Saturday, January 15, 2005


If you don't like watching a liberal fuckhead getting a new asshole torn into him by someone who actually knows that their talking about, then don't go here.

By the way, I think it's safe to say that the Columbia Journalism Review can simply be called "A Fucking Joke" and left at that. Any hint of professionalism or respect that the CJR might have attained in the past is gone.

G. O. N. E. All caps. Bold. Underlined. GONE Rating no higher than toilet paper in it's usefulness.

I must have missed this in US History

I guess there are some people who want to think that Abraham Lincoln was gay.

What proof do they have of that? Hell if I know. They talk about his "profound depressions", yada yada yada. A whole bunch of psyco-babble that doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Seriously, what proof do they have that Lincoln was gay? Their discussions about depression and his "strange relations"? Sorry folks, but if all you have to go on is historical records that you try to analyze with your psycotherapy bullshit, you don't have squat.

Here's what I know - Abe Lincoln was married and fathered children with his wife. If you want to figure out why he was so depressed, why don't you try this on for size:

Up until he became president, Lincoln's political career was a history of failure. He lost more elections than he won, by a large margin. In fact, his political career was rather short until he became president.

Once president, he presided over the bloodiest war in American history. THE BLOODIEST. And it was in part due to his refusal to allow slavery in this country. Imagine being responsible for the deaths of thousands upon thousands of your fellow citizens, over an ideal that wasn't all that popular in much of the country.

These liberal fuckwits can't even figure out why over half of this country voted for George Bush, and yet they want us to simply accept their assertions that Lincoln was gay? No, I don't think so. I need much better proof than "Oh, I just know these things." If there's anything that's been proven in the past few years, it's that there's nothing more unreliable than a leftist with an agenda. And yes, I include Andrew Sullivan in that catagory. I don't care what the asshole said a few years ago, he's nothing but another leftist idiot full of sound and fury. His crusade to prove that Lincoln was gay, along with his crusade against President Bush, as well as a number of his other crusades, have pretty much ripped that veil wide open. He might be conservative back in his home country, but he's nothing but another hack in this one. Sorry Sully, you're a fucking moron. I calls it as I sees it.

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Friday, January 14, 2005

Tremendous stuff...

...from Lee at Right Thinking from the Left Coast.

Street Style

Check out your fellow Americans hype in ghetto gear.

The Army Met It's FY2004 Recruiting Goals

Just in case some Moore-on tells you otherwise:

For the fifth year in a row, the U.S. Army Recruiting Command hit its fiscal year active-duty and Reserve recruiting goals.
As of Sept. 27 (2004) , the command brought in 77,587 active Army recruits against a Department of the Army mission of 77,000, and 21,278 Reserve recruits against a 21,000 requirement.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Vermont high school hoops game nets seven points


The Poor Man

Or so they say.

It's great that the nice left-wing billionaires gave us all this money, but it's a fucking sad commentary on the state of liberal politics that we have to rely on sympathetic billionaires for support. I'm not sure that there's an endless supply of sympathetic billionaires out there to prop us up.


Moonbats' Delight

And just because

If CBS news ran a story that said the sky was blue, the sun rose in the East and set in the West, and that birds typically build nests in trees...

I'd go out to check for myself before I believed it.

CBS. Credibility Been Shredded. If it weren't for CSI I wouldn't watch CBS at all. As it is, I don't watch any kind of news they put out. Anyone checked out that report of theirs? Mike did. It's laughable at best.

And Cox and Forkum sum it up rather well.


Hate Speech?

Maybe the reason the Left screams about hate speech so much is because they're so familiar with it.

Job Hunting

Yep, that's the order of the day. Sorry about the lack of ranting and spittle flinging diatribes, but when one must pay the rent while being unemployed, one must choose their priorities. Blog or hunt for work? Hmmmmm...

I love yous guys, but I gotta get paid.

However, I did have an interview today and it looked pretty promising. Nothing fancy, just restaurant work, but if I get picked up by the AGR next month I want a job where I don't feel bad about saying "Sorry, gotta go".

