Friday, June 25, 2021

Holy crap I need to retire

 Because this.

In testimony before the House Wednesday, Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was asked about the military’s new emphasis on politics and critical race theory.

Milley’s testimony is telling in many ways. He didn’t deny the military is pushing CRT and its ideas down the ranks. How could he, with so many whistleblowers calling his military out on it?

The nation’s top general leads in this segment by suggesting that he’s merely studying critical race theory and wokeness to understand them as a military leader should study ideas to understand their nature and whether they pose a threat or not. That would be fine, even commendable, if it was true. As Sun Tzu wrote, know your enemy.

But then Gen. Milley, America’s top soldier, gets within inches of trashing the United States Constitution, which he swore an oath to defend with his life.

And this.

Congressman Dan Crenshaw set up a whistleblower hotline allowing service members an opportunity to expose the woke crap being forced upon them by the Biden administration. There are two schools of thought. Some people believe the military should be focused on things that matter, like defending our country. Other people, the people who run Joe Biden, view the military as an institution and all institutions should be infested with their radical political agenda. The result is this story from an Air Force member.

Instead of learning how to fly, they're learning how to isolate each other by skin color.

This bullshit here is a direct result of the Obama administration, who essentially fired any flag officer that didn't buy their Marxist bullshit for eight years.  We now have military leadership that is infested with Marxist ideology.  I wish I had more hope for the US military than I do, but the facts is the facts.  I think the troops will be OK, because they're not around the Marxism 24/7.  But our ability to win wars?  Yeah.  Uh huh.  Do you really think Marxists care about how many wars American can win?

This will not end well.  At all.

Just gonna put this here

 And you can pass it on to the people who you think might need it.

Women want to know why men don't marry anymore...  Allow me.

I feel like I can’t get on TikTok without seeing at least two or three videos of women outwardly wondering why men seem to be resistant to the idea of marriage. They question why men seem to be pulling away and not engaging with them on a deeper level, at least not the kind experienced by their parents. Especially not their grandparents.

It’s clear that these young women yearn for that kind of stability, and it’s clear that men are increasingly less willing to provide it. Indeed, the numbers check out. Marriage is definitely on the decline. But before women start asking where all the good men have gone, perhaps they should look at themselves first.

I know. Women aren’t typically used to hearing that it’s their fault. To be sure, you don’t shoulder all of the blame, but in this case, you bear a lot of it.

I think that if women were ever forced to understand just how badly feminism has screwed up their lives, they'd go on a rampage against their feminist teachers that would be talked about for centuries.  Please do read the whole thing.



Thursday, June 24, 2021

And I'm still not getting the jab

 Doctors talk about the negative side effects of the non-vax, and how politics are preventing it from being discussed.

Writing in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, UCLA Geffen School of Medicine Doctor Joseph Lapado and Yale School of Public Health Doctor Harvey Risch warn there are legitimate and serious concerns about the side effects of the Wuhan coronavirus vaccine. They also worry vaccine politics could be preventing officials from telling Americans the truth about the risks. 

"One remarkable aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic has been how often unpopular scientific ideas, from the lab-leak theory to the efficacy of masks, were initially dismissed, even ridiculed, only to resurface later in mainstream thinking. Differences of opinion have sometimes been rooted in disagreement over the underlying science. But the more common motivation has been political," they write. "Another reversal in thinking may be imminent. Some scientists have raised concerns that the safety risks of Covid-19 vaccines have been underestimated. But the politics of vaccination has relegated their concerns to the outskirts of scientific thinking—for now." 

So a non-vax for a disease that was over-blown and over-hyped for political reasons might lead to other suppression of information?  Huh.  Kind of like how the results from hydroxychloriquine and Ivermectin were suppressed.  And the lab leak information was suppressed.  In fact, the greatest threat from this virus was political, and the political damage has been done.

Didn't some slack-jawed, Chinese-spy-diddling fuckwit say the same thing a little while ago?

 Biden:  You gun owners ain't got nukes like we got nukes!

Speaking from the East Room of the White House Wednesday afternoon, President Joe Biden re-introduced his extreme gun control agenda, advocating for a ban on modern sporting rifles and reminding lawful gun owners that the federal government has nuclear weapons. 

"Those who say the blood of Patriots, you know, and all the stuff about how we’re gonna have to move against the government," Biden said. "If you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons."

