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Saturday, February 12, 2005


North Korea has nukes. Big surprise. They've been trumpeting the fact that they were building them for a while, which caused the liberals in this country all kinds of conniption fits, screaming about how it was Bush's fault that the Norks were building a bomb. Of course, these same liberals were just too fucking blind and stupid to look back at the past decade and see that it was Clinton, Carter, and Albright who removed certain key sanctions from North Korea and even gave them food and money all during the 90's.

Oh, and nuclear material. Can't forget the nuclear material for North Korea's "peaceful" light water nuclear power plant.

People wonder why I regard the Democrats with such disgust. It's because there's never been a communist dictator that the Democrats won't bend over backwards to please, even if it means ignoring everything that dictator said or did in his lifetime. It's the actions of the Democrat's leadership that has me convinced that they're nothing but gutless communists, just looking for a way to turn this country into yet another communist hellhole. The only reason I can think of for Jimmy Carter's fawning adulation of Fidel Castro is that he admires what Cuba has become, and wants it to happen in the states. That means a tattered economy, poverty, murder and torture of political dissidents, and absolute power in the hands of just one man. Yeah, I think ol' Jimmah gets wood just thinking about that. And I know that William Jefferson "You shore got a purdy mouth" Clinton would love nothing more than to be in absolute control. Hillary scares me even more. I'm sure you all remember her speech..... "We're going to have to take things from you for the common good", while she stands alongside the California communists that are her spiritual and real partners in Congress. Hillary with absolute power would be this country's demise. The woman hungers for power like most people hunger for food. She would be a tyrant for the worst sort.

But I digress.... North Korea, and it's nuclear weapons were the topic of the day, yes? The problem with North Korea, like all other communist shitholes, is that it's dictator is unstable, genocidal, and filled with delusions of grandeur. There's nothing more dangerous than a psycho who expects to have all his demands met immediately, and who thinks nothing of mass homicide as a way to rule a country. But, thanks to the Democrats, that's what we're faced with today. We do have leverage in a few forms.

One - the nuclear option. Tell the little shitty rat bastards that if we so much as see a missile come out of North Korean airspace, his entire fucking country soon becomes flat, glowing, and unable to support life for the next 10,000 years. Give nukes to Japan and South Korea, and watch China shit itself silly getting the Nork Elvis wanna-be under control.

Two - China: China knows that if any conflict occurs between North Korea and either South Korea or the USA (or both), China would soon have a new neighbor to the south, and they would be wearing the Stars and Stripes on their sleeves. There's also the possibility of arming South Korea and Japan with nukes for self defense. China REALLY doesn't want that. China also doesn't want to have a radioactive plain right against their border. China also happens to be the main reason that North Korea is still alive, for if it weren't for the food and fuel that China provides, North Korea would fall apart. Putting pressure on China to rein in their little poodle can be pretty damn productive.

Three (and the Democrat's favorite option) Complete capitulation. Not a damn chance, even if the Democratic party does love nothing more than to roll over and take it up the poop chute from a communist dictator. The day that the Democrats force us to capitulate to a communist is the day you see armed revolution from the sane people in this country.

Four: A ground war. And it would make Iraq look like a training exercise. I've been stationed in Korea, and I wouldn't want to fight a ground war there for all the gold in Ft. Knox. Brutal climate, steep mountains, and an enemy who's dug themselves in for fifty years. All combined, we would suffer more casualties in the first day that we have in the entire Iraqi campaign.

Not to many options now, is it? When Clinton allowed North Korea to start working on a nuke, he took away pretty much every other option we had. The Democrats are squarely to blame for the clusterfuck in Asia right now, because if they hadn't been in bed with damn near every communist cocksucker they could find, North Korea wouldn't have been able to work on building a bomb in 1993, or 1994, or 1995, or..... you get the point. So now that the Democrats have fucked this country over YET AGAIN, they now sit on their thumbs and shriek about why Bush isn't doing anything about North Korea.

We CAN'T do anything, you fucking traitors. You've screwed us into a position where we can either blow up North Korea or pray that China regains some little sanity and does it for us.

Let's hope that Bush continues to push China on this issue. There's scant else we can do without another war, and I guarantee that war would be much bloodier, nastier, and brutal than anything this country has seen since the last time a Democrat got us involved in Southeast Asia.

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