Saturday, January 21, 2012


The Anchoress asks a lot of questions, starting with "Can a standing O shake a worldview?" referencing the ovation Newt Gingrich got for blasting John King out of the water.  Read all the way to the bottom, because there are a few hard questions being asked.

Done?  Back?  Alright, here's my take:

For the past decade plus, Conservatives have been attacked by the mainstream press as stupid, terrorists, racist, ignorant, insert-insult-here, and not a single person on Capitol Hill or D.C. has said boo to it.  During the last election, McCain wouldn't fight Obama when some of the worst insults were being thrown around.

We're tired of milquetoast candidates.  Period.

Remember when Pawlenty wouldn't expound on his "Obamneycare" remark?  Remember how fast he plummeted in the polls after he refused to expound on it at a debate? 


So when Pawlenty had his chance to make a damn good point, and show just how damaging Romneycare is, he waffled, he sidestepped, he refused to defend himself and fight for what he had said, and in the end it was THAT singular lack of fighting instinct that killed his campaign.  Which is a shame, because he did a terrific job as Governor of Minnesota.  I think he could have been a great president.  But if you're not willing to fight for the free market, if you're not willing to fight for conservative principals, you're going nowhere.  So he went down in flames.

Now bring in Gingrich.  Yeah, he's taken his jabs at the other candidates.  But he's reserved the heaviest blows for Obama and his palace guards, the media.  His takedown of that poofed-up punk John King?  Brilliant.  It effectively ended his ex-wife as a topic of debate for the night, and possibly for the election.  And here is where Gingrich gets it, and the other candidates don't.  If you are the Republican nominee, you are going to be attacked, day and night, by the media.  The media managed to get their Marxist Messiah elected, and they will work twice has hard to get him re-elected.  If you refuse to fight the Democrat Media Propaganda Complex, you are going to lose

We're tired of candidates who sit there with a stupid grin on their face as they're savaged by a media who hates them no matter what they do.  The media turned on John McCain, who was a liberal's most favorite Republican EVAR!!!!!  It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

Gingrich treats the media as they need to be treated - as hostile to conservatives, desperate to protect their God, King, Lord and Savior Obama, and the enemy to freedom in America.  And he's the only candidate to do it.

THAT is why Gingrich is doing so well.  And if he wins the nomination, that'll be a huge reason why.  Every candidate on the stage right now is deeply flawed.  But Gingrich is the only one who shows that he understands who they need to fight.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

When I woke up

It was 4 degrees.  When I left the house it was -4.  When I got to work it was -7. 

Ah, the balmy Wisconsin winters!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Obama kills the Keystone XL Pipeline

As we knew he would.  This is only confusing if you're under the impression that Obama wants a strong America.  He doesn't.  He wants a weakened America, and in that light, this decision makes perfect sense.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last Night's Debate round 2

Well, that was refreshing - a debate that actually focused on the issues at hand, rather than George Snuffaluffagus wiping Obama's semen from his chin and trying to play "Gotcha" games with questions about contraception.

Personally, I think Newt did the best, but debates have always been his strong point.  Romney?  Did not impress me, not one bit.  And if he's that much of a limp dick in a debate where every question is a chance to impress voters, he doesn't stand a chance against Obama.

Romney is not electable, folks.  Sorry.  He's not.  Santorum did well, Paul and Perry both got good lines in, but Romney did not help himself, in what was possibly his best chance to lock up the nomination.  He flopped.

Monday, January 16, 2012


At this point, the entire Obama administration is antithetical to the Constitution of the United States.  And Obama, who desperately wants to be king, although Mooch-elle wants to be queen even worse, needs to be impeached.

Well, so much for the Packers

Watched the game, and there were two things that stood out to me - the New Jersey Giants are a load of classless crap.  And the Packers desperately need to upgrade at several positions.  Aaron Rodgers has been covering up glaring holes in that offense, but that only works when the receivers actually catch the ball, which they failed to do last night.

So they get to join my Seahawks, sitting at home and watching other people play.