In other news, there's a country who doesn't want the USA to help with tsunami relief. I guess they don't want their good muslim slaves to be polluted by the freedom loving Americans or something like that. Fine and dandy. I say pull out right now, and let their moon god answer their prayers. Let's go where we are wanted. There are plenty of other countries that could use our help, we don't need to waste our time aiding a bunch of ignorant psyco-religious fuckwits.

Anywho, I'm off to fill out more applications. See ya round.

Like Fertilizer to Stupid

Old Oliver Willis has thrown a ram because he suspects that many conservative columnists (and bloggers) have been or are being paid to wax favorable about Republicans.

Hmmm. So what surfaces today?

On Dean’s campaign, we paid Markos and Jerome Armstrong as consultants, largely in order to ensure that they said positive things about Dean. We paid them over twice as much as we paid two staffers of similar backgrounds, and they had several other clients.

While they ended up also providing useful advice, the initial reason for our outreach was explicitly to buy their airtime. To be very clear, they never committed to supporting Dean for the payment -- but it was very clearly, internally, our goal.

"Screw 'em!" Zuniga was on the Dean Dole? The mind boggles.

I like this little tidbit:

Imagine Howard Dean hiring Maureen Dowd!
Surrre. Why buy the cow when the milk is free, eh?

zonkette: Financially Interested Blogging

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

This is amazing

An absolute MUST READ.

.:DANEgerus Weblog:.

Common Sense Election Reform

I've come to admire the contributions of Almiranta, a regular contributor to the comments at Blogs For Bush. Recently she submitted a post on election reform that fits perfectly the title I've chosen for this blog entry. I sent her an email asking if I could share her thoughts here on the 4. I present it as she sent it to me. Thanks, Almiranta!

It is clear that voting in this country is a mess. Partly by intent, as in the fraud apparent in Washington. Partly by simple human error. Partly by political wrangling to try to get as many people registered as possible if that demographic appears to be favorable to that particular party.

I’d really like to see a serious effort in the next two years to clean up the voter registration mess, as a start. Maybe one way to do this would be to send a letter to every registered voter, informing him/her that this registration must be renewed within a certain period of time, by filling out and returning a form, to be kept on the books. As the notices would be sent to the supposedly legal residences of the registered voters, this would be a first step in weeding out the fake addresses.

Further, each renewal of voter registration would contain information that providing false information to register someone who does not meet the criteria of a registered voter is a felony, punishable by jail time and/or substantial fines. This would eliminate the claim that “I didn’t know it was wrong” to register, or vote, if the person is not a citizen, or is a felon, etc.

While these steps would still leave some wiggle room for serious manipulators, I think they would week out a lot of those who registered for a pack of smokes, or—in the Dems’ case—a hit of crack. If the notices could not be forwarded, but everyone knew they were being sent out, then legitimate voters who had moved could go to their new precincts to register there. Oops—that’s already what we do.

And dump Motor Voter. Now. If you can’t haul your heinie down to register, then you can’t vote. Simple.

Voting is one of our most treasured rights and privileges, and to see it made meaningless by various levels of fraud and manipulation, without rousing the ire of EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN REGARDLESS OF PARTY AFFILIATION is mind-boggling.

Another area that MUST be corrected is absentee voting. I don’t have enough information to take an educated stand on the new trend to allow early voting, but clearly the concept of absentee voting has to be tweaked. Why allow it all if they are not opened? It seems that the reality of so-called absentee voting now is “If you’re not here, you don’t vote”.

So every absentee ballot HAS to be sent out in time to be returned properly. The fact that some people didn’t get theirs in time has been mentioned in passing, as a reason for the votes not being counted. I think that topic alone deserves a lot of attention. How about some accountability here? How can the person responsible for getting these ballots sent out be exonerated from any responsibility for corrupting the voting process? And then each ballot returned has to be opened, and each validly cast vote counted. It should not matter if a winner has been chosen in that state. It should not matter if the vote cannot possibly make a difference in the electoral college vote of that state. With the new attention to the popular vote, no vote should be discarded.

