Day by Day

Saturday, August 25, 2018

John McCain is dead

In honor of my mother's words of wisdom lo these many decades ago, I will say nothing.

Wait, I'll say this - he went through hell at the hands of the commies in Viet Nam for his country.

Tell me this shit ain't a religion now

A NASCAR Xfinity driver just lost his sponsorship over something HIS FATHER said BEFORE HE WAS BORN.

No, this is not an Onion article.

These are not the actions of reasonable adults.  These are the actions of slavish cult members.

Remember mix tapes?

I had a girl I was crazy for way back when give me a mix tape for playing a role-playing game.  Vampire:  The Masquerade, just in case you were wondering.  This was the first song on it.

I never listened to any other songs from the band, but I will always remember this song.  Ah, memories.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Papa's got a brand new.... camera.

Picked me up one of these on sale.  I've been wanting a moble/sport type camera for a while to document motorcycle rides (work related, don't ask) and this one popped up at a good price.  Once I figure out all the ins and outs I'll see if I can take a video of my daily ride to work and load it up.

Although keep in mind that I'm about the least technology-capable guy I know.

Thursday, August 23, 2018


Er...  tax evasion?

This is why nobody trusts the media, the FBI or the DOJ in this country.  It was all "RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA MUH COLLUSION RUSSIA RUSSIA!" And in the end, it was "He cheated on his taxes years before Trump decided to run for office."

And the media still thinks this will somehow bring down Trump.  No, really, they do, and they're whipping themselves into impeachment fever on the airwaves, a screeching hysterical soundwave that might actually kill a few folks through it's sheer volume of hatred and bile.  They honestly think that Trump's supporters will run away from him now Manafort has been exposed as a tax dodger.  Uh, sorry kids, but I don't think you're reading the tea leaves quite right.

This new conservative populist coalition is not the fluke the political class hoped it was. Donald Trump did not cause it, he is just the result of it, so no matter what he does, it continues. It is predicated on them, not him. 
The coalition is a strike at not just tone deafness in both Congress and the White House but also high levels of incompetence, negligence and shoddy performance at agencies, as well as inept social services, a bloated and incompetent bureaucracy, endless wars and multinational agreements and treaties that don’t benefit average people. 
These voters knew who Trump was going in, they knew he was a thrice-married, Playmate-dating, Howard Stern regular who had the morals of an alley cat. They were willing to look past all of that because of how institutions had failed their communities for three consecutive presidencies. 
Right now the value of Trump to the Trump voter is he is all that stands between them and handing the keys to Washington back over to the people inside Washington. That’s it. He’s their only option. You’ve got to pick the insiders or him.
Given the sheer corruption at every level of the government, in every department, in every building in Washington D.C., I'll take Trump.  You could show me video evidence of Trump banging a porn star while personally ripping a baby from the arms of a border-hopping seƱorita, and I'd still vote for him over any of the establishment goons who have done their level best to ruin this country.  He could be balls deep in Stormy Daniels' ass while screaming racial epithets at the head of the NAACP and I'd still vote for him over anyone the DNC or GOP puts forward.  Who you gonna vote for, Jeb?  Kasich?  Really?

We have illegal aliens killing college students in this country, the DNC is brushing it off as no big deal, just some dead white girl in Iowa, the GOP refuses to build the damn wall, and you think Trump is going to suffer because Paul Manafort filed a fake tax claim years ago?

Hillary Clinton, aka Felonia von Pantsuit, ran an illegal email server out of her house, and committed multiple felonies with it, the FBI didn't even bother to investigate it, and then the FBI lied about it to help cover up Clinton's felonies, and you think any member of the GOP or DNC uniparty is going to be better than Trump?  I don't.

Trump will get re-elected because the other option is handing the country back over to the people who hate us, want us to die, and can't wait to once gain profit from their political connections.

That's how you got Trump.  And that's how you'll get Trump again.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Predators go to where the prey is gathered

Instapundit has a running bit that starts with "Teach teachers not to rape" and goes from there.  I know that there's a sexual abuse problem in the church, specifically a homosexual abuse problem.  But there's a bigger problem in the publik skool sistim that people ignore because it's much easier to blame a religion than it is to understand that a predator will go to where their prey are gathered.

A volunteer track coach at a Missouri high school has confessed to having sex with a 17-year-old male athlete whose father once interrupted one of their illicit encounters, authorities said.

You can do a search to find out how many teachers have been banging their students; male, female, gay, straight, all of it.  Of course, the male teachers are all characterized as awful predators who deserve to be castrated and executed, while the female teachers might not even see jail time.  I'm being serious. 

I told someone who was fearful of sending her son to church that no matter where she sends her son, if she isn't constantly vigilant, he's going to be preyed upon.  It could be at church.  It could be at school.  It could be at a music lesson or an extra-curricular activity.  Predators go to where the prey is, and deviant sexual behavior is not only more accepted today, it's encouraged through making sexual deviants a "victim" and giving them special status.  Which means that the predators are more aggressive in their predation because they know that they'll be protected in some form or fashion.  You can say you don't want a certain person around your son, and the response today is "Why are you such a homophobic bigot?!?!", thus turning YOU into the bad person while the possible predator now has access to your son with society's blessing.

Predators go to where the prey is gathered.  If you're a parent, you don't get to let your guard down.  It sucks, but until we're allowed to take pedophiles out back and put a bullet in their brain, this is the world I live in.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Wasp control that works

Patrice Lewis has a wasp control method that not only works, but avoids targeting honeybees as well.

The difference outside is staggering. We can walk around without a problem. The tension is gone -- I didn't realize how tense we were until the threat was removed. 

We still have some wasps, so we're going to repeat this procedure a second time, and possibly a third if needed.

I need to send this to my mom.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

What the blankity-blank?

Some NFL teams are putting male dancers on their dance teams?

Oh yeah, that's just what people want to see - some twiggy fem soy-boy twerking his mangina while his foundation drips off his face into his carefully manicured three-day beard.

Not just no but fuck no with cheese.  As if I needed any other reason to not watch the NFL, that there is the gay sprinkles on top of a shit sandwich.