Saturday, November 27, 2010

Palin Derangement Syndrome

So, do you think Sandra Bernhard hates Bristol Palin because:

A:  Bristol is a hundred times better looking than Bernhard.
B:  Bristol's mom is a hundred times better looking than Bernhard.
C:  Both Bristol and her mom can pull more attention and bigger audiences than Bernhard.
D:  Neither Bristol or her mom have wasted their lives with cheap vodka and quaaludes, unlike Bernhard.
E:  All of the above.

The ugly, vicious, joyless harpies of the Left spew venom against a 20 year old girl for just being on a show about dancing.  That says more about them than it says about anyone else.  Still, we've come to expect a complete and total lack of class from the Left, and they never disappoint.

Boise State

lost last night.  No, that doesn't make me happy.  And I know a certain ass-hatted fuckstick out of Ohio who's probably running around to all of his friends and going "SEE!  SEE!  I TOLD YOU!"  Of course, that certain ass-hatted fuckstick would shit himself silly if he saw BSU on the schedule for his precious team, which is why that certain ass-hatted fuckstick has not and will not schedule BSU ever.  Ever, ever, ever, even after BSU put out the offer that they'll play anyone, anytime, on the other teams field, and not require a reciprocal trip to Boise.

So Boise State lost to 19th ranked Nevada last night in overtime.  The usual people who hate any non-automatic BCS bid conference are all going to be twittering into their mocha-frapa-cumma-latea and talking about how they all just KNEW that BSU didn't belong in the BCS championship game.  However, in the years between losses that BSU has gone through, they have beaten-

in 2010:
#24 ranked Oregon State
#10 ranked Virginia Tech.

In 2009:
#4 Texas Christian University
#16 Oregon

in 2008, they beat #17 Oregon before losing to #11 TCU in the Pointsetta Bowl.  You have to go back to the bowl season of 2008 to find their last loss.  In the meantime, they've beaten, until last night, every ranked team they've played, plus a whole host of other teams.  And the Ohio State Nutsack wants to badmouth BSU and TCU?

Of course, this could all be settled if the Ohio State Nutless Wonders would schedule BSU for a game.  Any time, any where.  Like BSU has asked all over the country.  But the Ohio State Quivering Bitches ain't gonna do it, because they know, just like Oklahoma knows, just like Oregon knows, just like anyone who's played BSU knows - Boise State belongs on the big stage.  And unlike several major schools such as the Ohio State Ball-Sniffers, Boise State has done it with class and dignity.

So last night BSU lost to a ranked opponent.  As I currently live in Wisconsin right now, let me remind the Ohio State Bedwetters that they got their dick stomped by the Badgers earlier this year.  So just like Boise State, the Ohio State Crybabies lost to a ranked opponent.

And so now, even though I'll still root for BSU, I'm going to be pulling hard for TCU to upend the BSC bandwagon this year, just to listen to the howling screams coming from the automatic qualifying conferences.  Like the Ohio State Mouth Breathers.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Another Busy Day

Hey, I got most of yesterday to relax.  And eat.  The Ragin' Mrs. made an awesome pork trifecta that just blew our collective minds.  A pork loin, butterflied out, our home-made bratwurst cut out of it's casing and spread over the loin, apples chopped up and spread on the bratwurst, then the whole thing rolled up and covered with our own bacon.  Then baked.

People, I can't friggin' tell you just how awesome that was.

Anyways, today we're preparing for the grand opening of Dave's hippy experience.  So lots of prep and baking going on.  Y'all have fun doing whatever you do.  And check out the House of Eratosthenes piece, Liberal Men are wimps who can't handle a real woman.  Which pretty much sums it all up.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Do you make 60k a year?

Then this ought to piss you right the hell off.

Yeah.  Enjoy.  And stock up on that tar and feathers.

The DHS List

Of people who object to getting "gate-raped" at the airport.  Posted by Leonidas at Eternity Road.  It seems that the government wants to find out who is a subject, and who is still a citizen, so that they can punish the citizens.

Are you surprised?  Why?  Look at who is in charge!  They celebrate dictators the world around, what makes you think they actually like or want our current republic?

The Rebuttle

Mr. Porretto says to spread this far and wide.  I don't think it's nasty enough, but here it is.

Yes, we will burn down the house of Progressive Democrats and lay waste to the entire construct of the welfare state. It will be a long, decades-long battle, but we will prevail because we learned the consequences of not teaching our young ourselves. We delegated that to you, and that was our first mistake. We assumed you were honest brokers, but now we know better.

Carthago delenda est.

I accept that's the intellectually lazy response, but I have to work with what you can understand.

My preference is more of a “Thucydides account of the no-mercy overthrow of the oligarchs at Corcyra” type of historical reference.

Either way, I am confident you can deduce the “tone”of my rebuttal.

Any Democrat asking for "peace" or "calm" or any such rot should be told to go outside and play hide-and-go-fuck-themselves in short order.  Period, the end.

Completely tasteless post of the day

So, now the Miley Cyrus is 18, and given her past actions when she was barely legal, how long will it be before we see various nekkid Miley Cyrus pictures on all the paparazzi websites?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Corrupt Crook even more corrupt than first thought

Hang this woman like an albatross around her party for the rest of her miserable, pathetic time in Congress.

The Democrat American Communist Party - making the GOP look good by default, which ain't an easy feat!

TSA Theater Roundup

Instapundit has it.

Still keep your eye on the other hand, folks.

Monday, November 22, 2010

And while the right hand was busy

The Left hand was engaged in spectacular fail.

The failure of Holder’s DoJ to win anything more than a single conspiracy count against Ghailani as a result of using a process designed for domestic criminals than wartime enemies shows that the critics had it right all along. It also shows that both Obama and Holder have been proven spectacularly wrong, since a man who confessed to the murder of over two hundred people will now face no more than 20 years, with a big chunk of whatever sentence Foopie receives being reduced by time already served.

I can't think of both a better way and worse way to refute this Administration's attempt to use the criminal justice system to deal with terrorism.  But they'll never admit it.  Holder should have been fired over a year ago.  Every day brings more evidence that he still needs to be fired, and perhaps charged in dereliction of duty.


I was attending one this weekend.  Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday, but I was rather busy.  In the meantime, how far as the government gone in destroying this country while I was away?

Oh, and Og links to how Airport Security should be done.  Please note that it's about as unlike the TSA as you can possibly get.  But then, Israeli security is actually meant to keep things secure, not expand government control over it's subjects.