Saturday, March 23, 2019

And yet, it will continue on

Victor Davis Hanson:  The Coup has failed.....

But what else do they have to run with?  The Democrats have nothing else to run on.  That talking bag of shit Nadler has been yapping about Russia for two years, and now is trying to find anything and everything he can to take down Trump and his family and his friends and his co-workers and anyone who might have worked for him ten years ago and the guy janitor at Trump tower and so on and so forth.  And the rest of the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party is right along with him, because they have NOTHING that appeals to 90% of America, and thus they can only destroy Trump by any means possible.

Yes, the coup failed.  That doesn't mean they've stopped.  THIS coup failed, but the next one is right around the corner.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Music that shaped me early on

The Manhattan Transfer

I sang dozens of the songs they sang, over and over and over...  I'm sure my parents were just about sick of it, but they let me sing them anyway.....

Compare this to the crap being churned out these days...  phaw.

Ichiro has retired

I moved to Seattle in late 2000, and I was in the ballpark for plenty of games in 2001, his first year in the Major Leagues.  Man, he was awesome to watch.

The Mariners showed class.  Ichiro had "partially retired" last year, but the Mariners kept him on so that he could play his last games in Japan.  I regret that he never got to win a World Series, but he's not the first world-class player who never made it, and he won't be the last.

So long, and smooth sailing, Ichiro.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

I've said this plenty of times

If you're not at the table, you're on the menu.

Normally I say this in the context of military budgets.  If you're not at the table, i.e. the budgetary planning meetings, your share of the pie is going to get gobbled up.  But RedPillJew has another interpretation:

You can go read his entreaty to American Jews at his website. 

I've been mulling this over a bit in my head for some years now.  American Jews vote overwhelmingly Democrat.  Ben Shapiro has stated quite often that many American Jews consider themselves to be "ethnic", not religious Jews.  So they consider themselves to be a group based on their bloodlines, and never set foot inside a temple.

I can remember the protests against the war in Iraq, where Leftists held banners against war, against the USA, against GW Bush, and most especially against Jews.  Caricatures of Jews as hooked-nose monsters, Jews as blood-sucking vampires, and (laughably) Jews as Nazis.  A photo blogger with the nom de cyber of "Zombie" documented such things, with graphic evidence.  Here's just one small example:

For decades, the Democrat party has been embracing anti-Semitism whole-heartedly, and American Jews keep voting for them. 

There's a big part of me that says "Let them get what they vote for, and let them get it good and hard."  The new Democrat Darlings, Ilhan Omar, Rancid Tlaib, and the de-facto Speaker of the House Alexandria Ocasio-Chavez are as anti-Semitic as they come, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

And American Jews vote Democrat by overwhelming margins.

RedPillJew is correct:  Sit at the table or be on the menu.  I just don't think that American Jews, by and large, are willing to understand that.  For all the vaunted Jewish intelligence, they keep voting for people who hate them, and will eventually be run out yet again by uncivilized barbarians hellbent on murder.  And this time, it will be because they refused to see the danger even though they had not only plenty of warning, but an entire political party pleading with them to abandon their head-long rush into annihilation. 

Fox News is on the way to becoming yet another Cuck-driven dumpster fire

How in the hell do you hire Donna Brazile, Fox?  How?  Just who the hell do you think is giving you your good ratings?  Do we need yet another DNC plant to lecture us on how we're a bunch of white homophobic nazis who rape women and then stop them from getting abortions?

How in the hell do you hire a woman who gave debate questions to Hillary Clinton and got fired from CNN as a result?  Is Fox news in such dire straits that they need to pick up the cast-offs from a network that is essentially the DNC propaganda organ?  A DNC propaganda organ who fired Brazile for being too in the tank for the Democrats!  Ugh.

Fox News is going to give a masterclass in how to destroy a brand. Those of us who used to consume Fox News Channel cannot even go to Fox Business Network since the bigwigs have threatened to have her on there too. It’s groovy Fox. You don’t want us. We don’t want you either. We will take our eyeballs, our clicks and our ad dollars and go elsewhere. Somewhere we are loved and respected.

Well said, Mrs. Williams.

Might I suggest One America News Network?  They seem to understand that being Democrat-Lite isn't a winning proposition. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Perique is a type of tobacco made only in Louisiana.  The short story is that they grow the tobacco in one particular location, then process it by marinating it in its own juice.  The end result is a tobacco that is extremely peppery and flavorful.

The Crescent City Cigar Shop has a house blend cigar that is made using Perique tobacco.  It's rather delightful.  I'm enjoying it right now with a good single malt.

Apropos of that, it's rather nice to be home.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Homosexuality in religion

Here's a rather good summation of why SJWs are destroying religion and churches in America.

