Saturday, December 31, 2005

Another QotD

For those who haven't been keeping up with the Quote of the Day from Random Nuclear Strikes, (and if you haven't been reading RNS, it's your loss) I bring you a quote so good it must be repeated.

World War I led not to ‘Democracy’ but to the creation of three dictatorships: Soviet Russia, Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. World War II led, not to ‘Four Freedoms’, but to the surrender of one-third of the world’s population into communist slavery.

If peace were the goal of today’s intellectuals, a failure of that magnitude – and the evidence of unspeakable suffering on so large a scale – would make them pause and check their statist premises. Instead, blind to everything but their hatred for capitalism, they are now asserting that “Poverty Breeds Wars”.

But the question is: What Breeds Poverty?

If you look at the world of today and if you look back at history, you will see the answer: The degree of a country’s freedom is the degree of its prosperity.

Every last damn war after WWI was started by a Leftist ideology. Don't forget that Nazi was an abbriviation of "Nationalist Socialism". Korea was the Chinese and Soviet Communists attempting to expand. Viet Nam, as well as being yet another fuckup tossed into our lap by the French, was communism's expansion into South East Asia after they were stymied in Korea. Saddam Hussien was a staunch Stalinist, with heavy ties to the Soviet Union, and to Russia in later years.

In fact, the only conflict that the USA has been involved in after WWI where the country we faced was run by a government with political leanings to the "Right" was our war against the Taliban. The killing fields of Cambodia? Perpetrated by communists. Pol Pot and the Khamer Rouge? Communists. Grenada? Communists. The very ideologies that the Left shrieks for with abandon have killed hundreds of millions of people in the past century, and yet the Left demands that we surrender to it's delusional fantasies.

The next time some asshat talks about how great it is in Cuba, kick them in the nuts. They're mentally damaged and cannot be reasoned with.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Sun Tzu on Spying

Read points 1 through 8.

The Art of War: The Use of Spies

Whomever leaked that NSA information should suffer the punishment that has been traditionally visited upon Traitors.

More about that at Michelle Malkin

Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Choice for Worst American in History: Jimmy Carter

(John Wilkes Booth gets my vote for second worst American in history, Al Gore is third worst, the managing editors for the New York Times and the Washington Post tie for fourth, LBJ gets my vote for fifth, Ted Turner and Jane Fonda tie for sixth, Bill and Hillary Clinton seventh, Henry Blackmun is eighth, James Earl Ray is ninth, Jesse Jackson and Noam Chomsky tie for tenth, Ted Kennedy and George Soros tie for eleventh, and Rev. Fred Phelps is twelfth.)

All Things Beautiful asks for nominations for the Ten Worst Americans of All Time. And why not? Just a couple months ago we had this big nation-wide poll/debate for the Greatest American in history. At the time it got a lot of media exposure, kind of like American Idol, right up until the winner was announced. (It was Reagan!)

Ed Morrissey responds with his Ten Worst Americans of All Time list, chock-full of historical goodness, or badness rather. He puts Jimmy Carter at number 10:
...after a promising beginning of his post-presidential career of building houses for the homeless, Carter has inveigled himself into so many foreign-policy crises and made them exponentially worse that it’s becoming more and more difficult to believe it isn’t done with purpose. His efforts to defuse the North Korean crisis deflected what had been until then a rather effective strategy by Bill Clinton to use a military threat to stop Pyongyang from producing nukes. After Carter jumped into the negotiations uninvited – violating the Logan Act – Carter’s prestige within his party and the US forced Clinton to accept the ridiculous Framework agreement that allowed Pyongyang to go nuclear within months. Carter has done the same with Haiti as well, and has traveled the globe to support many a leftist dictator or autocrat as long as they opposed American interests.

But the real reason Carter winds up here at #10 is because he singlehandedly almost lost the Cold War and allowed the start of the Islamofascist terror war during his single term in office. His naiveté in dealing with the Soviet Union, captured perfectly by kissing the jowled cheek of the Soviet dictator Leonid Brezhnev, led him to believe that worldwide Communism was here to stay and that we could do nothing about it. He also assured Americans that we had nothing to fear from the Soviets, who really weren’t bad guys – right up until they invaded Afghanistan. Even then, his response in boycotting the Olympic Games of 1980 has to remain one of the most embarrassing examples of displayed impotence in our nation’s history.

