction company ebay also announced a major new facility to be built in Salt Lake City. The $287 million data center will also bring hundreds of new jobs to the Bee Hive State.
Not to be forgotten, games maker Electronic Arts opened its new facility in July in Salt Lake City where around 100 employees are already at work.
These companies fleeing California’s horrid business climate are not alone. There has been a steady flow of businesses out of California for the better part of a decade. As California’s political morass worsens, as its budget woes increase, and as her politicians are proven incapable of making the hard budgetary decisions to take power from unions and chop unnecessarily lavish social programs, the state’s jobs are bleeding out. California is an a freefall the end of which is still unseen.

Buck Knives moved their factory from California to Post Falls, ID years ago.  Socialist policies are inherently anti-business, and the only state more socialist than California might be Massachusetts.  Maybe.  But the chickens are coming home to roost for California right now.  Unfortunately, the same ideology and the same mindset that control California now control this country.  How many business are going to leave or shut down under more and more regulation and taxation?

Just how high do you want your unemployment, people?

On the proposed EPA ban of lead ammunition

Which is, at it's core, a de-facto ban on all shooting; I've written my congresscritters, and I suggest you do the same.  Emails are great, yay emails, but nothing gets a reaction like signed, hard-copy letters flooding a desk.  Sebastian from Snowflakes in Hell has info and multiple links, to include the NSSF webpage detailing how the EPA is trying to push the ban.  The NSSF also has a sample letter to congresscritters that you can use, although I prefer to put my thoughts into my own words.

By the way, if you've never written a letter to your Congress Critters before, a good start is right here:  Put your ZIP code into the box on the upper-hand right, and it'll tell you exactly who your congresscritters are.  Click on their names, and it'll take you to their info pages.  There's a tab labeled "Contact" that has their State addresses and D.C. addresses.  Copy and paste those into whatever word processing program you use, and you're off to the races.

Did I just date myself with that whole "Word Processing" thing?  I think I did.  Ah well, deal with it.

Words of Wisdom

From the Ragin' Mom, who was discussing the Ground Zero Mosque while we were on vacation.

"So the government is sending this guy (Imam Rauf) around the world on the taxpayer's dime so that he can round up cash to build that mosque, right?  So much for the separation of Church and State that the Left loves so much!"

And that echos what Rivrdog states:

Most of the news on the mosque deal is coming from the White House, what with the President making a statement Friday night, then modifying it Saturday morning, then his press officer issuing a presskit on "what the President really meant" on Sunday.
All of THAT is really just drivel, because something got overlooked here.
OK, 'dawg, you've said that twice now, what got overlooked?
I'm glad you asked, Mister Muse.
What got overlooked was that the President made his initial remarks at a Ramadan dinner hosted by the President in the State Dining Room at the White House.
Yes, the President, who cancelled the National Day of Prayer breakfast at the White House on May 6th, saying something to the effect that hosting religious affairs at the White House was inappropriate for a President to do, seems to have forgotten that in only 3 months, and he just hosted a religious dinner at that same White House.
Not one press outlet has seen this little dichotomy. Not even Fox News, even after I shouted it at my TV set three times.

Most anti-American President EVAH!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ragin' Dave's Quote of the Day: Tossing out bait edition

Doing a little surfing this morning, and I ran across my quote of the day at Washington Rebel:

If an old hand like me tells you we have driven ourselves mad as hatters with dope -- and turned ourselves into women (marijuana's chief attribute) -- there will always be a Libertarian pansy on hand to excuse that. Like any inmate in an insane asylum, you Libetarians really think you're fascinating. You're not.
And no, I don't agree with his whole post, but damn if he doesn't nail at least one of my chief complaints regarding dope.

And looking at my tabs that are open, it was a chain of Day by Day, Mind-Numbed Robot, Caught Him with a Corndog, and then Washington Rebel.  My brain really does work like that on a regular basis.  Sometimes I think I have ADOLS.  Attention Deficit OOO LOOK SHINEY!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A week between posts

Sorry 'bout the extensive absence, folks.  But my family is more important to me than anything.  Hope you understand.


Did waaaaaaay too much driving yesterday, and had a busy day today.  I'm sleeping in tomorrow.

As an aside, were I a resident of Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Indiana or Illinois, and the politicians were wah-wah-wahing about needing more money for roads, I would personally tell each and every one of them to go outside and play "Hide and Go Fuck Yourself".  The tolls I paid were unreal.  I easily spent half my gas budget just on tolls, and in quite a few spots that money wasn't going towards roads at all, or at least not according to the bumps, potholes and various other issues.  At one point the Ragin' Mrs. woke up and asked if the roads were really that bad or if I was running over a herd of turtles.

And I know for a fact that Chicago is making miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillions of dollars in tolls.  Where is that money going to?  Ask the politicians.  They're the ones spending it.  Fucking corrupt pieces of crap.