They don’t want only to be accepted in a congregation–that acceptance is reality throughout the nation–they want everyone to agree with their abolishment of the sin of homosexuality.  Yet even that is not enough.  They want to be universally praised for their courage and virtue in living the very sin they seek to abolish, and they want everyone else to pay for it. 
Those with doctrinal arguments with a given denomination can easily seek another congregation, or another denomination. In so doing, they force nothing on others, they take none of their resources, and their fidelity in following God’s word is between them and God.  But those who seek to transform a congregation, the beliefs of a denomination, or of Christianity, by force, will quickly discover the real meaning of disapproval, and like us all, will have to answer to God. 
This is personal weakness and socialist politics. It’s not wise to try to include God in that.

Any church that openly embraces homosexuality is going to eventually fail.  You cannot claim to be a house of God while simultaneously endorsing the very actions that God has called a sin.   The Episcopal Church threw their lot in with homosexuality, and divorced themselves from God in order to do so.  The Episcopal Church used to have quite a bit of clout in America.  Nowadays, they're spending more to maintain empty churches than they are taking in through tithing.  The Social Justice Warriors love the Episcopal Church now, but that does't translate into people actually going to church.  The love of modern society is ephemeral and meaningless.  The love of God is solid as a rock and unchanging, because God is unchanging.

When you divorce yourself from God in order to embrace modern society, the result is death.  The Methodists just ducked that bullet, but if they don't remain strong they'll suffer the same fate.

The Catholic Church in America is also dying off for much the same reason.  Vatican 2 essentially turned Catholic Churches into protestant ones, and if there's no real difference in how you treat God, people will just....  drift away.  Couple that with an onslaught of effeminate gay priests, and you have a recipe for driving people out of the pews in droves.  Men will not take their families to be lectured to by a lisping, limp-wristed Social Justice Warrior.

It should come as no surprise that the fastest growing areas in the Catholic Church, the ONLY areas that are experiencing growth, are the traditional orders.  Masses in Latin.  Nuns in habits.  Love of God, clearly expressed and modern SJW morals rejected.  There's a lesson there, if anyone cares to learn it.

Oh my....

Shot fired.

UNAUTHORIZED.TV will soon be accessible on over 1000 devices including iOS devices, Android devices, MACs, PCs, streaming media boxes such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Nexus Player.

Technofascist shitwads like YouTube and Twitter have outright banned enough people for the simple fact of being conservative that folks are just building their own networks now.  Why post on YouTube when you know that they'll do everything they can to shut you down for your political views?

Good.  Fuck YouTube.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

I'm sorry Mr. Fernandez, but we've crossed that Rubicon already

Richard Fernandez writes about the massacre in Christchurch, and attempts to warn foolish people who won't listen:

But perhaps the absolute worst thing politicians can do is respond by collecting guns, imposing hate speech restrictions, and announcing open borders.  In the current atmosphere of distrust toward authority, such actions can destroy the only asset a state faced with ethnic conflict has: the public belief that it is above the fray and won't sell anyone out. That quantity can itself run out and therein lies the danger.

The public belief that the government is above the fray and won't sell anyone out?  I'll pause here for the laughter to die down.

The FBI was aware of Steele's "sources" but still used the dossier to convince a FISA judge to issue a warrant against Trump campaign aide Carter Page.  That the FBI has, to this day, refused to verify the authenticity of the information in the dossier is not surprising.  A document as flawed as this should never have been presented to a FISA court as justification for granting a warrant to spy on Carter Page.  It makes the FBI look ridiculous. 
Many on the left still take the dossier as gospel and refer to it as if it were relevant.  It isn't.  It was a political smear job, paid for by Democrats, that Steele passed on to a former aide to GOP presidential candidate John McCain, who gave it to BuzzFeed, who then posted it. 

The one and only thing the government seems to be good at is screwing over the average American for someone else's benefit.  I don't have any belief that the US Government won't sell me out.  Based on past actions, I have every faith in the world that the US Government will sell us out in a red hot minute the moment it has the opportunity, and it is only the threat of armed resistance that prevents them from doing so immediately. 

Does that seem pessimistic?  Then ask yourself why the US government refuses to stop the flood of illegal immigrants into this country despite there being an overwhelming percentage of the population that wants our immigration laws enforced.

Because the US Government doesn't give a shit about you, you're nothing but an inconvenience.  They won't have to deal with the end results of illegal criminals flooding THEIR communities.  They won't have to deal with the crime and the drugs and the deaths and the kidnappings and the sex trafficking.

Wait - they probably WANT the sex trafficking, because too many of them are degenerate perverts.  If they allow the illegal aliens to bring their child sex slaves into America then they can satisfy their lusts here at home instead of having to fly to the Dominican Republic.  Right, Senator Menendez from New Jersey?

The people currently infesting Washington D.C. don't want to live with you, they want to rule over you.  And with that as their goal, they will abandon you to the wolves at the first opportunity.  They'll screw you over in a heartbeat and walk away smiling.  And as has been proven by the 2016 election, the government is not above the fray, they are not looking out for the country's best interests, and they are not above abusing their power in pursuit of a political goal.  In fact, they absolutely DO abuse their power for political goals, and will do so again.