Friday, February 25, 2022

And my response is "Go Fuck Yourself"


Or as I said to my commander yesterday, "You got my retirement paperwork, right?  You did?  Good."

Nine year old denied kidney transplant because he and the donor aren't jabbed

 I would be preparing the mother of all lawsuits for those fucking shitheads.

Nine-year-old Tanner Donaldson suffers from stage 5 chronic kidney disease and urgently needs a kidney transplant. Miraculously, his father, Dane, is a perfect match to donate one of his kidneys. In early 2018, Cleveland Children’s Hospital approved the transplant. Shockingly, however, the hospital is now denying Tanner’s transplant following the execution of a “cruel, illogical, and unscientific” policy that demands the donor—but not Tanner—to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The donor already had the Kung Flu and recovered from it.  That, along with several other well-thought-out medical choices, made the father decide not to get the jab.

A jab that is still under an Emergency Use Authorization, I might add.  A jab that loses efficacy in months.  A jab with "unknown" health risks and ZERO liability for the manufacturers.  

Should that little boy die because the hospital refused to do the transplant on the unjabbed dad?  By the time the dust settled, I'd own that fucking hospital, ever last bit of it down to the bedpans.  The anti-medical Cult of the Jab must be stopped, and at this point you have to inflict maximum pain on them.  They cannot be allowed to simply say "Oopsie!  My bad!"  They must be punished for the pain, misery and suffering they have inflicted on America.

Make.  Them.  Pay.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

My computer was repaired and is being shipped back

 So I might have it for the weekend.  In the mean time, posting will still be light because I'm using wifey's computer.

I bet they just swapped out the processor fan.  Like "Fuck this hardware!  NEW HARDWARE!  EASY FIX!"

You know, I've heard other people saying that the police were not our friends

 And at least in Canada, it looks like they are right.

In an official statement published Sunday, RCMP have since confirmed the legitimacy of the leaked messages, which have been shared widely, both acknowledging that authorities are aware of the material circulating on social media and verifying that they're "looking into the matter."

"This material is not representative of those who have committed themselves to serving Canadians with integrity and professionalism," the statement reads.

The RCMP was cheering the video of an old woman getting trampled by a horse, and talking about how they were looking forward to brutalizing the protesters on their next shift.

I'm reminded of all the police leadership who took a knee during the Burn Loot Murder riots of 2020, and I wonder if the police are texting the same messages here in the USA as the Freedom Convey approaches D.C.

To the cops in America, I know you're dealing with a lot of shitty situations, but if you're working for a department that's going to ask you to attack a protestor in order to protect the political status quo, either be prepared to refuse that order, or go find a different department to work for.  There's lots of sheriff's departments around the country who could use good people.  Go find one.  Lots of police departments who could use some good folks.

Do not be the reason that we the people decide that we can no longer trust the police to protect and serve.

And so Putin is taking Ukraine

Heckofajob there, Drooling Joe.  Bravo.  

This is what happens when you allow a fucking shitshow clown who cheated to be installed in the Oval Office.  I'm sorry, but...

I want people to feel some pain right now.  I want the Democrats to feel the pain.  And I want anyone who was so fucking ignorant and stupid that they voted for that drooling Chinese hand puppet to feel some pain.  I'm feeling vengeful right now.

I honestly didn't think it would happen.  But here we are.  And the promises of the West have been proven to be as worthless as tissue paper in a rainstorm.  Putin can do whatever he wants to Ukraine, and the USA won't do a damn thing despite us promising to protect them if they gave up their nukes.  "But Dave, that was like back in the 90s!"  Yeah.  It was.  Does that make our word any less valuable?

Of course, those promises should have never been made.  Period.  But Bill Clintoon was a fucking worthless jackass on his best day.  

As for the EU?  Fuck the EU, the pathetic, worthless pieces of shit, and fuck every NATO ally who's not spending the measly 2% GDP on their defenses.  I'm looking directly at you, Germany.  Maybe if you actually had a functional air force, Putin wouldn't be so quick to dismiss you.  Hell, you SHOULD be dismissed.  The vast majority of NATO should be dismissed, and quite frankly we should move our bases out of Germany and put them into countries that actually give a shit about protecting themselves instead of leaching off the USA like fat, bloated ticks.  So fuck you, Germany.  Fuck you, France, you pathetic shitbags.  The only force you have that's worth a damn is the Foreign Legion, and they could probably take over the rest of your entire military while hung-over and fucking your general's wives at the same time.

