Saturday, November 15, 2008

"But why won't anyone listen to us?"

Hint to the gay protesters in California -

If you want to convince people of the justification for your position, it is best if you DO NOT start attacking and terrorizing the people who disagree with you. Attacking little old ladies, sending white powder to churches... not the way to do it.

Your strongest opposition comes from people who believe that your lifestyle is morally repugnant. When you respond with morally repugnant actions, you only prove your opposition is correct.

Not to mention, this could be a push-back from having a bunch of unelected black-robes push your agenda for you. You take the power out of the people's hands, chances are that they'll find a way to get that power back.

So maybe you need to start talking to people, and doing what you tell your opposition to do - compromise a little bit. Otherwise, expect more of the same.

"Hope" for "Change"

Either Obama is the smoothest liar we've seen since Slick Willie, or people in this country are just that damn stupid.

I don't like either answer.

Lyudmilla, she ROARS!

So, I took the rear sight off of Lyudmilla and replaced it with a Weaver rail. Purchased a red-dot scope today at a local shop, mounted it, and headed to the range.

Took a little bit to zero her in. The light snow falling probably didn't help. But it's rather fitting for this rifle.

Once it was zeroed, took her to the 100 yard range. The scope dot is 5 MOA, so it pretty much covered up the entire target at that range. Did my best to get everything centered, and lit off a round. The guy behind the spotting scope said "Well, that's a dead deer right there!"

It's not pinpoint accurate, but with just a red-dot and no magnification I didn't expect it to be. It's as accurate as I can be, and that's all I wanted. I put four more rounds downrange just to make sure everything was properly set. All five rounds were in the proper area. I'm happy.


Almost forgot - on the way home, the Ragin' Mrs. and I stopped at a hunting store close to the house and got my hunting license. And four tags, two for bucks and two for does. I'm having venison this winter! Yes, I am!

I looked all around the shop, but I couldn't find any hunting regulations or tags for commies. Maybe they're just open season? Nah, couldn't be. Madison would be emptied out if it was. I'm sure that little oversight will be corrected at some point.

And yes, if it comes down to it I will be shooting commies with a former commie gun. Call it poetic justice.

Friday, November 14, 2008

And sigh again

Ayers says Obama is a "family friend". Well no shit. So here's what it boils down to.

People who defended Obama on his connection to Ayers either:

A) Knew that Obama was friends with an unrepentant domestic terrorist and lied about it, or;

B) Were completely duped, despite the preponderance of evidence.

Either way, it doesn't look good for America. You know, saying "I fucking TOLD you so!" doesn't quite have the same appeal it normally does when your country is in risk of becoming a third world shithole.


Democrats and kiddie porn. No, I am not surprised. No, I don't expect any outcry from anyone on the Left. The only perversions they truly care about are the ones they can use in their quest for power.

Leeeeeeevin', on a jet plane....

I'm heading out on Sunday. Going to be gone for about a week. I'll post when I can, but no guarantees.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Periodic Health Assessment. It's an annual check-up the Army does to ensure that you're still in good working order, all parts are accounted for, and that nothing is broken. I had one earlier this week. The following day, I had a dental exam. Funny part about that is that they had to take my blood pressure at the dental exam. Don't know why. But I got to have my blood pressure checked two days in a row, giving me an idea of what it is.

When I was in Puerto Rico, my blood pressure was running 140 over 90 on average. The Ragin' Mrs. like to joke that Puerto Rico was killing us. We went there looking young for our age, and came back looking old. I went grey while I was there.

Anyways, my medical checkup. Yes. My BP now? 118 over 79. In about three and a half months, I went from having high blood pressure down to normal.

Amazing what happens when you leave a hellhole.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's open season...

So declares Detroit-born rock legend, hunter extraordinaire and right-on conservative Ted Nugent...
Uncle Ted hereby declares it is open season on RINOs. No bag limits or permits required.
Rock on, Ted.

It's that time again

I know the economy sucks.

I know times are rough.

I know that we're all stretching our dollar as far as it can stretch.

I don't care. Go here. Donate. Project Valour-IT is running it's annual fundraiser to provide voice-activated laptops for injured troops. You can pick which team you want to donate to (GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY!) or you can just make a donation to the project itself.

The Leftoids ain't gonna do crap for our boys and girls in uniform, folks. We gotta do it ourselves.

UPDATE: I've added a link to the Valour-IT Army Team on the sidebar. Hit it up, folks! Five dollah, ten dollar, I don't care if it's fifty cents. We need all that we can get.

And since I've linked to Mr. du Toit

I may as well go for the family combo and link to Mrs. du Toit's piece as well. I was a bit hesitant to do so at first, because it's not a post that fills you with joy. But dammit... you don't deal with adversity by trying to hide from it.

The Perfect Storm.

