Saturday, December 17, 2022

Any new news?

 I was on my feet from 0730 to 1800 yesterday, got home in time to grab the wife and run off to a friend's house for whiskey and cigars, then woke up early so I could head out again.

I see that Elon Musk is releasing even more files that show the Fucking Bastards of Ignominy were essentially running who got banned from Twitter.  I repeat my call that every three-letter agency in D.C. needs to go.

Trump sold some NFT trading cards of him drawn rather cartoonishly.  Not a good look.  I saw a video of Steve Bannon saying whoever convinced him to do that needs to be fired immediately.  And Steve Bannon is about as hard-core a Trump guy as you can find, so this isn't some squishy RINO bitch saying it.

Speaking of squishy RINO bitches, is there any political establishment who hates its voters more than the GOP?  

And is there worse political leadership than the GOP at this point?  I've had a couple tabs open on my browser for a while relating to the bullshit election in Arizona.  Fraud and Corruption.  The 2022 Arizona election fraud.  The fraud and corruption are so bad, so in-your-face, that the only people still trying to deny it are the ones who benefit from it.

So why the hell isn't the GOP out there fighting like mad?

To ask the question is to answer it, I guess.  RINOs don't benefit from people who put America first and actually stand on their principles.

Anyways - gotta run.

UPDATE:  Blogging without adequate coffee results in spelling mistakes.  Just so ya know.

Friday, December 16, 2022

Up and out early again

 I don't even have any funny memes for you.  Maybe when I get back tonight....

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Four days in a row

 We got significant amounts of snow four days in a row.  That's me shoveling four days in a row.  And I don't just do my walkway, I do both my neighbor's as well.

My back hurts.  My shoulders hurt.  I'm about to buy a damn snowblower if this shit keeps up.  I've shoveled more snow in the past thirty days than I did all last year.

I don't know how many times we can say "I told you so" to the covidiots.

 But let's do it again.

…regarding data Moderna submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, which indicate a “statistically significant” number of rats were born with skeletal deformations after their mothers were injected with the vaccine. The documents also reveal Moderna elected not to conduct a number of standard pharmacological studies on the laboratory test animals.

The jab is not safe.  It was never safe.  It was never effective.  Every claim made to push the jab was a lie, and they knew it was a lie and they pushed it anyways.

And plenty of us out here were saying so from day one.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

People do stupid shit in the cold when it counts

 So the Alaska National Guard brought Santa to a town, in -25 degree wind chill.  That's pretty damn cool.

Children in a small community in northern Alaska were so delighted for a visit by Santa that they braved wind chills of 25 degrees below zero just to see him.

When I lived in Wisconsin, there was a Christmas Train that came through the town every year.  Normally around the weekend right before Christmas.  The goal was to have people donate food, and you would bring non-perishables to the train tracks when the train came through.  They always, ALWAYS had a band in one of the train cars, and you would have an impromptu concert right there in the middle of the street before everybody would hand their food over and fill up the train with more food than you could count.

Honestly, it was awesome.  The band hand to deal with cold all the way along the route, and they would still rock it.  We would all stand out in below zero temps just to watch a ten minute concert and load food into a train car.  I have no idea how a guitarist could play dealing with that extended period of cold, and I have a small idea of how so many people could stand outside in temperatures that would freeze meat rock solid for an hour waiting for that ten minute concert.  But it happened.  

It gives me hope for humanity.

Daddy issues

 So I'm dealing with a few organizations that claim to be fraternal.  Two-wheeled organizations.  Brotherhood and all that shit.

Fucking daddy issues is what it is.

I won't name the groups because I just don't want to deal with the fucking drama.  But holy crap, people.  I've never seen so many grown adults transform into whiny, snot-nosed babies so fucking quickly.

When I was stationed in Virginia, I was asked by an MC to be a prospect.  I spent one night hanging out with them.  In that one night I had to try to keep one person from going off the rails and spent two hours outside in the winter night watching over my buddy who was talking down a drunk from essentially fucking his life up beyond repair.

Needless to say I didn't go back.

I think I like life as an introvert far better.

Moar snow

 What the hell, man?

Oh well, at least the mountains are getting snow.  That'll help during the summer.  But it won't be enough to stop the usual mid-wits from screeching about climate change.

Monday, December 12, 2022

And we got more snow

 If you'll pardon me, I'm going to suck down coffee and then go shovel three walkways.

We've gotten more snow in the past thirty days than we got all of last year.