So we have a drooling Chinese hand puppet running the US military, and the rest of NATO couldn't stop a five-year old from going on a rampage if they tried.

There are no good options.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Just a reminder

 My computer is kaput.  Either I borrow the wife's laptop or I post from my phone.  Which means that posting and comment moderation are going to be light for a while until I get my laptop back.  Thanks!

If we had actual military leadership

 Instead of the woke commie fuckstains we have now, then the proper response to these ships flaunting international and maritime law would be "load the torpedos.  Then reload them".

A large number of China's "little blue men," the irregular maritime militia forces that receive support and training from the Chinese government, have gone dark on traditional maritime tracking systems thanks to a new law. The inability to track these ships is worrisome given the role many Chinese fishing and commercial vessels play in Beijing’s plans to assert itself in the South China Sea and the East China Sea, some of the most hotly contested areas of the Pacific.

They've gone off the tracking system?  Then let's make them go off the tracking system permanently.  But we all know that won't happen.  Joe Biden is a drooling head of cabbage wandering the West Wing trying to figure out who shit in his Depends, and he's wholly owned by China anyways.  His handlers love them some CCP money and influence.  The Secretaries of the various military branches?  It is to laugh.  They care more about being woke than they care about winning wars.  And SecDef Lloyd "Walking Piece of Shit" Austin is presiding over the destruction of the military via the jab, just like he was installed to do.

So China gets to do whatever the fuck it wants while the corrupt US government allows them to do it.  And let's be honest, shall we?  There's huge numbers of Democrats out there masturbating furiously at the thought of China showing up the USA.  They're loving it.  That's why they voted for Drooling Joe in the first place.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Canada is fucked

 And Justin Castreau got his Reichstag moment and the results that he wanted.

As I noted in my last report on Canada’s “Emergencies Act,” the swiftest way to restore liberty in the nation would be through Parliament.

Sadly, the body voted to continue its implementation.

Good luck getting your freedom back, Canada.  Enjoy living the rest of your life on your knees while Marxist pieces of shit rule over you with an iron fist.  

You didn't love freedom enough, so you gave it up.  And now you won't have it any more, and we sane people, those of us who are left, now have to deal with Cuba Norte at our border.

My computer went kaput

 Specifically the processor fan.  So I'm borrowing the wife's computer while she's out of the living room.  I'll post what I can from my other, smaller computer (i.e. my phone) but expect blogging to be a little light.  Especially since typing on my phone is an exercise in both patients and futility.

We sent the computer off yesterday to get fixed.  We were told to expect it back in a week and a half.  If all they have to do is replace the fan, then sure, yeah, I'll buy that.  If it requires anything that has its own chip?  I may as well just buy anther computer for the length of time it would take to get it back.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Antifa is a group of violent psychotic mentally ill children

 But right now I'm laughing my ass off.

According to Antifa protesters who took over the presser, identified by the Post Millennial as “Hailley Nolan and Dustin Ferreira,” the previous night their comrades had gone to confront members of  notorious Portland area biker gang the Gypsy Jokers. Police say at least one of the Antifa militants was armed (which they usually are).

And one Antifa goon attained the status of "good commie", which is a pretty good outcome.  The best outcome would have been that both sides went down in a massive explosion, but you get what you can and you savor the wins.

Drug-running motorcycle club vs commie mid-wits who probably use the drugs the MC is running?  That shit should be put up on pay per view.  

See also Ann Barhardt's definition of meekness.


Sunday, February 20, 2022

One hell of a true statement

 From Canada.

What you are seeing from our intelligentsia is not righteous anger. It’s howls of terror that their gravy train may end. Along with snobbery and that eternal human preoccupation, social climbing.

The rest of the linked article is just as good and it applies equally to the USA.

More scary shit

 That people are starting to see.

Board-certified funeral directors and embalmers are coming forward to tell tales of horror featuring vaccinated bodies with veins and arteries clogged with strange, rubbery, worm-like clots.

Richard Hirschman, a funeral director and embalmer from Alabama, with over twenty years of experience in the field, has said in recent interviews that he had never seen anything like it until around the middle of 2021, after the mass injections of the experimental COVID vaccines began. He says his colleagues in the field are seeing the same thing, and the numbers are increasing.

To paraphrase a recent meme, this would be part of the longest, saddest, most excruciating "I Told You So" that this country has ever seen.  And more people are going to die because of the not-vax.  Including a large part of our military.  The question is not "if", but "when".