Saturday, October 24, 2015

This is how far the Catholic Church has fallen

When an archbishop, a leader in the church, supposedly one of the most educated, theologically trained individuals the Church has, utters these words:

“We use that word “reconciliation” all the time.  It doesn’t mean about giving people forgiveness. It comes from an anatomical root, namely the eyelash, it is called a cilia. So you begin to see eye-to-eye with people.”

That is straight-up hocum, flat-out balderdash, utter rubbish, and outright bullshit.  How can this supposed man of God help people reconcile themselves to Christ when he cannot even accurately define the word "reconciliation"?

Folks, if you're still attending a Novus Ordo mass, find the nearest traditional chapel and start going there.  The more I hear coming out of the Novus Ordo groups, the more I fear that everyone going to a Novus Ordo mass is heading down the wrong path.

Coming to America soon

Just as soon as Obama can get his refugees I mean, um..  muslim brothers er, his Future Democrat Voters imported from the Middle East.

One woman described how Muslim men repeatedly cut in front of her at the supermarket checkout line. "Twice while shopping at a German supermarket I was shown that I am a second-class citizen," she wrote. In one instance, an adult Muslim male with a full shopping cart cut in front of her. In broken German he said: "I man. You woman. I go first." In another instance, a young Muslim male elbowed the woman while cutting in front of her. "When I said that I would let him go ahead of me if he asked me for permission, I was instructed by his sister that boys do not need to ask, they just demand." 
A teacher at a vocational school wrote: "The most problematic students are Muslim males, who do not acknowledge the authority of female teachers and who disrupt the classes." 
A mother reported that during a visit to her daughter's school, she approached a fully-veiled female refugee and asked her if she could be of help to her. "A man with a fancy suit and a three-day beard, he seemed like out of a Hugo Boss fashion magazine, said: 'My wife does not speak the language of the unclean.' When I asked him who here was unclean, he said I was. I asked him what that means. He said it was nothing against me personally, because all German women are unclean, and that his wife should not speak the language of the unclean, so that she can remain clean."

You know,  before you start importing massive amounts of people from other countries, maybe you want to take a look at what those people do as a matter of course in those countries.

Of course, parasitic leeches on society who violate and demean women while destroying the rule of law are a bonus for the Democrat Party.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Bush campaign may be ending

Good.  We don't need the Vanilla Obama running for 2016.  If you want an amnesty-loving, big-government shill for the big-money donor class, we've had that in the White House for the past seven years, and we don't need any more.

Crap like this

is why I'll be happy when the Democrat Stenographer Pool that we currently have as the "media" finally die, shrivel up and blow away:  "Palestinians shot boarding kids' bus"

That statement, were you to look at it without context, states that innocent Palestinians were just shot getting onto a kids' bus.  Was it their kids' bus?  A school bus?  Who knows?

What actually happened is that yet another group of sub-human terrorists attempted to massacre a group of Jewish children, and were shot before they could carry out their terrorist plans.

What other headlines could have been used?  "Terrorists prevented from plan".  "Palestinians shot before attacking kids' bus".  "Terrorist plot stopped".  Hell, I bet you could come up with better alternate headlines in five seconds.

But no, not our Leftist media, which hates the state of Israel and luuuuuurves them some musloid terrorism.  So it's "Palestinians shot boarding kids' bus".

I hope CNN dies.  Painfully.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Hillary Clinton had her time to lie through her teeth to Congress.

Think anything will change?

Think the GOP will actually do anything about her lies?


That's why the non-politicians are so high in the polls right now.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I think I may have a problem

Went out and picked up another ukulele today, this time a Pineapple uke with a huge sound.

So, are stringed instruments an addiction?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just shut the hell up, W.

Just shut up, OK?  You don't like Cruz?  After being unwilling to defend yourself for your eight years in office, and after keeping your mouth shut as pResident Putt-Putt put the flight path of this country into a nose dive we might not get out of, the one person you're popping off about is Ted Cruz?


I mean, no, really?

Nothing about Trump, nope.  Nothing about any of the other witless establishment hacks who offer nothing but more failure.  But Cruz, you're willing to snipe at?

Well, I guess that tells us more about you than it does about Cruz, Dubya.

Up and out this morning

Way too early.  Out late for happier reasons.  Sorry 'bout the lack of posting.

Monday, October 19, 2015

And as the GOP establishment squeals

"B-b-b-b-b-but TRUMP ISN'T CONSERVATIVE!!!!"

Yeah.  I know.  That's happening a lot in the GOP these days.

A Republican candidate for New York’s 19th congressional district is an Obama donor, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). 
Andrew Heaney, a heating oil executive, maxed out to President Obama’s first campaign, donating $2,300 in 2007.

It's called "The Stupid Party" for a reason......

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Anther 4th Quarter Collapse by the Seahawks

They'd better get some things taken care of, and do it now.  They don't have the luxury of losing any more games if they want to make the playoffs.