Saturday, February 12, 2005


Fwance gets a lesson in real life!

Personally, I would love to see them keep their 35 hour work week. That way Fwance would collapse all the sooner, and I could go piss on what remained of that country.


North Korea has nukes. Big surprise. They've been trumpeting the fact that they were building them for a while, which caused the liberals in this country all kinds of conniption fits, screaming about how it was Bush's fault that the Norks were building a bomb. Of course, these same liberals were just too fucking blind and stupid to look back at the past decade and see that it was Clinton, Carter, and Albright who removed certain key sanctions from North Korea and even gave them food and money all during the 90's.

Oh, and nuclear material. Can't forget the nuclear material for North Korea's "peaceful" light water nuclear power plant.

People wonder why I regard the Democrats with such disgust. It's because there's never been a communist dictator that the Democrats won't bend over backwards to please, even if it means ignoring everything that dictator said or did in his lifetime. It's the actions of the Democrat's leadership that has me convinced that they're nothing but gutless communists, just looking for a way to turn this country into yet another communist hellhole. The only reason I can think of for Jimmy Carter's fawning adulation of Fidel Castro is that he admires what Cuba has become, and wants it to happen in the states. That means a tattered economy, poverty, murder and torture of political dissidents, and absolute power in the hands of just one man. Yeah, I think ol' Jimmah gets wood just thinking about that. And I know that William Jefferson "You shore got a purdy mouth" Clinton would love nothing more than to be in absolute control. Hillary scares me even more. I'm sure you all remember her speech..... "We're going to have to take things from you for the common good", while she stands alongside the California communists that are her spiritual and real partners in Congress. Hillary with absolute power would be this country's demise. The woman hungers for power like most people hunger for food. She would be a tyrant for the worst sort.

But I digress.... North Korea, and it's nuclear weapons were the topic of the day, yes? The problem with North Korea, like all other communist shitholes, is that it's dictator is unstable, genocidal, and filled with delusions of grandeur. There's nothing more dangerous than a psycho who expects to have all his demands met immediately, and who thinks nothing of mass homicide as a way to rule a country. But, thanks to the Democrats, that's what we're faced with today. We do have leverage in a few forms.

One - the nuclear option. Tell the little shitty rat bastards that if we so much as see a missile come out of North Korean airspace, his entire fucking country soon becomes flat, glowing, and unable to support life for the next 10,000 years. Give nukes to Japan and South Korea, and watch China shit itself silly getting the Nork Elvis wanna-be under control.

Two - China: China knows that if any conflict occurs between North Korea and either South Korea or the USA (or both), China would soon have a new neighbor to the south, and they would be wearing the Stars and Stripes on their sleeves. There's also the possibility of arming South Korea and Japan with nukes for self defense. China REALLY doesn't want that. China also doesn't want to have a radioactive plain right against their border. China also happens to be the main reason that North Korea is still alive, for if it weren't for the food and fuel that China provides, North Korea would fall apart. Putting pressure on China to rein in their little poodle can be pretty damn productive.

Three (and the Democrat's favorite option) Complete capitulation. Not a damn chance, even if the Democratic party does love nothing more than to roll over and take it up the poop chute from a communist dictator. The day that the Democrats force us to capitulate to a communist is the day you see armed revolution from the sane people in this country.

Four: A ground war. And it would make Iraq look like a training exercise. I've been stationed in Korea, and I wouldn't want to fight a ground war there for all the gold in Ft. Knox. Brutal climate, steep mountains, and an enemy who's dug themselves in for fifty years. All combined, we would suffer more casualties in the first day that we have in the entire Iraqi campaign.

Not to many options now, is it? When Clinton allowed North Korea to start working on a nuke, he took away pretty much every other option we had. The Democrats are squarely to blame for the clusterfuck in Asia right now, because if they hadn't been in bed with damn near every communist cocksucker they could find, North Korea wouldn't have been able to work on building a bomb in 1993, or 1994, or 1995, or..... you get the point. So now that the Democrats have fucked this country over YET AGAIN, they now sit on their thumbs and shriek about why Bush isn't doing anything about North Korea.

We CAN'T do anything, you fucking traitors. You've screwed us into a position where we can either blow up North Korea or pray that China regains some little sanity and does it for us.

Let's hope that Bush continues to push China on this issue. There's scant else we can do without another war, and I guarantee that war would be much bloodier, nastier, and brutal than anything this country has seen since the last time a Democrat got us involved in Southeast Asia.

Friday, February 11, 2005

It doesn't get...

...a whole lot more heavy-handed than this. Reading what's in the right margin almost makes me feel sorry for the time-frozen sonofagun.

( oops - found on DANEgerus )

If you push me again...'re gonna go.

This guy...