The winner in that category, however, also belongs to Carter. In November 1979, after pulling his support from the Shah in the highly strategic nation of Iran and watching him fall to an Islamist uprising, the same nutcases sacked our embassy in Teheran, an undeniable act of war. Instead of giving an ultimatum for the return of our embassy and the release of our diplomatic staff, Carter sat for 444 excruciating days, doing little except pleading publicly for mercy. He staged one – one! – military response to the crisis months later, which failed miserably. The failure to act not only allowed the rickety Khomeini government to survive, but gave Islamofascism a tremendous boost of prestige throughout the Middle East. It also allowed Iran to become a center for the funding and direction of terrorist activities for the past three decades, a legacy that has finally engulfed us since 9/11.

Other administrations have made their own mistakes in remaining blind to the threat of Islamist terror, but Carter played midwife to it and enabled it to survive when he had every opportunity and a perfect casus belli to kill it in its cradle.
Carter's withdrawal of support from the Shah of Iran put the Mad Mullahs in power. Did this liberate the Shah's 3,000 political prisoners? No. The dictatorship of Ayatollah Khomeini put most of them up against walls alongside 20,000 "pro-Western" Iranians and killed them by firing squad. Women became property. Western music banned. (It has recently been re-banned.) One year later, Iran was engaged in a war with Iraq. As the U.S. had sided with Stalin to defeat Hitler, in the Iran-Iraq War the U.S. sided with Iraq to oppose Iran's Islamic fascism and, in theory, stop it from spreading. Granted, that mistake wasn't Carter's fault, but if he'd nipped the Islamofascist problem in the bud, maybe the Iran-Iraq War, Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, numerious terrorist bombings, and 9/11 wouldn't have happened. We'll never know. Jimmy Carter is the one who first allowed terrorism to become diplomatically acceptable. He countered the kidnapping of American diplomats by a foreign nation's government with... with what? Talk about impotence!

I can still remember the years that Jimmy Carter was President. What I remember the most was inflation - the highest inflation since the Civil War. During Carter's presidency, the dollar lost more than half its value, more than half of its purchasing power. In response, Carter enacted price controls and rationing, which caused incredibly long lines and, if anything, made prices go up even more. An economic genius Carter was not.

You know, I think Jimmy means well, but he has screwed up everything he has touched with the exception of Habitat for Humanity and that Israel-Egypt treaty. He should have stuck with building houses and stay away from foreign policy (i.e., repeatedly stabbing our country in the back).

Ok, so he did that Mid-East peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Was that a good thing? Yes. Was it heroic or courageous in any way? No. Begin angered his own political allies by returning Sinai to Egypt, endangering his leadership position in democratic Israel. Sadat knew that he quite likely might be assassinated for making peace with Israel (and assassinated he was). Jimmy Carter risked nothing. All he did was supply the meeting place.

"But he received the Nobel Peace Prize three years ago," you say? Bwaah! And Arafat (inventor of the bomb-belt) got one in 1994, too. (This year, the Nobel Prize went to Mohamed ElBaradei, for enabling Iran to become a nuclear threat presumably.) Carter's award, according to Nobel Peace Prize Committee Chairman Gunnar Berge, “should be interpreted as a criticism of the line that the current [i.e., George W. Bush] administration has taken. It’s a kick in the leg [i.e., poke in the eye, or slap in the face] to all that follow the same line as the United States.” Carter was given the Peace Prize for opposing America abroad. Knowing that he was awarded the Peace Prize not out of merit but as a "kick" at his own nation’s elected President and the American people, Jimmy Carter accepted the prize and the $1 million that came with it. If Jimmy had had an ounce of dignity, he would have rejected the prize and the money. The prize is now displayed proudly at the Carter Center.

When President Carter was struggling with the Iranian hostage crisis, former Presidents Nixon and Ford had the dignity to stay out of foreign affairs. Carter has no such dignity and his interference has hurt our country. Jimmy Carter is good buddies with some of the worst dictators in the world, including Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. Why won't Carter speak out, not for the dictators but for the oppressed?

