Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween in a Hispanic neighborhood.

Got the treats.  Left the porch light on.  Not one single knock on the door.

Ah well.  At least we got little bags of pretzels instead of chocolate.  I can take them to the office and they'll get eaten there.

It's raining

Beautiful, glorious rain, and so even though it's early I'm outside with coffee and a cigar enjoying the sounds of the rain hitting the pavement.

Sometimes it's just the little things in life that make you happy.

I am up way too early

Damn internal clock.

Can't wait for tomorrow, when thanks to daylight savings time, I'll be up at 0430!  Yay me!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Stop all emergency services to Ferguson, MO

No cop should be asked to put up with this as part of their job.  I certainly wouldn't put up with that as Joe Citizen.  But then, I wouldn't be caught dead in a vibrant shithole where the locals are typically rampaging gangs of thugs and hoodlums, either.

Yeah, I know that's harsh.  Take a look at the video.  Feel the hatred that these people have for anyone who isn't black skinned.  And as an added bonus, these are the people who flat out lied about Michael Brown being a "Gentle Giant" even after he was caught on video robbing a store and tossing the store owner around.  And of course, they stuck it to "the Man" by smashing windows, looting the QuickTrip store, and burning their town down around their ears.  And now that the grand jury has seen ALL the evidence and refused to indict the cop, they're going insane over the fact that their lies couldn't get the desired results.

Even a dog doesn't shit in it's own den.  But apparently that's too high a level of civilization for the residents of Ferguson, MO.

So my solution would simply be to cut off all emergency services until the population stops assaulting cops.  No Police, no Fire Department, no EMT.  If the barbarians who populate Ferguson want to act like a bunch of savage cavemen, so be it.  Don't put anyone else's life at risk.  Let them drown in their hatred, and hope that the survivors are less inclined to devour those who are trying to help them.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Even a flatworm turns away from pain.

Score one for the good guys.

We previously covered the now familiar tale of the Knapps at the Hitching Post in Idaho. For the short version of the recap, Donald and Evelyn Knapp, both ordained ministers, were informed that they were going to have to perform same sex weddings at their chapel in order to remain in compliance with a city non-discrimination ordinance. The ensuing uproar which traveled from coast to coast like a shotgun blast apparently attracted the attention of the city fathers who have since thought better of the matter.

The people who pushed this issue on the Knapps wouldn't have done so if they didn't think the culture allowed them to get away with it.  We can't sit back on our laurels with this; we must remain vigilant.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


So, the dope-smoking retard to the right just called the Special Forces troop on the left a "chickenshit".

You want to know what's chickenshit?  That American Jews will, en masse, march into the polling booth and pull the lever for the Democrat American Communist Party, no matter what the leader of that party says, and no matter how horribly the Democrats and their allies smear the state of Israel.  Only one side of the political spectrum is marching in protests with signs calling Jews a bunch of Zionist Nazis who want to use the blood of non-jews in pastries, and it ain't the GOP doing it, m'kay?

When did races get so expensive?

When I registered for Bloomsday, it was $30.  Now Bloomsday is a 12K (7.5 miles approximately), but it's a big one with over 50,000 people running it.  That requires a lot of administration and capital, doesn't it?  So let's use Bloomsday as our baseline of what it costs to run a race - 7.5 miles into $30 is $4 a mile.

I went to sign up for the Long Beach half-marathon:  $100.  Say what?  At 13.1 miles, that shouldn't have been more than $53.

I was looking into the Ragnar race.  They wanted over $120 a person, with teams of 12 people.  Uh, no.  Look, I have no problem paying to support the costs of administration for a race, but when you get to paying a Franklin just to run?  Sorry.

What's it cost to race where you are?  Am I off my gourd here?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spent yesterday sick as a dog

And with a headache that started between my shoulderblades and radiated up to the top of my head.  The Ragin' Mrs. hit it with some ointment and worked on my shoulders until the vertebrae started to pop back into place.  You ever have a time where you were in so much pain you didn't know just how much?  And when the pain finally went away, the feeling of relief made you dizzy?  Yeah.  That kind of pain.