...whom we first met at John Kerry for President? You Must Be Joking, is driving six hours to take his daughter to see Dora The Explorer. Now that's love.

In a related matter, it is now over one year and one day since we last posted at KerryWatch. Mwuahahahahaaa!

So long, Shit-for-Brains!

Regarding a Dead Journalist

*** This is an old post, originally posted Monday, August 18, 2003. Michelle Malkin recently linked to it because it seems germane to the claim made by CNN's Eason Jordan that US troops target journalists in Iraq for killin'. Interesting, too, that it (coincidentally) mentioned Abu Ghraib well before anyone knew about Abu Ghraib. I worked hard on that post, too - it is the kind of thing that would have gotten me on MSNBC, had blogs been big back then - hard hitting stuff! =wink= These days, alas, no time to really research posts, so I just regurge. Pathetic. ***

Reuters cameraman Mazen Dana was shot dead by a US tank in Bahgdad this Sunday. Reuters paints the picture as follows:
U.S. troops shot dead an award-winning Reuters cameraman while he was filming on Sunday near a U.S.-run prison on the outskirts of Baghdad.

Eyewitnesses said soldiers on an American tank shot at Mazen Dana, 43, as he filmed outside Abu Ghraib prison in western Baghdad which had earlier come under a mortar attack.

Dana's last pictures show a U.S. tank driving toward him outside the prison walls. Several shots ring out from the tank, and Dana's camera falls to the ground.

The U.S. military acknowledged on Sunday that its troops had "engaged" a Reuters cameraman, saying they had thought his camera was a rocket propelled grenade launcher.

Several international media consortiums and (Dana was Palestinian) the "Palestinian street" are not so sure. They want a full investigation into the incident. I imagine the levelheaded among them just want to know what happened, the Leftist among them imagine some hyped-up GI getting his jollies by shooting someone, and the rabid among them imagine President Bush himself ordering all Arab-looking people shot ASAP.

Below appear a few pictures. Look at them, then ask yourself if the Pentagon's version of what happened makes sense - if maybe the guys in the tank thought they were about to be fired upon with a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher or RPG.

Dana with his camera

Soldier with an Eastern bloc RPO-A

Soldier with a Soviet-made RPG-22

The RPO-A, it should be noted, is akin to a flamethrower. I doubt whomever is fighting the US in Iraq has them. It was, however, the only picture I could find of someone holding a shoulder-mounted weapon in the same stance and angle as Dana in his picture.

So - you're in a tank. Every other day, some soldier gets killed or wounded by an RPG or other shoulder-fired rocket attack. You're looking for bad guys, and you see a man with a device on his shoulder peeking around a corner. The device has a round aperture in the front and it is pointed at you.

What do you do?

Bush-Hitler Art Project Wins High School Award

Not much to say about this one.

The Antiprotester Journal

Dem Dopey Dems

Someone got convicted.

They were supposed to have canvassed black neighborhoods and recorded names of potential voters to be contacted later to vote in the Nov. 7 election. And they were paid by the number of cards they filled out.

Instead of knocking on doors, however, they sat down at a fast-food restaurant and wrote out names and information from an outdated voter list.

Democrats committing election fraud. Who knew?

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Reason #1 I won't live in Mass.

The sheer violation of my rights as an American.

Go check that out. The police in Brookline, MA have complete discretion on who gets gun permits and who doesn't. Gee, seeing as how quite a large chunk of Mass is a liberal infested hellhole, guess how many permits get issued?

Yeah. Guess what, folks...... I used to be an MP. I've seen the action from the police side of an incident. And the fastest that I was ever able to get to a scene after we recieved a 9-1-1 call was three or four minutes. And that's going Code three, lights and sirens, blowing stoplights and making Tony Stewart look like an old fogey on a Sunday drive while the radio dispatcher listened to a hysterical woman being beaten severely by her drunken husband over the phone..

How much damage can a criminal inflict in three minutes? A hell of a lot. Give a mugger ten seconds and your jaw might be broken. Or your arm. Some drughead who's hopped up on goofballs can break your arm before the cops are even notified. The only thing that can protect you is YOU. Too often, cops show up in time to take a report, but they CANNOT PROTECT YOU. You, with a gun in your hand, are the best protection you can have.

But the cops in Brookline don't care.

And by the way, folks - The police HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO PROTECT YOU. Go check out Kevin Baker's research - it's on the left hand side of the blog under Is the Government Responsible for Your Protection?

Read both parts one and two. And be very, very scared. And then go buy a pistol and hit the range.

