Saturday, July 17, 2021

The Deep State protects their own, part who the hell knows

 But of course they do.  It's what corrupt shitbags with no integrity do.

U.S. Department of Justice officials deliberately delayed an investigation into Hunter Biden’s potential tax law violations and sketchy overseas business dealings because of the effect it could have on the presidential election, according to a Politico report.

Delaware’s U.S. Attorney David Weiss allegedly postponed allowing prosecutors to obtain search warrants and issue grand jury subpoenas last summer, after facing pressure from other officials who feared the investigation’s influence on the 2020 presidential election and now-President Joe Biden’s campaign.

I've got nothing to add.  We can't vote our way out of this.  Go read it all, just so that you understand what has happened to our country.

Jorge Bergoglio attacks the Latin Mass

 The so-called "pope".  He's not the Pope, folks.  He's not.  Benedict XVI is the one true Pope.  Jorge Bergoglio is many things.  He's an idolater.  He's a sodomite.  He's most likely a pederast and pedophile.  And he's most likely going to burn in hell for all eternity.  He's the anti-Pope.  But he's not the Pope.

Bergoglio hates the Church because he serves Satan on this earth, not God.  He's trying as hard as he can to destroy the church from the top down, because that is what his master wants him to do.  Thus the attack on the Latin Mass, because that attack is also on some of the most faithful Catholics.  The vicar of the antichrist doesn't want faithful Catholics to be allowed to continue.

You know what my biggest fear is?  That when Jorge Bergoglio finally dies and goes down to hell to get his reward from his master for all eternity, we're going to get someone even worse installed, because the people running the show are still there.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Garbage politics leads to garbage "science!" which leads to garbage outcomes

 "Follow the SCIENCE!" they shriek.  

“Never in my professional career [have I seen] this level of vagueness and corrupted data,” Knopik added. “It wouldn’t be stood for in private business or in a doctoral study. This is just amazing to me. The level of impactful decisions made on just garbage data – that’s what I’m calling it, garbage data – I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Knopik told Seattle radio host Todd Herman (full disclosure: this writer fills in for Todd on KTTH radio) that he’s now confirmed that the COVID testing data are useless and yet have been used to lock down the state.

The lockdowns are bullshit, and they have always been bullshit.  The numbers of people with the Kung Flu are bullshit, and they've always been bullshit.  The numbers of deaths attributed to the Kung Flu are bullshit, and they have always been bullshit.  And everything is bullshit because politicians have used the Kung Flu to get the power they wanted.  Actual doctors and scientists who have spoken the truth about the Kung Flu have been censored and silenced.  When doctors talking about their actual medical practice and how they deal with the Kung Flu are banned from YouTube, you can rest assured that the problems are political, not medical in nature.

Too many questions, but nobody wants the answers

 People are dying after the jab, but nobody wants to find out why.

If a person dies after a COVID jab, I would like to know whether there are spike proteins in the tissues and blood vessels, and whether there was an immunological reaction that was damaging those tissues.

If a mother loses a baby, I would like to see a thorough examination of the placenta. Was the baby’s oxygen and nutrition cut off because of damaged blood vessels?

I find it shocking that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the Joint Commission that accredits hospitals are not demanding autopsies or testing of vaccine samples.

It is not possible to declare a product safe and effective without obtaining direct evidence from potential victims.

There have been at least 9000 deaths attributed to the jab.  And if I were to hazard a guess, I would say that number is exponentially low.  I'm willing to bet the number is much higher than that, but hey, grampa got the shot two weeks ago and passed away today, but you know his heart was having troubles, and these things just happen right?  No need to mark that down as a Covid death, and as the doctor writing the linked article points out, nobody is doing an autopsy to find out if the jab killed people or not.

They're talking about making this mandatory for the military.  All hell might just break loose then.

Idaho Governor's Message to Californians

Man, I wish this really was the gov.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

I'm buying some Ivermectin.

 Dayum.  Go watch the video.  It's 12 minutes.  And then go find your local Tractor Supply Company or other farm store and get ye some Ivermectin.

I have questions

 LIke, how the fucking fuck?

A British soldier training in California has survived a 15,000ft parachute plunge that culminated with him crashing through the roof of someone's home.

Neighbours on the street in Atascadero, San Luis Obispo County, reported seeing the parachutist spiraling through the air before falling straight through the property's roof.

The soldier, who has not been named, was part of a group participating in an exercise at the Camp Roberts training facility in central California.

Local police confirmed the accident and said the soldier's parachute had failed to deploy.

"The parachutist was conscious but stunned with complaints of pain but no visible serious injuries," Atascadero police department said in a statement.

I can only assume that his fall was cushioned by his gigantic balls.  That's all I can say.

Do not trust the FBI. The FBI is asshole.

 The more I learn, the more I'm convinced that the entire organization needs to be destroyed.  Much like the Department of Education.

An absolutely damning Inspector General investigation of FBI conduct in the rape and sexual assault of U.S. Gymnasts reveals how FBI agents facilitated Nassar’s sex crimes by taking no action despite numerous witness statements to them.

Worse yet, the FBI never reported the sexual assaults to local law enforcement… and to top it off, the FBI agents lied during the investigation of their conduct, and the DOJ under AG Bill Barr refused to prosecute the FBI liars.