Feeling much better.  I may actually try to go to work!

The illness was due to getting the flu shot.  I know there are tons of people out there who will shriek at me "THE FLU SHOT DOESN'T MAKE YOU SICK!"  Yeah, yeah, whatever.  For years and years, every time I got the flu shot, I got sick.  When I was out of the Army and living the civilian life, I never got the flu shot, and never got sick.  And then I was back in the Army, getting the flu shot every year, and getting sick from it.  So I'm either getting a mild case of the flu, or I'm catching some other virus that sneaks in while my body is busy dealing with the vaccine.

I'm not an anti-vaccine kind of person.  I'm all for the MMR vaccine, and the polio vaccine, and all those other vaccines that help us avoid the kinds of diseases that used to kill or cripple huge swaths of America.  But if you're a healthy person between the ages of 15-65, do you really need the flu shot?  If I'm going to get sick every time I get the flu shot, then why don't I just skip the shot entirely and give myself a chance to not get sick at all?  And since the flu shot only covers three or four different variations of the virus of the year, there's no guarantee that you still won't catch the flu even after you get the shot.

Once I'm out of the Army, I won't be getting a flu shot until I turn about 80 or so.

Monday, October 27, 2014

This, this, this!

This is politely written, unvarnished truth that needs to be repeated, from the comment's at Vox Popoli:

With all due respect, both you and your critics here are wrong. You object to filthy language from anonymous teens directed at women-handles on the grounds that it is misogyny, and they object to your objection on the grounds that it is typical young male banter. 

Courtesy is an organic and reciprocal thing. The only way to get boys, who are innately and inherently barbaric, to act chivalrously and nobly, is to have your your ladies act like ladies.
Not to be too crude or direct about the matter, but if the only way to persuade a woman to copulate with you is to behave like a gentleman (and I mean a gentleman who fights duels and is polite to the man he shoots or stabs) then the natural lusts and pride of youth will incline the young men to act like gentlemen. 

The Cultural Marxists for all the decades after World War Two have spent their utmost time and efforts attempting to normalize filthy and filthy language, and heap up the obscene and disgusting things in our lives, because men without dignity, and men without beauty in their lives, men who live in a dungheap, find it hard to fight. Their spirits are low.  

So, to reform the filth talk of the HALO players, your mission is to reintroduce Christianity, courtliness, femininity, and romance into life.  

Stop talking this nonsense about women being exactly like men in all ways. Men and women are not equal, they are complimentary, and each has strengths and merits the other lacks.
Men are downstream of women. Eliminate feminism, and you will eliminate what you are calling misogyny.

The Marxist and their allies have pushed to dumb down modern culture for as long as I can remember, and it's been their goal to make what used to be degenerate, common place.  Defining Deviancy Down.

But now that they've gotten their goals and their places of power, they're trying to shame all those hollow-chested men they've created into following their rules.  But deviants don't do shame.  Degenerates don't do shame.

You want to be treated like a lady?  Act like a lady.  But modern feminism refuses to act that way, and so they reap their reward.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

OK, so...... I need some cash.

Just enough to get to Korea.  And then enough to buy this sammich.

No, you don't understand.  I must have it.  Now.  Like right now.

Look, I won't stay there for long, just enough to have one or two hundred of these sammiches.  So, like, a month, tops.  Maybe three.

Want.  Badly.

He got what he voted for

The first American hostage that was beheaded by ISIS, James Foley, campainged for Obama, and thought that Obama was going to save him.

Instead, as we all know, the feckless, gutless, limp-wristed response by the Golfer-in-Chief cost Foley his life.

I don't take joy in Foley's death, and I still want to see those who killed him removed from this earth. I only bring this up as I would bring up the actions of a child who touched a stove after being told it was hot.  You can feel sorrow for a person's pain, but you must always, ALWAYS acknowledge that it was that person's actions that caused the pain to begin with.  James Foley worked to elect Obama, and Obama let James Foley get his head hacked off by murderous savages rather than risk his political image.  Because to Obama, his political image is worth more than an American's life.

And that's the man James Foley voted for and campaigned for.

He got what he voted for.