Saturday, June 20, 2020

Light posting for a while

There's some personal stuff going on, so I'll post when I can, but I may be incommunicado some days.

That's why I have a blogroll.

Friday, June 19, 2020

How to shoot a handgun in 10 minutes.

Twelve, actually.  But who's really counting?

Good stuff.  I'd pass that vid on to anyone getting into handgun shooting.

Late to Bed, Early to Rise

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020


I have attained a certain status in my employment where the worst than can happen to me, provided that I don't violate any actual laws, is that I could be forced to retire.

Needless to say, I've eased up on the brain-mouth filter quite a bit.  Some people find it charming.  Some people find it quite disturbing. 

I don't care.

Leftist psychos hand out guns on videos, anti-gun Leftist curiously silent

HA!  We know why they're silent.  Because they only want to disarm the people who can and will protect this country.  Violent psychos taking over parts of major American cities can do whatever they want so long as they hold to the Leftist line of America bad.

So you’ll not be surprised by my interest in the armed goings-on inside the newly-formed autonomous/not-so-autonomous zone known as “CHAD” in the already-liberal dominated major metropolitan city of Seattle. 
Because what’s going on is precisely what the lefties who support this lunacy say they want eradicated: uncontrolled gun possession. 
Meet Raz of CHAZ, the apparently self-appointed warlord of BirkenstockStan, reportedly doling out AR-15s from the trunk of a Tesla. 
I’ll wait a moment while you finish guffawing at that visual.
Ready? Ok. To the video:

So apparently even the EEEEEEEEEEEVIL AR-15 is turned into a weapon of justice when they're passed out willy-nilly from the back of a car in Leftist controlled territory.  Huh.  Who woulda thunk it?

The Left wants to disarm their opponents because the Left is planning on doing things that would get them shot.  But the Left will keep guns in the hands of their favored subjects who will do their bidding.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Panic Pandemic, and storing up sundry goods.

My wife and I tend to hoard things.  In an effort to not appear on various TV shows, our house nothing but pathways through the mess, we actively try to get rid of things, and we don't buy things we don't need.  An often asked question from either the Mrs. or myself when we're at the store is "Yes, but where will we keep it?"  If we don't have an answer, we don't buy it.  Must fight the hoarding tendencies. 

It doesn't help that ever since our house in Wisconsin we've had to purge for every move and every new house.  Each successive house has been smaller than the last, forcing us to toss away even more of our hobbies and crafts that are unnecessary in the grand scheme of things.  Clothing that we could afford to hold on to in the previous move now takes up space in this house, so out it goes.  It was old anyways.

One of the things that we've not had a huge amount of in any house is ammunition.  I would love to have Ye Oldde Storage Loquer, a la Kim du Toit, but I have to move it myself since moving companies won't touch it, and we never have much room to store ammo in any case.  We've kept a few thousand rounds of all types combined, but never any stockpiling.  I may have grumbled about not having enough ammo in the house, but every time I had to load all of it up into a vehicle and move it across the country, I grumbled a bit less. 

And then the Panic Pandemic hit.  Next thing you know, we couldn't even get toilet paper because people were freaking the hell out.  And we went to buy a couple boxes of ammo just to go to the range, and every shelf was bare.  Gone.  Nada.  There was one lonely box of Hornady Critical Defense, and that was it for 9mm.  Pretty much all practice ammo in every caliber was wiped clean. You could by a box of 50 specialty rounds for $30, and that was about it.

And the wife got that look on her face.  Anger and panic combined, with a healthy dose of "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!" mixed in.  Flashbacks from a few situations we'd been in years ago, where everybody around us was losing their damn minds and we were just trying to keep ourselves out of the stupidity.

So a couple weeks later, I'm doing my online thing, I check a few websites, and I see a box of 1000 rounds of 9mm for about $300.  I mention it to her.  "Hey babe, you still want me to look at buying ammo?  Here's this box."  She just looked at me and said "Buy it.  Buy it now."  So I did.

We get the ammo, we go to the range, much pew pew pew, and we go through about 450 rounds.  It was a good range session.  And as we're on the way home, she looks at me and says "That ammo?  If you see any other deals in that range, don't ask, just buy."

So we've got a case of 1000 rounds unopened, about 1000 rounds in various boxes, and another 1000 rounds on the way.  And I'm figuring that each month will be another 1000 rounds, although the wife made a statement last night that we'll be trying to buy 1k rounds every pay period so that amount may double.

At this rate I'm going to need to rent a separate U-Haul truck to move my ammo once I retire, but isn't my wife's peace of mind worth it?  I also might have to look into reinforcing the floor in the gun room.  If I start to hear the floor joists creak when I walk in, a few bricks and boards underneath should help.  I could also space the ammo out through the house.

Anyways, just a little bit of what's whirring around in my brain for ya today.  Plus, I'm getting more ammo.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Yeah. Sure. Go ahead and defund the police. That just makes it open season on Pantifa turds.

So shall we discuss what the Pantifa dipshits don't understand?  Well, OK, let's narrow that scope a little bit otherwise we'd be here all year.

I keep going back to the argument made by Francis Porretto, because the truth of it cannot be denied.  We made the conscious choice to trade violence for justice.  If for whatever reason justice is not be attained, be it through corruption, malfeasance or the absence of the lawmen, WE CAN GO RIGHT BACK TO VIOLENCE.

The police only have any authority because we the people have given it to them. We have made a trade: We give up violent retribution in exchange for justice. Instead of hunting down the person who steals my car and shooting them, I allow the police to arrest them and put them in jail. (may not be completely accurate in Seattle) I don't track down a murderer and take out his entire house, I allow the police to arrest him and put him in jail.

If the police departments all go away, I retain the right to use violence to deal with criminals and law-breakers. If there are no police to arrest the idiot breaking into my house, then I'm just going to shoot the criminal and dump his body in a shallow grave. Whaddya gonna do? Get the police to arrest me?  Do you really think that Thuggy-D and his crew are going to be able to assault through concentrated fire?  And if Thuggy D and his crew take out my neighbor's house and destroy it, then I track down Thuggy-D and snipe him off from a nice safe distance to ensure that he never does anything like that ever again.  The bottom line is that the potential for violence from people like me is huge.  We know what to do, and we know how to do it.  So what stops us from doing it?  Well, morals (if you have them) and the police.  It's not worth the risk of going to jail for life just to wipe out a pack of feral thugs that the police can arrest and throw in jail.  But if there are no cops?

The police don't protect people like me from criminals. The police protect the criminals from people like me. And I'm just a guy who wants to be left alone. Don't think that there aren't a whole bunch of folks out there meaner than me. Angrier than me. More violent and dangerous than me, all of whom are oiling up their guns and hoping that the Antifa maggots get exactly what they want, because then it's open season.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Happy Birthday to the Big Green Machine

245 years old, and still going strong!  Doesn't look a day over 300!  Hooah!  Also known as Flag Day for all you people who weren't blessed with the opportunity to experience the military from the vantage point of eating the mud you're crawling through.

Blogger isn't letting me post pictures.  Just imagine a big ass Army seal right here.

Going on a Flag Day ride today.  Maybe will post later.