Saturday, October 01, 2016

Truer words have never been said

By Instapundit:

Gangs of young men strutting and killing people is the default state for humanity. Civilization is what puts that under control. Until it doesn’t.

I would say that very large portions of the USA have lost some, if not all vestiges of civilization, and are now living like the cargo cult populations of the South Pacific.  Wait, scratch that.  That's wrong.  The Cargo Cultists would at least build runways and towers out of mud.  The feral population of American cannot and will not do even that.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Why the GOP needs to die

Because most of them are just Democrats in different clothing.  What else can explain giving the Democrats everything they wanted in the Continuing Resolution?

This bill funded every major Democratic policy priority with no meaningful limitations on a single illegal, abusive, or harmful executive action taken by the president. It contained no limitations or reforms to Obamacare, Planned Parenthood funding, Obama’s transgender bathroom mandate on the states, sanctuary cities, or DACA amnesty. What was particularly disturbing about this blank check is that the timing of the budget deadline coincided with two new harmful unilateral policies of the Obama administration: the giveaway of oversight over internet IP addresses to a foreign entity and a net increase in refugee admission for the new fiscal year — all on top of the existing increase in refugees from the Middle East during a time of grave homeland security concerns. 
The budget bill also reflected Obama’s spending priorities instead of the spending figures reflected in the Republican budget. It wasted $1.1 billion on Zika funding that was unnecessary and funded Planned Parenthood with those extra funds. While one expects compromise with divided government, this blank check was truly breathtaking in completely reflecting Democrat values — as if Republicans had no control over Congress.

But then they'll wail and cry and ask how in the world Donald Trump could have won the nomination.  Gutless, pathetic, traitorous, backstabbing pieces of shit.

Voter fraud and more Democrat corruption in VA

That's VA as in Virginia, not Veteran's Administration.  Although where ever a Democrat is involved, you can be assured that there's corruption there as well.  In this case, it's the tried and true tactic of Democrats registering dead people to vote.

The FBI and local police are investigating how at least 19 dead Virginians were recently re-registered to vote in this critical swing state. 
One case came to light after relatives of a deceased man received a note congratulating him for registering, Rockingham County Commonwealth’s Attorney Marsha Garst said Thursday.
Take a guess where all the dead people were signed up to vote.  Just one guess.  Here, I'll make it easy; you don't have to name the place, just tell me what KIND of place it is.

All of the forms had been submitted by a private group that was working to register voters on the campus of James Madison University, according to the Harrisonburg registrar’s office. The group was not identified. No charges have been filed.
NO!  WAY!  A university, a bastion of liberal Democrat Proggie Fascists, is ground zero for voter fraud?  This is my SHOCKED FACE!  And the sheer brazen corruption of the Democrats can be seen in just one quote.

House Minority Leader David J. Toscano (D-Charlottesville) said the case was not proof of voter fraud because no one had actually managed to cast a vote in the names of the dead. 

“First of all, there was no voter fraud — they caught him,” Toscano said. “Nobody cast a vote. . . . There’s still no evidence of that going on in the state. But there is evidence every time you turn around that the Republicans are trying to make it more difficult for citizens to vote in elections.”

So apparently if I walk up to David J. Toscano (Dipshit-Charlottesville), pull out a gun, put the barrel to his face, and cock back the hammer, but the police stop me before I pull the trigger, then there's no crime that ever ever ever ever happened!  It's like MAGIC!

This is the kind of outright contempt for the rule of law that will bring about the second civil war in this country.  Naturally, it's centered on the "liberals".

Another Day

And another violent Leftist mob attacking a Trump supporter.  Video at the link.

Never go into a Leftist area alone.  Always try to make sure you have some sort of video device.  Being alone in a Leftist controlled area isn't safe.  The little Proggie Fascists will attack you at a moments notice.

And if you find yourself in an area where you can't understand what the people are saying - be it the "He-be She-be" of ebonics or some other foreign language, leave.  Are good tacos really worth a beating from Hillary loving illegal aliens and their anchor babies?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

These people just don't get it

The opening paragraph from Joel Kotkin starts out with a fallacy and gets worse from there.

Whether he loses or, more unlikely, wins, Donald Trump creates an existential crisis for the Republican Party. The New York poseur has effectively undermined the party orthodoxy on defense, trade and economics, policies which have been dominant for the last half century within the party but now are falling rapidly out of fashion among the rank and file.

I really wonder what life must be like in the protected, cocooned little bubble that these people live in.  The "policies which have been dominant for the last half century" are still dominant.  Conservatives and Republicans pretty much still believe in the free market, individual freedom and smaller government.

It's the GOP we no longer trust.  It's the Republican Elite who have betrayed us time and time again that have brought Trump on themselves.  We still believe in the same things we did ten or twenty years ago.  However, we have absolutely no faith that the people in Washington D.C. will do a damn thing except screw us over.