For all of the reasons stated above, as well as prolonging the Cold War - for having done more to harm the U.S. than any other American I can think of - Jimmy Carter gets my vote for Worst American of All Time.

Like I said...

...sometimes life does make sense.

In light of all the attention paid to the GOP's problems in the last few months, the Democrats' numbers are quite striking. Months of aggressive Democratic attacks on President Bush and the Republican party, on subjects ranging from the war in Iraq to the NSA wiretaps to the "culture of corruption," have led to...lower numbers for the Democratic party.

The Corner on National Review Online

Higher Education?

Via Hugh Hewitt comes a piece from the Weekly Standard about how college enrollment of men is steadily dropping.

It's a well written piece, and I would suggest that everybody read it through. However, the first thought in my head after reading it wasn't "Oh gosh, we have to get more men into higher education!" Sad to say, the first thought in my head was "Gosh, you mean that men don't want to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to attend an environment that is hostile to masculinity as a whole, derides male actions, turns the entire male gender into criminals, and espouses such a bias against while males that any other ethnic or gender based group automatically gets a leg up? Not surprized."

If there is any establishment that is a home to hard-core Leftist radicalism, it is college campuses. And hard-core Leftist radicals are anti-male, anti-WHITE male in particular. Where else are the Founding Fathers described as a "bunch of old dead white guys"? Where else is the act of sex described as "rape"?

Look at Affirmative Action and Title IX in higher education. If you're black, red, brown, female, or listed in any of the other so-called "disadvantaged" groups, you're placed far ahead of white males in terms of entrance standards, financial aid, and even groups that you can join. There are "Women's Studies" classes on many college campuses today. Where are the "Men's Studies"?

If you step back and look at the big picture being presented by the majority of colleges today, the message being sent to young white males by universities and colleges is a resounding "We don't want you here."

When a message has been broadcast long and loud, don't be surprized when people start listening.

Britain Braced For More Snow And Ice

No wonder they hate us.

Britain is bracing itself for more icy blasts and heavy snow with even colder conditions moving in.

Workers have already been greeted with freezing and icy weather as they return to work after the Christmas break.

Kent, eastern England and eastern Scotland have experienced the most severe weather conditions.

Some areas of Kent were reported to have received as much as 12 inches of snow

Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Norfolk, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire have also suffered persistent snow showers.

The snow is causing severe disruption on the roads and railways.

South Eastern and Thameslink train services were among those hit by the wintry conditions, while some major routes in Kent suffered closure or lane closure.
The failure of Bush to ratify Kyoto will have wide-ranging effects like these for DECADES, at least.

Britain Braced For More Snow And Ice

Death to America! . . . But Keep Those Checks Coming

Not sure what this means:

Some 38 percent of all 1,759 Palestinian respondents said they “strongly support,” and 27 percent said they “support,” “al Qaeda’s bombings in the USA and Europe”; 19 percent said they “oppose,” and 16 percent said they “strongly oppose,” those attacks.

Reconcilable Differences on National Review Online

NSA and Wiretapping and Dhimmocrat hysteria

I haven't written much about the whole NSA wiretapping deal, because for the most part I've just been sitting back and watching the show as it evolves. But if there's one thing I've learned about politics, you have to wait for the hysterical squeals and screams of the Dhimmocrats to subside a bit before you can get to the truth. Because the Dhimmocrats have only two goals in mind, to the exclusion of all else: Defeat G.W. Bush, and regain power. And if America goes down in flames while they pursue those goals, hey, so what? In their mind, it's justified, because they love power more than anything else in the world.

However, as is the usual case, once the Left's bleating and whining has gone down, the rest of the story begins to come out, with rather disastrous effects for the Donks.

There are a few writers/bloggers who's thoughts on the subject are pretty clear, and I think are worth being linked to. The first,, dismantles a Dhimmocrat lawyer by the name of Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald has been drafting reams of essays, all of which boil down to "Bush is a lawbreaker and must be put in jail, so that the BusHitlerChimpyMcHalliburton Crime Junta can't ruin the world anymore."