Old Computer and Electronic Equipment - Avoiding Heavy Handed Legislation by Democrats

Here is an issue I think we should own. Have you ever tried to get rid of consumer electronic or computer equipment once it's no longer of use to you or (it seems) anyone else? There are many parts of a computer that simply have to die before you chuck them and then there are people who throw the tower and monitor (if for no other reason than it went with the tower originally) in the dumpster when the new one comes. There are environmental arguments against doing that. To me it's just a damned waste. There are parts of those machines that can be reused and or resold. On the consumer electronics side, I've purchased 2 27 inch televisions in 2 years and both took a crap one year after I bought them. I asked around and all I found for local disposal was the City Dump. Who knows what they are doing with them. What should happen? Hands should be busy working to dismantel this stuff. There is a decent amount of plastic, glass, and metals in this equipment that could be separated, sorted, melted down, and resold. Any element that can not be reclaimed and is too sensitive to dispose of in a dump can be turned over to the do gooders for proper destruction and or least collected in one location. What happens to cars that we're finished with? Most times we take them to a junk yard, though some may choose the impound or simply to abandon the automobile though they probably end up in the junk yard that route as well.

In my online investigation of the subject matter, I came across this:

National PC Recycling Plan Proposed, Again
Two U.S. Representatives have resuscitated a bill to enact a national recycling program for electronic waste, following the successful launch of two state-run programs.
The bill, co-authored by Reps. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) and Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) last week, would create the National Computer Recycling Act. The act, if approved by Congress and signed into law, would tack on a $10 administrative fee to the sale price of computers and monitors to fund recycling efforts.

Notice where the focus is? On the sale of this equipment. One piece of equipment can get sold again and again over it's life. The things only get created once. The article continues:

The goal is to establish a national standard for e-cycling efforts, overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency. Currently, the issue is handled at the state level, with efforts by Maine and California leading the way.

However, the bill marks the third time that Thompson has attempted to push forward recycling legislation. In 2003, Thompson tried to enact a similar bill that also assessed a $10 fee, tacking on a clause that would exempt the sale of used computers between individuals. A spokesman confirmed that the text of the NCRA is the same as H.R. 1165, which died in committee during the 108th Congress.

This is why we should own the issue. What these two Democrats are trying to do is to micro manage every aspect of the handling of computer equipment ensuring a gigantic Governmental bureaucracy to force people into doing the right thing. There is an alternative. I know several people who recycle every single can and bottle they get their hands on. They go so far as to walk the roads and pick them up. Why? Because they get money for them. I don't throw out the old car starter because I paid a core charge at the store and I want the money. Do the same for the pc parts and consumer electronics. I could see numerous computer/electronics recycling centers throughout the country springing up in response....creating private sector jobs and ensuring that a problem is solved in a way that promotes freedom and opportunity while denying big-government loving Democrat pols a mega-program that will leach off of taxpayer money and oppresively restrict commerce.

Monday, February 07, 2005


Using methamphetamine can make your teeth fall out.

Tomorrow: Potato Chip Diets - They Can Plump You Up!


Using methamphetamine can make your teeth fall out.

Tomorrow: Potato Chip Diets - They Can Plump You Up!


Using methamphetamine can make your teeth fall out.

Tomorrow: Potato Chip Diets - They Can Plump You Up!


Using methamphetamine can make your teeth fall out.

Tomorrow: Potato Chip Diets - They Can Plump You Up!


I want!

I've always wondered why Marlin stopped producing the Camp 45. It was the only rifle made to accompany the 1911, and for years people bought it for that simple reason. Then Marlin cut off production, and lots of .45 ACP owners were left in the loop. Of course, this being America, it just took a little time for people to notice the vacume in the free market, and come up with a product to fill it. Somebody at the Marlin HQ needs a good swift kick in the head for not grabbing an opportunity and running with it.

And it's made for more calibers than just .45 ACP. This could be a very nice thing indeed. The Mech-Tech CCU.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Feast

1548 Eastern : We're eating egg rolls now.

1640 Eastern : Tortilla chips with bean dip. Shrimp are steaming.

1715 Eastern : Shrimps, cheese fries. Starting to bloat.

1739 Eastern : Cheese fries gone. Shrimps weren't very good. Pork chili is about a half hour off.

I think this game will be decided in the first quarter. The Eagles will arrive full of adrenalin, the Patriots all business. The key will be whether the Eagles use their adrenalin to fuel big plays or whether it uses them to make big mistakes. I look for all of the game's key turnovers to happen early on - whether the Eagles commit them or force them will decide the Super Bowl.

1809 Eastern : Chili is up now. Fresh cilantro really makes the grade. Yeah. And a bottle of Chianti just opened. Let's get it started.

1820 Eastern : Near-showtime. Hey now!

2101 Eastern : Death grip defensive football. Who will make the first mistake?

2111 Eastern: Looks like the money is on New England - hard to miss a pick play THAT obvious.