John Boehner, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell has given Harry Reid and Barack Hussein Obama almost everything they wanted, and shit all over the GOP to do so.  Is it any wonder that Trump won the nomination after that?

Maybe Joel Kotkin is incapable of understanding that we po' uneducated little people are more than capable of rejecting the "leadership" that constantly insults us, screws us over and makes our life worse.

Either way, that opening paragraph was all I really needed to read.  Whatta maroon.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Well, now I'm depressed.

Time to go buy more ammo.

In today’s America, a network of executive, judicial, bureaucratic, and social kinship channels bypasses the sovereignty of citizens. Our imperial regime, already in force, works on a simple principle: the president and the cronies who populate these channels may do whatever they like so long as the bureaucracy obeys and one third plus one of the Senate protects him from impeachment. If you are on the right side of that network, you can make up the rules as you go along, ignore or violate any number of laws, obfuscate or commit perjury about what you are doing (in the unlikely case they put you under oath), and be certain of your peers’ support. These cronies’ shared social and intellectual identity stems from the uniform education they have received in the universities. Because disdain for ordinary Americans is this ruling class's chief feature, its members can be equally certain that all will join in celebrating each, and in demonizing their respective opponents. 
And, because the ruling class blurs the distinction between public and private business, connection to that class has become the principal way of getting rich in America. Not so long ago, the way to make it here was to start a business that satisfied customers’ needs better than before. Nowadays, more businesses die each year than are started. In this century, all net additions in employment have come from the country’s 1,500 largest corporations. Rent-seeking through influence on regulations is the path to wealth. In the professions, competitive exams were the key to entry and advancement not so long ago. Now, you have to make yourself acceptable to your superiors. More important, judicial decisions and administrative practice have divided Americans into “protected classes”—possessed of special privileges and immunities—and everybody else. Equality before the law and equality of opportunity are memories. Co-option is the path to power. Ever wonder why the quality of our leaders has been declining with each successive generation?

Do go read the whole thing.  There's not much hope left for the country we call the USA, but what is really just the takers and the makers duking it out.  And the takers are winning.  That's the death of any civilization.

Buy more ammo.  I think we're going to need it.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Nucking Futs....

The Loony Liberals living in Koo-Koo Land (AKA Los Angeles) have now decided that police officers need to run away from armed criminals.

No, really.  They actually said that.

You couldn't pay me enough to be a cop right now.  It's damned if you do, damned if you don't, and the criminals always win.

If someone is coming at you with a knife, shoot them.  If someone is coming at you with a gun, shoot them.  If someone is coming at you with a bat, a sword, a chainsaw, an actual chain, or bricks in both hands...


"Oh but Dave, how can you decide that their life blah blah blah blah" FUCK that stupid bullshit.  I didn't make that decision.  THEY made that choice when they decided to attack me.  I don't attack people.  I don't go around committing assault on people on the street.  Don't want to get shot?  Cool!  I don't want to shoot you.  But if you come at me with intent to harm me or mine, I'll put you down like a rabid dog, and I won't have any damn qualms about it.

People who come at cops with weapons deserve to get shot.  Cops deserve to shoot people coming at them with a weapon.  It's too sad that the people running Lost Angeles are so fucking drug-addled and mentally ill that they cannot comprehend this simple fact.

And it's yet another reason why I will never go back to that fucking shithole.

Blacked out

The Z Man writes what's in my head.

I’ve simply had enough. I’m all blacked out. I’m tired of the blame shifting and excuse making. I’m tired of seeing people, who know better, lying to me on TV. Those rich sportsball talkers ain’t living in my neighborhood. They are as far away from the Black Lives Matter types as possible. They live in gated communities with the honkies. Their honky cohorts on TV are not even driving through my neighborhood. They are despicable hypocrites, who deliberately say things on television that make our lives worse. 
Black America does not have a race problem. It ain’t honkies robbing, looting and killing in the ghetto. They don’t have a cop problem. The cops shoot fewer black offenders than white offenders. They don’t have a gun problem either. Black America has a black guy problem. They have far too many black guys robbing, looting and killing, almost always doing so at the expense of blacks. They won’t let me fix that problem, so stop demanding I feel bad about it. I’m done. I’m all blacked out.

I am tired of seeing people on TV demanding that I apologize for things that happened before my parents were born.

I never owned slaves.  They never picked cotton.  Got it?

More than that, blacks have been given just about every chance to succeed in America, and instead they commit massive crimes, mostly against each other, and then both blame Whitey as the cause and demand that Whitey fix the problem.

I ain't buying it.

And I'm all out of fucks to give.

Sunday, September 25, 2016