Can we also talk about what a flop Bill Barr was for this country and for Trump in particular?  Both he and John Durham, who did nothing when they had the chance, and it's because they didn't want to do anything.  Despite clear evidence of wrong doing and law breaking, there was much hue and cry about "investigations" and much pulling of beards and muttering about what was going to happen, and then....  nothing happened.  I think Ace of Spades was one of the first people to correctly identify that the entire exercise was just theater, and that the Deep State wasn't going to attack itself.  He was correct.

At this point, is there anyone in the DOJ we can trust?  I think not.  



Wednesday, July 14, 2021

If the border-jumpers voted R, the Democrats would build the wall tomorrow

 Which is why the Biden junta is telling Cubans to piss off.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas vowed the United States will reject any Haitian or Cuban attempting to enter the country by boat, even if they have demonstrated a credible fear of being persecuted in their home countries.

"Allow me to be clear: if you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States," Mayorkas said.

There are no words to describe the gall and hypocrisy it takes to welcome every single person from Central and South America over the border illegally, and yet tell people fleeing a communist shithole that they aren't welcome here.

But then, Cubans tend to vote for freedom.  And the Democrats can't have that, now can they?

Drooling Joe the Chinese Hand Puppet says the quiet part out loud

 This fucking guy doesn't know what he ate for breakfast, or shit in his pants, but he tells the truth every now and then.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Read Step #2

I mean, at this point I'm forced to assume this is a government funded cult, because that's how they're acting.


I haven't covered the people in Cuba rising up...

 Quite frankly, because I'm looking into my murky crystal ball and what I see kind of depresses me.  Yes, the people of Cuba are crying for freedom.


Do you REALLY think that any member of this fucking Marxist government is going to step in and help them?

This government is corrupt from top to bottom, and infested with people who love Fidel/Raul Castro, Che, Nicholas Maduro in Venezuela, and every other socialist/communist/marxist regime in the world.  They've loved Marxism for as long as I've been alive.  They rooted for the USSR to win the cold war.  They marched in solidarity with Ho Chi Min, and cheered every American death in Viet Nam.  And the very last thing they want to see is the people of Cuba actually get the freedom they want.

So that movement, happening right now in Cuba, is going to die on the vine.  The USA will do nothing, because the people in charge love Marxism and Marxist governments, which means that while they issue mealy-mouthed platitudes about how the people of Cuba deserve to be free, they won't do a single fucking thing to actually help the people of Cuba be free.

Do you doubt me?  Look at what the Obama regime did when the people of Iran literally ran through the streets of Tehran begging for freedom, and for the USA to do something to help them.  Did Obama do anything?  Anybody?  Fuck no he didn't, because Obama identified more with the mullahs of Tehran than he did with free Americans.  And guess who's running the country now, boys and girls?  The very same people who ran Barry O'Bumblefuck's administration.  Drooling Joe the Chinese Hand Puppet has handlers, and those handlers are the same people from the last go-round.  They put America last, and Marxism first, just they way they were trained to do in their "elite" halls of indoctrination.  

Hell, the ruling junta here in the formerly United State of America don't even want Americans to be free.  Why would they export freedom to any other country when they hate it within their own borders?  Who actually thinks that an administration dedicated to crushing freedom at home can spread it abroad?

So while I love the fact that Cubans want to be free, I can only see this ending in heartbreak as they're crushed by the Cuban government, while the Democrats, Leftists and other assorted Marxists stand by and applaud.

Were I in charge, I'd be air-dropping weapons and ammunition all over the island, and letting the people there fight for what they want.  But that's just me.

It seems that the paranoid weren't paranoid enough

 Tony Fauci, the demented ringleader of the circus of stupidity and ignorance, has far more ties to China and the Wuhan lab than anybody knew.

Judicial Watch announced on Friday that it had received 301 pages of “emails and other records from officials at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) officials in connection with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan,” and that those papers revealed “significant collaborations and funding” between the American and Chinese agencies going back as far as 2014.

Celebrity medical spokesmodel Anthony “Doctor” Fauci’s agency allowed a lot of Wuhan hands into American cookie jars:

The Chinese Commies would have been working on making the Kung Flu no matter what, but it galls me that Americans helped to pay for a virus that's killed us.  And that demented fucking clown Fauci knew.  He knew the entire fucking time, because he was in charge of giving the money.

Even a paranoid guy like me didn't think that was going on.  But it was.  I wasn't paranoid enough.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Ooo, they said the quiet part out loud



You're damn skippy that freedom is anti-Government.  And the New York Slimes, that commie rag full of commies, is apparently amazed that anyone would protest against a communist regime that has been brutalizing its population for decades.  But then, the New York Slimes is the commie rag full of commies that covered up for Stalin's genocide while it was happening, so what to you really expect?

Anyways, just a reminder that the media is full of commies who hate you and want you to die.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Utah is surrounded by forest fires

 The smoke is so thick it looks like clouds.  You can't escape it.  It's so bad that the smoke from outside set off our fire alarm inside the house.  And we're not the only people dealing with that.

Breathing is fun.  My sinus rinse comes out looking like volcanic ash.  Ah well, at least I get to work the whole weekend!

Did I mention how much I'm looking forward to retirement, and career #2?