This country officially tipped over the edge when congresscritters were talking about bailing out the catastrophe of their own creation (Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae) using taxpayer dollars. The successive bailouts that are coming are more of the same. They all address the symptoms, not the problem. You don't cure appendicitis by giving the person an asprin and sending them home - you cure it by cutting out the inflamed appendix before it ruptures and kills the person.

The Big Three haven't done that. They've tried to continue as if business is normal. They're just taking the asprin and saying they'll be alright. They've been doing it for decades. Which is why "The Rustbelt" exists, and has done so for decades.

And now this country has voted in a Marxist for President.

Imagine our entire country resembling Detroit. That's where we are headed.



If you haven't checked out Kim du Toit's grab-n-go tubs yet, take a look.

This isn't some survivalist horsehocky. There are times, hopefully they never come up, but there are times when you just need to GO! Don't pack a suitcase, don't pass the ATM and collect some cash, just grab what you can carry in two hands and get the hell out of the house. Anything from a natural disaster to civil unrest can force you from your home. OR, force you to stay in your home with little or no help or amenities. If you got hit by some natural disaster, and you had no electricity, no water coming in, what would you do? If you turned on your stove and it didn't work, if you turned the handle on your faucet and nothing came out, what would you do?

You need to be prepared. The wife and I try to be prepared for whatever situation might arise. In Puerto Rico, we had our hurricane supplies. Lots of bottled water, non-perishable food, a generator, a camp shower, and extra gas. If a hurricane hit, we could survive for a month without any outside assistance.

Yes, I know that the chances of going a month without help is slim to none. But we also counted on the fact that we would be helping out anywhere from one to six people as well. I didn't just want to survive a hurricane, I wanted to make sure that my friends survived it as well.

We already have a medical kit that's better stocked that some hospital aid stations. That's due to the fact that both the Ragin' Mrs. and I were deathly afraid of going to the ER in Puerto Rico. If you've ever been there, you know what I mean. If you haven't, just take my word for it. We got used to having a med kit that big, and we just kept it up. We've already taken care of a few minor injuries to the children of some friends of ours. Anyways, it's the largest tackle box we could find, stuffed with bandages, pain relievers, ointments, cold and flu medicine, braces and splints, ect. Short of an amputation or surgery, we can take care of it.

Now that we're settled into the house, the Mrs. and I are turning our attention to our supplies, disaster preparedness, ect. We don't have hurricanes up here, but we do have blizzards and the occasional tornado. So we want to be prepared. We'll be building up a grab-n-go kit of our own, using totes just like the ones shown by Mr. du Toit, only silver. They were originally holding the Mrs. sewing supplies, but her sewing room is set up and we have about ten of them emptied out in the basement. We'll use two of 'em. Blankets, food, ammo, some tools, a tent - once again we'll be able to survive without help for an extended period of time.

Just as importantly, if a friend calls up and says "DAVE! I'm in deep shit and I need help!" I can grab the boxes and drive.

Anyways, go check his stuff out and then start making plans for your own. And might I also recommend stockpiling ammo? With Comrade Obama and his Socialist Congress, there's no telling what's going to happen in the next four years.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Solution for Lyudmilla

So even if this thing shoots straight with the bayonet on it, that's really not an option if I want to go tramping around the woods in these parts hunting Bambi. With the bayonet, this thing measures out to five and a half feet long. I'm only six feet here folks. And it's hard enough for me to tromp through the woods without anything in my hands. The rifle without the bayonet was pushing the limit. Adding the bayonet ain't gonna make things better in that regard.

So, hunting with the bayonet is out. Getting it to sight in without the bayonet would mean moving the front sight post so far to the side that it would be hanging out like a Democrat at the Welfare Office.

BUT.... I's been doing a lil' snoopin' online and stuff.

My solution - a drop-in weaver rail from these guys, with one of these sitting on top of it. The weaver rail replaces the rear sight (just punch the pin out and screw the rail in), and the red-dot scope means I don't have to worry about eye relief and can position my head where ever I need it for a good sight picture.

Is it perfect? No. Does it do what I want it to do? Yes. And with the drop in rail, I can remove it and replace the rear sight anytime I need just an "authentic" rifle. There's no permanent modification I have to do.

And yes, her name is Lyudmilla. Contingent on her being able to shoot with some degree of accuracy at the range.


I second the previous emotion.
God bless our veterans, living and dead. (I might be persuaded to exempt John Kerry and John Murtha from that, if you argue well enough.)
God bless those who are currently in military service to our country.

To all the Veterans who came before me.

Thank you.

They keep smearing what they fear

This is getting ridiculous.

So according to the hatchet man/woman who talked to Newsweek, Palin is such an ideologue about drilling in ANWR that she won't stand next to Bradley, even though John McCain has the exact same position?

And Palin is such an ideologue that she won't appear with pro-choice politicians, even though she attended events with pro-choice Clinton donor Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild?

And we're really supposed to believe that Palin is so dumb she doesn't know Africa is a continent, but she knew about the voting records of John Sununu and Jeb Bradley in the first place?