We need to count every single ballot that has been correctly executed to indicate, unambiguously, a vote. Read that again. We do not need to count every ballot, We cannot, MAY NOT, count any ballot that is ambiguous. But we must count every true VOTE—that is, every ballot which has been executed according to the rules, clearly, to indicate a vote, by a legally registered voter, submitted in accordance with the law.

For all the whining about “disenfranchisement” I don’t hear anyone complaining that I, an American citizen, duly registered, and competent enough to execute my ballot in a manner that transforms it into a valid vote, have probably been “disenfranchised” by either an illegal alien vote canceling mine out, or by one which was “interpreted” in a manner which cancelled mine out, in spite of showing to clear preference at all.

Instead of all the beating of breasts and tearful made-for-television dramas about being “disenfranchised” because a voter thought passing a traffic stop on the way to the voting booth was “intimidation” or any other such silly poppycock, how about paying attention to the people who really CAN vote, who really DID vote, who got cancelled out by fraud?

Oh, and if you can’t read a ballot and execute your vote correctly, then it is not my fault. Or anyone else’s.

Then we can start to address human error.


BTW, of the 2000 or so complaints registered with the Florida Election Commission after the 2000 election, only one was a complaint that a woman thought she had been denied the right to vote because she was black—or any other color. However, in a race-related note, several Haitians complained they could not vote because there were no translators there to read them the ballots. As was pointed out to me by a friend who plans to apply for citizenship, you have to be able to speak English to be naturalized. Her parents are studying English right now, in anticipation of their citizenship test. Why were these people complaining that the only thing keeping them from voting was a failure on the part of the state of Florida to provide translators? Shouldn’t it have been that they were not ELIGIBLE to vote because they were not citizens?

The GOP needs to present legislation very similar to what Almiranta has so eloquently espoused about the time Flipper craps his let-fraud-count election reform bill into congressional record.

Heil Harry

This is an instant headshaker.

Gun ballistic fingerprints

You've heard about that, right? It involves taking a round fired from a gun and keeping it on file so that any crimes committed with that gun can be tracked down.

Well, it doesn't work. Anyone familiar with firearms could tell you that. First of all, the marks left by the barrel change over time as the gun is fired. If you shoot quite a bit, it changes even faster. My gun has had well over 1000 rounds put through it since I got it, and if you were to compare a round from my first range session to a round from my last, the marks would be different. And that's just one example out of many.

And people are finally admitting it.

Thank god SOME people see the light.

I know how he feels

Dok Russia had that special kind of night that makes hospital employees the most cynical bastards on the face of the earth.

I generally do not mind people screwing their own lives up. It is still a free country (for the most part). If you want to destroy your liver with alcohol, and fry your nose and brain on coke, then I don't care. I really don't. At least I wouldn't if you would at least have the decency to pay for the resuscitation that is going to be required when your habit makes your heart lock up on your 27th birthday like an engine that you forgot to put oil into for the past twenty thousand miles. Still, I can generally laugh and point and make fun of the people who think that they are too special to get hooked on drugs, and then finds themselves giving blowjobs for a $5 chunk of rock.

But I am ready to start slitting throats when your bad habits condemn innocent kids to Fetal alcohol syndrome, prematurity, addiction in utero and all of those other things that set up another, innnocent human being for a very tough life before they even get a chance to draw their first gasp of air. I was standing there, looking at this disease-ridden, alcoholic cokehead, who refused to get sterilized, and wanted to take that pillow and smother her face with it. I know that as doctors we are suppossed to have some sort of superhuman patience and acceptance of our fellow man.

Sorry, but No. I do not have, nor do I want, the patience and acceptance to ever find something like that anything but revolting and disgusting. No. I will not ever, ever look at behavior like that and just let it pass with the whole "none of us are perfect"/ "we are all God's children"/ "who am I to judge?" platitudes, or any crap like that. There is a fucking world of difference between being flawed and fucking over your own children because you are too selfish to either get off the booze and drugs, or stop being a slut.

Anyway, I resisted the impulse to smash her face in with a defibrillator, and did my job.

