Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Alternatives

In the local paper today, there was an article about a STEM academy being opened up in Northern Idaho.  STEM, for those who don't know, stands for Science, Technology, Electronics and Mathematics.  In short, it's a school designed to teach the hard sciences that aren't being taught in the Publik Skool Sistim.  And it's a charter school, so it doesn't fall under the school administration in this area.  Much to the STEM Academy's benefit.

I have to wonder; just what would my life have looked like if I had been given the chance to go to a STEM academy instead of being tortured with four years of hell courtesy of the government-run schools?

More coffee please

I'm currently sitting at a coffee shop in downtown Cd'A, relaxing and checking my email.  No internets out at the Ragin' parents house, so any posting I do will be when I make it into town with my computer.  And in case you hadn't noticed, that's not happening all that often these days.

Hey.  I'm on vacation.  Deal with it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Half-way there

I'm sitting at the Kootenai Coffee Shop, relaxing and checking email.  The Ragin' Mrs. and I are staying in our hometown for a while before continuing on to the second half of our great trek across America.  Internet connection is whenever we can get to a place with WiFi, so don't expect much out of me in terms of blogging.

In the mean time, I'm going to be smoking cigars, relaxing, enjoying my family, drinking good beer, and generally trying to have as little stress in my life as possible until I have to report in to my new duty station.