The problem with Greenwald's arguments, hell, the problem with ANY of the Left's arguments from the past thirty years, is that they all follow the same script. Construct a really nifty sounding preposition, and then come up with flaming assloads of "facts" to back it up. Now, if you were to follow Greenwald's preposition that Bush broke the law, you would not be able to refute any of Greenwald's evidence. However, the key words are "IF you were to follow Greenwald's preposition". manages to completely derail Greenwald by showing that Bush didn't break the law, thereby turning all of Greenwald's hysterics into a whole bunch of empty shouting by an idiot.

Cold Fury also has a post up about Greenwald, although this one is much less polite. It seems that Mr. Greenwald takes exception to being shown for a buffoon on the internet, and attacked one Al Maviva, who was much too polite to respond in kind. However, that didn't stop one of the other people who post on Cold Fury from responding for him.

I didn't much like it when this pompous jackass Glenn Greenwald called my co-blogger Al Maviva dishonest, simply for posting an off-the-cuff analysis of potential WH and DOJ legal justifications for foreign survellience. I liked it even less when the lying sack of ... fertilizer contended Al had deliberately misquoted FISA, when in fact it was the not-too-bright Greenwald who was misquoting Al. Most of the time, I let this kind of progressive revisionism go - correcting liberal lies is a full-time job I'm just not interested in. But not this time, punk. This time, I want an apology. Since I know you candy-assed progressives don't have enough personal integrity to admit you're wrong, let alone apologize for being a putz, I'll just have to settle for insulting you right back.

Now, you might think that once these self-righteous progressive lawyers with over-inflated egos are shown to be mere partisan hacks, they would display enough personal integrity to be ashamed of making obvious lies and distortions. Especially since it turns out Al was exactly right, while Glenn was exactly wrong, on the very point Glenn misquoted lied about. Silly conservative; you must remember their progressive agenda forgives all such transgressions - as long as they're the ones transgressing, of course. After all, you have to break a few eggs to hatch a Known Fact .

Al may be too gentlemanly (or show too much professional courtesy) to call Greenwald a phony and a hack, an incompetent boob who can't understand simple statutes, a liar who can't see past his ideological blindfold, or a liberal dimwit who thinks any disagreement with the World According To Greenwald must be a lie; but that doesn't mean I can't. A little advice to anyone unfortunate enough to have retained this clown in a three-piece suit: you might want to think about alternate, competent representation. Greenwald can resort to all the ever more desperate and technically obtuse refinements of his "Bush Lied!" meme as he likes; meanwhile, his erstwhile supporters are quietly backing away, reduced to hoping this kerfuffle will become another accepted truth, one of the Known Facts in the "reality based community". But I'll be watching you now, Glenn. I'll be happy to point out all the lame-ass and half-baked legal "opinions" you post from now on, even though (thank God) I am not a lawyer. But then, you're not much of one, either.

Mmmmmm, I love the smell of shredded Leftists in the morning! Check out the post, it's got more links to back it up than most blogs have in their entire content.

And third, Protien Wisdome takes the entire Leftist meme to task by stating a few basic facts that the Dhimmocrats refuse to accept; mainly that the NSA was not checking or wiretapping phone calls from one American citizen to another, it was intercepting calls from a known terrorist agent outside the country to people in the USA.

Which brings me to my point of the whole mess, a point which I haven't heard too many people make in the recent outcries. I hear Dhimmocrats hollaring about "Constitutional Rights", which I find absolutely hilarious because as far as I know, the entire Dhimmocrat Party platform consists of different ways to remove my constitutional rights one by one, starting with my right to keep and bear arms. But anyways, have any one of these braindead fucktards stopped to think about the fact that Constitutional Rights do not apply to someone who is NOT a United States citizen?

It's really simple: If you are not a citizen of the United States, then you cannot claim to have any rights under this country's founding document. So long, claims of 4th Amendment abuse. Right to privacy? Right to free speech? Right to peaceably (yeah, right!) assemble? Let me make this very clear:

If you are a foriegn national speaking to a known member of a terrorist organization who is outside the USA, conversing on different tactics which will be used to attack this country or it's military, then YOU DON'T HAVE A FUCKING RIGHT TO JACK SHIT!