That's a reeeeeeeeeally bad look there, Drooling Joe the Chinese Hand Puppet.  You want to talk about nukes and F-15's?  This has been covered multiple times six ways from Sunday, but let's just do a quick summary of why you big-government Marxists who get a hard-on when you think about dropping bombs on Americans will lose.  Yes, you have nukes.  Yes, you have planes.  And those things require people, and those people have neighbors.  Neighbors who might just object to SGT Highspeed dropping bombs on Americans or strafing Main Street in rural America.

Planes and nukes and bombs require a logistics train that also runs through rural America.  Which is full of people who would greatly object to seeing other Americans get bombed or strafed.  

Planes and bombs also require PEOPLE, many of whom own guns themselves, and might just decide to use those weapons on the people who have directed them to kill Americans.

In short, go fuck yourself Joe.  Maybe you'll have time for that between your nap and your instructions from Xi.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

If you want honest reporting about Democrats, you have to leave the country

 Gee, aren't you so glad this guy has unfettered access to the former Vice President?

It was early May that year when Hunter Biden ordered Yanna, an escort, who billed herself as 'Russian, Green Eyes, Thin Brunette, an elite courtesan' from his favorite site, Emerald Fantasy Girls, according to the files obtained by the New York Post from his 2017 Macbook Pro. 

'Hi, My name is Rob. I'm staying at Chateau Marmont,' he texts the woman on May 7, 2018, using his first name, Robert. 'Are you available now?' 

During her visit to the hotel, the two have sex, drink vodka and film porn while he smokes crack, according to the Post. At one point balances a line of M&Ms on his erect penis - all of it documented in files stored on the laptop. 

Hotel bills show Hunter then moved to a $470-per-night room at The Jeremy in West Hollywood later that month, where he hired another escort while under the protection of two recently retired Secret Service agents.

And messages saved on the laptop show Joe Biden might have inadvertently been the person actually paying the bill for the wild week, according to the messages obtained by the Post.

Just imagine how different this country would be if we had actual reporters, and not Democrat operatives running the media here.

Don't let up. Democrat power grabs are like zombies. They keep coming, even when they're dead.

 The Marxist power grab died in the Senate.

Thankfully the Senate Republicans defeated S.1.

That doesn’t mean it won’t come back.

More: About 80% of Americans support voter ID. That’s been consistent for more than a decade, which is how long I’ve tracked that issue.

In voting for their power grab, all Democrats in the Senate voted against voter ID. That’s how truly radical today’s Democrats are.

Republicans, there’s something to run on.

The only good that's come out of Joe Biden being installed by his puppet masters is that several states have found a little backbone, and they're telling the FedGov to step the fuck off in certain areas.  Which is more than they used to do.

The little gamma troll came back

 And his comments were just...  well....

So I just deleted them.  They weren't even worthy of mocking.  

Tuesday, June 22, 2021


 I'd like to thank all the truck drivers hauling open loads of dirt and rock that don't secure or cover their loads.  I greatly enjoyed having my face exfoliated by all the dirt and rocks that you spewed all over the road, much like how the crew from Jersey Shore spewed genital herpes all over the beach whenever they went to the ocean.  Come to think of it, I hold you non-load-securing dick drippings in the same regard as I hold the show "Jersey Shore".  Or New Jersey.  You had better thank your lucky stars that I didn't have my bag of spark plugs with me, because I would have been launching them at you once I finished spitting out gravel.

In conclusion, get bent, you worthless shitstains.

Warm Regards,

Ragin' Dave

Stole this from Big Country

 Because it made me laugh, and it's true.

I got nothing this morning

 Check back tonight and see if the muse has struck.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Well, the same regime as Barry O'Bumblefuck is in charge

 So that means once again turning the IRS into a weapon just like the Jug-Eared Fuck did during his first two terms (this being the third, essentially)

The IRS states in an official letter that Biblical values are exclusively Republican.  That might be news to President Biden, who is often described as basing his political ideology on his religious beliefs,” said Lea Patterson, Counsel for First Liberty Institute. “Only a politicized IRS could see Americans who pray for their nation, vote in every election, and work to engage others in the political process as a threat. The IRS violated its own regulations in denying tax exempt status because Christians Engaged teaches biblical values.”

The constant barrage of government agencies violating citizens rights is just another reason why Civil War 2.0 is going to be so bloody.  You think people don't know where the IRS offices are?  Hell, you think people don't have lists of all the federal properties?  Guess where I work?  I just hope I can retire before I'm shot by some fed-up citizen who's done watching the FedGov metaphorically rape his life in half.