Saturday, July 17, 2010

To Do List

Part of the problems that come from traveling as much as I do is that the To Do List never goes away.

Today it was buy honey (gonna make mead!)
Clean up Garage.
Buy ammo
Work on cleaning up just about everything else I've neglected.

So far I've completed the first task.  Haven't made it to the others yet.  I'm working on it.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Running late this morning

But I just wanted to toss this out there - the NAACP is one of the most racist, leftist organizations in America today.  For them to call the Tea Parties racist is nothing more than projection writ large.  Whenever someone accuses me of racism due to my political views, I know that they have lost any argument we were having, because the race card is the last, desperate gasp of a political idiot with nothing left in the tank.  And I call them on it.  And I hammer them on it.

We need to do the same with the NAACP.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just tossing this out there

In case you're one of the five people left in America (along with me!) who hasn't seen it.  The guy Obama tapped to head Medicare and Medicaid?  Big fan of health care rationing.  On you, not him.  So while you watch your mother choke to death and die due to lack of heath care in a government-sponsored charnel house, this guy and his family get all the health care they want, for free.

Are you finally ready to start shooting the bastards yet?


The Daily Gator, via RNS, the 178 Federal Agencies we should abolish right now.

Oh.  Hells.  Yes.


Declaration Entertainment

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Hot Air has a piece from Tim Pawlenty about just who needs to make a few sacrifices.

Americans have sacrificed enough; it’s time for government to sacrifice for a change. When Washington Democrats talk about balancing the budget, they speak gravely about painful choices and sacrifice — but what they mean is tax increases. In other words, we sacrifice so they can spend.
The article then goes on to describe how the Democrats will not even pass a friggin' BUDGET this year.  Complete and total failure.  Complete and total abdication of responsibility.  And they'll whine and snivel and cry and try to blame someone else just like they always do.

And I'm just sitting here, rubbing my forehead and waiting for the shooting to start.  Quite serious here, folks.  When the people in charge are actively trying to run this country into the ground as hard and as fast as they possibly can, what other outcome can there be?  When the elected leaders of this country are so anti-American that they deny the plain language of the US Constitution, lie repeatedly to their constituents who then re-elect them, and act as if they've been crowned king, what other options are there?  If Nancy Pelosi kicked the bucket tomorrow, the city of San Fransicko would elect someone just as dumb, just as crooked, just as corrupt, just as moronic, just as anti-American as she is.  Because the city of San Fransicko is going to elect someone who represents them, in all ways.  Just like everyone else does.

Bah.  I'll be over here sighting in my deer rifle.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Motorcycle Time

I'm going to see if I can get in a few miles before the thunderstorms hit.  See ya!

Last Day of Vacation

I've been growing a goatee out while I've been away from work.  I hate shaving.  I truly do not like scraping my chin clean every morning.  It's annoying and time consuming.  So I let it go while I'm on leave.  I looked in the mirror yesterday as I was getting ready for bed, and damn.....  there's a lot of grey silver in that there beard.

And I'm not that old, either.

Ah well, that reminds me of why I took the mustache off to begin with.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I saw this yesterday

But had to digest it for a little while.  Hell is on the way.  We are rushing towards an economic collapse the like of which we haven't seen.  Not "we haven't seen since the great depression", but that we simply have not seen before.  States have maxed out their credit cards.  The Feds are doing the same.  The government is taking all the wrong steps and killing our economy before it has a chance to recover.  Small businesses are running scared.  When White Castle is saying that Obamacare is going to eat up 55% of their income, what does that mean for them?  Shutting down.  Do you know how many people White Castle employs?  Now multiply that by millions as business after business shuts down or lays people off due to over regulation and taxation.

I at least have skills that I can barter.  Lots of other people don't.  If you can't pay for electricity, you don't need someone to fix your computer.  If you get all your food from a box, bag, or can, what are you going to do when the trucks stop delivering those items to your local store?  This country can't even handle taking care of itself for three damn days.  You think I'm kidding?  Look at New Orleans after Katrina.  One day is all they lasted before the hysterics started.

Of course, there are parts of this country who's mentality better prepares them to survive.  But it ain't in the big cities, folks.  What's going to happen when the supermarket doesn't have anything left on it's shelves?

Hell is coming.  If that Doug Ross piece doesn't scare you, then go read the Eternity Road piece I linked to yesterday, and then go read his newest one as well.  Life is going to get real sucky.  How long it sucks depends on us.  If we can remove that pseudo-American from the Oval Office and repeal the damage he's inflicted, then it might not be as bad as advertised.  But if we can't, well.....

Stock up on ammo.

I am unshocked

Illegal felon voters won Al Franken his seat.  You know what shocks me even less?  The fact that the county election board is refusing to do anything about it.  Communists and Socialists never want elections to be fair.  They can't win in a fair election.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation Blogging V7

A little newer, if you will.  Most folks brush this group off as a modern "jazz" quartet, and to be frank some of their music is just plain out there.  But they've got talent by the sheer bucketload, and if you're looking for some good music you don't have to look very hard.

And now a classic -