Saturday, January 21, 2017

I love non-working Saturdays

I can get up, drink water, say my prayers, make coffee for the Mrs., give her a smooch and go for a nice long run, and there's not a damn thing I need to hurry up for except breakfast.

Cigar will come later.  Along with more coffee for me.

Friday, January 20, 2017

And the media continues to do what it does....

Democrat operatives with by-lines.

The Obama Presidency in a nutshell

An organization that nobody wants or likes screws up horribly and then walks away telling ordinary, non-politically connected citizens to go fuck themselves while making sure the people who screwed up get paid bonuses.

The Obama administration exits with an ugly environmental blot on its record after failing to hold itself financially accountable for the Gold KingMine spill, but Republicans are hoping President-elect Donald Trump will clean up the mess. 
In one of its final moves before President Obama leaves office, the Environmental Protection Agency refused to pay 73 claims totaling $1.2 billion filed by tribes, farmers, river-rafters and local governments from the August 2015 wastewater spill, citing sovereign immunity under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). 
Western lawmakers were floored by Friday’s decision, pointing to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy’s numerous assurances that the agency would take responsibility for the damage caused by the EPA-led crew, which unleashed 3 million gallons of mustard-colored contamination into the Animas and San Juan rivers and three states.

I think that's just about the perfect metaphor for Obama and his administration.  Screw up everything, refuse to take responsibility, shit all over the citizens and then walk away.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that Obama is finally leaving.  Even though the damage he's done will never be repaired, and may actually lead to a civil war, I don't have to put up with being insulted by a moronic Marxist shitwad every day anymore.

The Clinton News Network buries a poll

Lying liars who lie.

The headline on the new CNN poll is: "CNN/ORC Poll: Confidence drops in Trump transition." 
But inside the poll is another story: only Queen Elizabeth and Pope Francis have a higher approval rating than President-elect Trump according to Americans asked to consider 11 world leaders.
The main story doesn't mention the comparable numbers, and even undercuts Trump's approval ratings. 

And this is why nobody trusts CNN.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

I'm glad to see it

I'm not the only one saying "Hell no!" to the calls for "being nice" that always seem to rise up when the Right starts winning.

Civility and normalcy are privileges that require a broad consensus. Conservatives have been utter failures at “conserving” these traits.

And by "broad consensus", it means that everybody has to abide by the same rules.  Since when has the Left done that?  Certainly not within my lifetime.  Why would I want to play a game of football where I get flagged for any violation, but the opposing team can face-mask, cut-block, and target heads all they want to without penalty?

Anyways...  the vast consensus at Instapundit is that nice is for chumps.  You're nice to people to deserve it.  And there's damn few Democrats who deserve it, so stop being nice.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fake News

By the Clinton News Network.

Short short version:  CNN rights a hit piece against a Trump nominee, and doesn't disclose facts that were both pertinent and easy to verify.

CNN is a lying sack of rancid maggot shit.  Every last bit of it.

Nope, ain't buying it

This whole "We have to be better than them!" line is why the GOP got Trump.

Amidst the schadenfreude of Hillary Clinton’s defeat and the rebuke of progressive predictions of a new age dominated by their chosen, sometimes bizarre, new mores, we need to be careful. Perhaps Clinton’s most effective ad against Trump was the one in which children watched his uncouth statements on television. I say this as a dad who has to explain to my son why the President-elect is calling people rude names, when I teach him that is wrong. 
A big part of what conservatives are meant to conserve is decency, decorum, and respect. We should oppose shouting expletives at those we disagree with. We should oppose public shaming and boycotts. We should oppose cruel mockery as a legitimate means to achieve our ends.

Absolute horseshit.  Cruel Mockery is an effective weapon.  Just ask the GOP establishment, who curl up into the fetal position, wet their pants and suck their thumbs at the merest hint of mockery.

Fuck being nice.  Nice means you lose.  Nice means that you stand around saying "B-b-b-but I was bipartisan!" while the commie fuckhead Democrats shit all over this country and wipe their asses with the US Constitution.  Nice gets you locked out of any position of power while the Marxist shitwad Democrats destroy right after right after right of the ordinary people.  Nice destroys this country while the nice guys sit around bewildered that the lying shitlib Democrats would actually lie and go back on their word.

Remember that when people ask "What would Jesus do?", fashioning a whip, throwing tables around and flogging people is absolutely an option.  Sometimes you have to be mean for Jesus.  Because otherwise you end up trying to explain to your kids (if you're allowed contact with them, what with the re-education camps and all) how the USA managed to go from a Beacon of Freedom to a Marxist hellhole in a generation.

All you Christians out there, let me put it to you this way.  You say that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior.  The Satanists worship the Prince of Darkness, and they want you to be nice, and meet them halfway.  Why can't you blaspheme against Christ just a little bit?  Try denying him on Wednesdays, or maybe twice a week?  Why be so mean?  You need to be nice!

I'm willing to bet that if it came down to being nice and worshipping Satan, or not being nice and remaining true to your faith, you wouldn't be very nice at all.

Why should I be nice to people who want to destroy the rule of law in this country?  Why should I be nice to people who want to shred the Constitution and abrogate the rights it enshrines?  Why should I be nice to people who would kills us, enslave us, or intern us if they had half a chance?


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

And this is why college is a load of crap these days

You put yourself into debt equivalent to a small house for this?

Additionally, the seminar will discuss the “various ways these populations can show up to class/work and be received differently,” with the intent of helping students to “identify pathways to liberation for underrepresented populations in the classroom and in the workplace through authenticity.”\ 
Other intended goals for the teach-in will be to help students “understand how cultural appearance and fashion trends intersect” while gaining “an understanding of how perceptions of traditional and current fashion trends can be oppressive to some individuals.”

So, to recap:  "White" philosophers (like Kant, or Heidegger, or you know, just about EVERY PHILOSOPHER OUT THERE) are no longer taught in philosophy.  Shakespeare is no longer taught in English Literature.  American History is no longer taught in History.  But identifying "pathways to liberation for underrepresented populations" is taught.

What an absolute load of steaming horse shit.  Fuck paying for that worthless crap, you couldn't pay me to sit through it!

More and more, unless we're dealing with hard sciences, a college degree is worth exactly zero to the world, and in many cases, actually hurts your chances of getting a job.

Busy as hell yesterday

Oil change in the Mrs. car and in mine.  Took the Mrs. car in for a recall notice.  Set up my 20 gallon fishtank, because why the hell not?  Daily PT.  And to top it all off, reading a book with a cigar and a Manhattan at the end of the day.

Didn't leave much time for posting.  I'm sure you were all weeping and wailing and gnashing your teeth without me.  Glad to see you're all alive.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

This band looks fun

And from the sounds of it they've got more talent than 90% of last year's Grammy winners.

Oh, these guys are fun.  Apparently it's what happens when a hard-rock group decides to say "Fuck it, why don't we learn THAT instrument?"