Some people have asked me why I seem like such a heartless bastard. Folks, I have pity on those who truly need help. But when you screw over yourself, you're on your own. And these people don't just screw themselves, they screw EVERYBODY over with their actions.

And then they whine and bitch when they don't get their way for the hundredth time. Piss on 'em. I'd rather clean their corpses out of the street than pay for another antibiotic for their next STD.

Good one....

...from Michael Ramirez Editorial Cartoons.

Some loony Lefties are going to close their web sites on Inauguration Day

Here's the image they will display instead:

Jeepers. Can we get Oliver Willis (like Mirror to Stupid) to do that every day?

See at Right Thinking from the Left Coast.

Atlanta Golf Club Sparks Battle Over Gay Rights

Yahoo! News

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Coeur d'Alene


For some people, that word isn't really comforting, but for me it never fails to put a smile on my face. For the four years that I lived in Seattle, that city was never "home". The apartments and houses that I lived in were never "home". I never said "Let's head home", I said "Let's head back to the house".

Home was a forest covered hillside next to a city 300 miles away.

But now, I can say it. I'm home.

However, in typical fashion for me, I don't know how long I'll be here. The Army has several slots open for Active Guard and Reserve, and I've gotten my packet together to see if they'll accept me. If they do, there's a good chance that I'll be sent somewhere else for a while. But it's something I can accept if it helps me get my life on the track of my choosing. I'd say that I have about a 40% chance of getting accepted. Most the people who are applying at the same time as I am are higher ranking, and probably have much more experience in certain fields than I do. But, if you don't try then you'll never succeed, so I'm giving it a go. Should the AGR not accept me, then I'll continue in the Army reserve and finally go to the 91W school that I've signed up for five months ago. That'll be a Reserve Component school in California, so I might actually get to meet some of the people I've been reading for years now.

Most of my time will be consumed with job hunting and apartment searches, so don't expect to see me too much in the next few weeks. Once I have my internet connection set up at the house, then I'll be able to post much more frequently. Until then I'm dependent on the public library and other forms of public access. I have the phone numbers for my ISP's dial up in this area, but my laptop may decide that it doesn't want to play all nicely. We'll see what happens.

In any case, I hope everyone is doing well out where ever you are. Keep a stiff upper lip!

Monday, January 10, 2005

I love to look at how the search engines send people here

Check this one out.

Someone is stalking our trolls.

Classic Punch Line...

...from Lee.

Anti-Seat Belt Law Crusader Dies

Guess how.

Tsunami of the Absurd

Um, yeah.

Last Monday, the Voice of America broadcast a story linking tsunamis and global warming. Naomi Oreskes, an associate professor of History at the University of California, said the tsunami that slammed the Asian and African coastlines underscores the need to take action on global warming.

The argument runs, many people live in the path of potential tsunamis. If global warming were to lift the sea level, coastal peoples would be more vulnerable to massive future inundations.

This was environmental demagoguery at its most vile. Riding your issue on the backs of 130,000 dead people goes beyond the pale, even for the global warming crowd.

Tsunami of the Absurd

CBS Ousts 4 For Bush Guard Story

CBS News | CBS Ousts 4 For Bush Guard Story

MAD in the Middle East

Analog Kid opines aloud why there's been not attack inside the US since 11 September 2001.

Just getting started in Washington State

I think it's going to be a Battle Royale because it is downright obvious that the Democrats stole the governor's mansion.

Cox and Forkum see it this way:

Six years, two major elections, and nothing has changed. It's clear that it is time for the FBI to visit the King County elections offices and take handwriting samples. There may be individuals working there who need to go to jail for a very long time. This is not a traditional Democrat "get out the vote" effort among street people, homeless migrants (who by definition don't live anywhere), and those spending their final days in hospices. Rather, it is deliberate fraud intended to undermine the legitimate votes of citizens and reverse the outcome of the will of the voters. It is beyond criminal because it strikes at the heart of the democratic system.
WorldNetDaily: Ghostly election victory hurts all of us