Remember what the traitors and jackals of the Press were chattering about when Palin was first introduced? "OMG! IS SHE A LIABILITY? WHEN IS MCCAIN GOING TO DUMP HER?" They couldn't stand Palin. They still can't. Because Palin represents what the conservatives wanted, not their soft, mushy "moderate" McCain. The whores of the Press loved McCain. Because their Lord and Messiah could beat McCain.

I honestly believe that we could have won if it was Palin/McCain, and not McCain/Palin.

In any case, the smears are going to come piling on just like they have for the past week. Why? Because Liberals fear Palin. They fear what she stands for. They fear what she can do with the Republican Party. They fear her because she basically told modern feminism to suck eggs, and proven that you can run off the Liberal Plantation and make it on your own. And that makes her an apostate to the Left.

And if the Republican Stupid Party had ANY FUCKING BALLS, they would be defending Palin instead of curled up in a corner crying and sucking their thumb. Fucking Pussies. I'm still wondering why ANY of the party leadership has a job right now. Get rid of them all! Seriously, why the hell do these people still have a job? Do they want to fail? Do they care about the future of this country? Do they want to win elections?

Right now, the answers to those questions as I see it are yes, no, and no.

I expect that the Media will keep the smears up for four years. Fuck 'em. I've seen plenty of people who are actively looking for ways to collapse the media. I want to join in the fun.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Gregoire, Part Deux

I think maybe the Democrats just have better lawyers.

I don't know what the story is in Two Harbors, but the one Franken bump that is clearly dubious is the 30-plus absentee ballots that a Democrat ostensibly discovered in the back seat of her car. There is no way that should happen. There is, I suspect, much more of the same to come.
Ahhh, to be sure.

Power Line - What's happening in Minnesota? part 4

Well, crap!

I took the M-N 91/30 to the range today. I won't regale you with all the details. The bottom line is this: This rifle shoots FOUR INCHES TO THE RIGHT FROM 25 YARDS AWAY.

Crap. FuckshitpissdammitFUCK!

Is there anyone out there familiar with Mosin-Nagants? Am I doing something wrong? Is this a problem that's common with Mosin Nagants?

Gimmie some advice here, folks, before I return this thing. I can't hunt with it if it's this inaccurate. If I can't hit the damn bullseye from 25 yards, I can't hit a deer at 150. I was aiming center mass from a rest, so it wasn't me wobbling. This thing is just off.


Semper Fi

Today is the Marine Corps birthday.

My father will be off celebrating appropriately, I'm sure. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JARHEADS!

Poll time!

You know, my slim, trim little Russian beauty from yesterday.

What should Dave name his lovely Russian?
Just give her a name already, you twit! free polls

If you have any other suggestions, leave them in the comments.

Save Patrick Fitzgerald

I know, I know, that almost qualifies as heresy after what he did to Scooter Libby.
But think for just a minute here now.
Fitzgerald is the U.S. attorney who nailed O goomba Tony Rezko. He's also in the process of nailing a whole bunch of other corrupt Illinois politicians.
According to the report, the O says Fitzpatrick is gonna stay.
Let's get the ammo ready, just in case he doesn't.
Can you scream "coverup"???
Loudly? Frequently?
Just a little bit of an early warning for y'all.
There are so many potential targets in the future O World that we've gotta be prepared.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Help me name her

So, my birthday was last month, and I went hunting for a birthday present for myself.

I found one. A rather nice Russian beauty, somewhat aged but still lovely. And the Ragin' Mrs. even said I could bring her home! So I did.

And here she is dressed up with a slim black accessory.

She's a Mosin-Nagant 91/30, in good condition. They had flaming assloads of Mosin-Nagant 44's at the shop, but only one 91/30. I picked up a few 44's, held 'em, aimed 'em, and they just didn't feel right in my hands. Besides, I have a carbine already, a Hungarian SKS with the actual blade bayonet instead of the spike. I wanted a rifle, not a carbine. When I picked this little honey up, she went right to my shoulder and stayed rock solid when I aimed her. (At a stuffed deer, if you must know.)

So I brought her home. She has her own case, her own ammo, her own spot in the section 'o guns, but she doesn't have a name. The Ragin' Mrs. says to name her Olga, but her father is married to an Olga and I really don't know if I want that mental picture in my head every time I take a shot. So I'm using my executive powers and vetoing that name. But what name fits?

Natasha? Titania? Give me some hints, people. My rifle needs a good name!

Football today

Going over to a friend's house to watch a couple games. Yesterday I was supposed to go to the range, but ended up going over to another friend's house to help them move in. I was the guy carrying stuff up the stairs.

You know, one of these weekends, I'll be able to have it to myself.

I just don't think it'll be anytime soon. And you can be sure that I'll be calling in favors when it's time to remodel the bathroom and/or kitchen.