Despite the Dhimmocrat's claims, it is that simple. In fact, I would go further: If you are a foriegn national and a known member of a terrorist organization, I don't care if you're outside the USA or not. I don't care if you're in Pakistan or New York City. I want you wiretapped. I want your privacy completely demolished. You're attempting to destroy my country, and I don't want you to so much as sneeze without someone at the NSA knowing about it. I want to know what you had for dinner, what you drank, who you met with, what you said, and what you wrote down. I want your fucking emails being read by the FBI. I want your movements tracked, your contacts discovered, and your attempts to destroy everything I hold dear cut off at the knees.

And if that sticks in the craw of the Dhimmocrats, too fucking bad. Maybe they should try rooting for the USA for once in their fucking putrid lives, instead of cheering for anyone and everyone who would oppose and destroy this country.

Link to found via the ever readable Baby Troll Blog.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

"America is OK with NSA"

It's funny to think how many times the Left have said: "We've got the Smirking Bastard now!!!" only to find themselves mired in crestfallen disappointment yet again.

What a pitiable cabal they are...


UPDATE: It should be noted that, sometimes, life makes perfectly good sense. Such a lofty realization occurs to one when one views the New York Times' financial picture:

I almost feel sorry for the poor dumb bastards.

Bowl Mania

Yes, it's bowl week. The Dick List has a round-up of this year's douche bowls. A sample:
...In other bowl news, hotel heiress Paris Hilton absolutely demolished Cuban dictator Fidel Castro at the Chlamydia Bowl by the score of 72-14. Hilton's margin of victory- 58 points- is the largest ever recorded at any douche bowl game. "I've really made great progress this year" said Hilton as she left the field. "To be more despised than a brutal murdering dictator in such a convincing fashion really says something about me and the image I've worked so hard to create..."

Facts, Meet Brain

First, a quote from The Glittering Eye:
"The sad truth is that no matter how fervently you may want something (or, perversely, fear something), that of itself will not cause the desired (or feared) event to happen."
Or as Mick Jagger put it:
"You can't always get what you want."
Jack Welch adds,
"Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish. . . You have to see the world in the purest, clearest way possible, or you can't make decisions on a rational basis."
Dr. Sanity remarks,
"When both sides are convinced that the other side is deluding themselves, it becomes extremely important that SOME ADULT SOMEWHERE examine the external reality and follow a process of reason to assess the truth."
Ok. Well, check out this process of reason from some adult somewhere, then come back here and tell me again how Iraq is a quagmire.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

So I was reading around today.....

And yessiree, there's quite a bit of interesting information out on the web. These links via Instapundit:

Successful Democrat Blogger can't afford Blue State

Yep, our deranged pal Markos "Screw 'em" Zuniga can't afford to live in a state that follows the very values that Kos himself espouses!

You see, this is why I consider most Leftists to be mentally damaged. Here we have the perfect example of Leftist values at work. California is the respository of every Leftist mantra and mindset that the Dhimmocrats could think up from extreme eco-freak regulations to taxation of damn near everyone, and it's biting the Leftists in the ass.

And yet those Leftists refuse to see the effects of their ideas. Those Leftists ignore what is right in front of them and continue to push for more bad ideas. The Dhimmocrats are like the Black Knight in Monty Python's "Search for the Holy Grail".

King Aurther: Look you stupid bastard, I've just cut your arm off!
Black Knight: No you didn't.
King Aurther: It's lying right there!
Black Knight: ...... It's just a flesh wound!

And this just has to be read: Tim Blair

Molly Ivins and James Carville lied to the American people! Well, not really, but they did repeat information that was later shown to be false—which is the same thing, if you’re one of them Bush-hatin’ folks, yessir (must ... stop ... channelling ... Ivins).

Outstanding! Of course, holding the Dhimmocrats to the same standards that they themselves use on everyone else is just plain mean! (If you listen to the whining surrender monkeys that is). What's the moral of the story? When some college student claims that he's being watched by the FBI for reading a book, verify verify verify.