Saturday, February 09, 2019

It's Happy Fun Time Day!

Going to be doing Army Stuff all weekend.  Might I suggest a fresh selection from the blogroll?

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Words of Wisdom

There's long been a short list of things to do if you want to avoid living in poverty:

1)  Don't do drugs.
2)  Graduate high school.
3)  Wait until you're married to have kids.

All of those imply a modicum of self control.  Robert McCain has another list that's very similar:

1)  Work Hard.
2)  Live Cheap.
3)  Save your money.

The rest of his post is a refutation of a socialist who is living large of of capitalism.  But that's the case with all socialists, isn't it?  They have to cannibalize a capitalist economy in order to fund their socialist pipe dream.  Louder with Crowder once pointed out that capitalism doesn't require a billionaire to exist in order for their system to function, while socialism, who's adherents demonize the rich, require millionaires and billionaires to exist in order to fund their immoral system.

And as an aside, take a good look at the photo of that socialist twink, Anand Giridharadas.  Hair done just so, face made up, wearing a MOTORCYCLE JACKET that I guarantee hasn't seen one second of actual ride time.  This is a guy living large like a fat tick on a well-fed dog.  But like all socialists, he'll kill the dog, and then blame the dog for not paying it's fair share, while he continues to live large on the efforts of others.

After all, that's what the adherents of socialism all want.  Hell, Hugo Chavez was worth billions, and Venezuela is a socialist hellhole of poverty and despair.  All those socialists think that they're going to be Hugo Chavez, and they have no problem with we Normal Americans being forced to eat our pets to survive as long as they can continue to wear fancy leather jackets and be applauded by their peers for being so noble.

The simple truth is that digging your way out of poverty requires a few simple rules, and a modicum of self control.  I've gone from eating Top Ramen three meals a day to driving a new car, having a motorcycle, living a happy life and eating damn well.  And I did it with self control and NOT demanding that others pay my way.

But that's the rub, innit?  Socialists don't have much self control at all with other people's money, and they always demand that someone else pay their way.

This is my shocked face. Look how shocked I am.

People knew that Democrat Justin Fairfax, the Lt Governor of Virginia, was a rape-y rapist before he got elected.

The woman who has accused Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) of sexual assault informed Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.) of the incident more than a year ago, an aide told The Hill on Wednesday. 
An aide to Scott told The Hill that Vanessa Tyson first reached out to the congressman in October 2017 to express concerns about Fairfax, who was then a candidate for lieutenant governor. 
Tyson sent another message to the congressman that November expressing a desire to speak with Scott about the issue, an aide said.

Yep, that's the same rapist who likes to shout out "FUCK THAT BITCH!" when discussing the woman he raped.  SJWs always project.  That's SJW Rule #3.  If they're accusing you of being rapists, you should probably start digging into their past and see when they raped or sexually assaulted someone.

I was there in Virginia while the election was going on, and I remember listening to the adverts and the interviews and all the radio speeches, and the thing that I remember most is how creeped out I got from the Democrat side.  Ed Gillespie was no great thing.  He was a milquetoast, squishy "moderate" who thought that just being nice would get him a win.  But Northam and all the Democrats who got on the radio made my skin crawl.  Northam especially was this smarmy, lecturing, arrogant asshole from top to bottom, and it just got worse from there.  I think this whole episode of disaster and being hung by your own rules couldn't happen to a better group of arrogant, elitist, out-of-touch Marxists.  But of course, the Virginia GOP is too stupid to take advantage of it.

Had our priest over for dinner last night

Lots of food.  Then cigars.  Then dessert.  Then more talking.  Got to bed far too late.  So you might get shorted here today, because I didn't wake up in time for my usual news perusal.

Tuesday, February 05, 2019


I loved the fact that Trump took the National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party head on during the SOTU speech.

The SOTU speech

Trump:  Nearly 5 million people have been lifted off of food stamps!

Democrats wearing white:  *refuse to clap*

Well, I guess I see who their base is, right?

Trump:  Hispanic and black unemployment is at it's lowest in recorded history!

All Democrats:  *refuse to clap*

That's a good look for them.

UPDATE:  I see the Democrats are going with their tried and true look of sitting on their hands and looking pissed off at America's success.


UPDATE 3:  Cory Booker looks like he's desperately trying to keep his anal plug from popping out.

UPDATE 4:  The googly-eyed socialist, Ocasio-Cortez, can't even clap for putting sex traffickers behind bars.  Telling.

UPDATE 5:  Trump sucks with a Tele-Prom-Ter.  He does.  The speech is good, but the delivery is stilted.

UPDATE 6:  Granny Rictus' dentures must be flopping around again.  She keeps trying to put them back into place.  Or maybe Trump has gotten her so pissed of that she's chewing on the inside of her mouth.  I hope it's option 2.

UPDATE 7:  I'm looking at the ribbons on the vet who helped liberate Dachau.  This is an honest to god war hero, and he's got a rather common set of ribbons.  I think the modern day Army could use a little lesson from that.  The Marines have it more right - AWARDS are for special situations.  You need to bust your butt for an award.  Stop making the Army look like 3rd World generals.

It was a good speech, but the teleprompter reading drove me up the wall.  Half an hour speech more or less, which is far, far better than the droning of Obama or GWB.  And it jabbed all the right people at the right time.

Well &*^#

It seems like everything is getting me pissed off these days.  Tonight it was the realization that the Ragin' Mrs., in her infinite ability to take what works and try to improve it, put an "ancient" salt into the spice mix I was using to make sweet Italian sausage.  It's some fancy salt that tastes much saltier than regular salt.  And now I have six pounds of sausage that are saltier than the ocean, that give me indigestion from eating them.

She keeps insisting that she can use them to make various dishes, but I'm about to just throw it all away and never look at it again.

Monday, February 04, 2019

If the GOP were smart.... hell, I should just stop there.

They would help Howard Schultz get into the race as an independent.  It would help fracture the Democrat Party, which has long been taken over by far-Left Marxists, perverts, and baby-murdering psychos.  Anyone who can help yank it back to the middle can only be a good thing.  But Glenn Reynolds has it right:

The parties’ biggest fear isn’t that someone from the other party will win. It’s that someone from outside the Beltway Uniparty will win.

And the GOP no longer represents it's own voters, as proven by their complete and utter refusal to do anything about border security, spending, or any of the ideas it claims to support when they had the opportunity.

Covington kids punch back

This is so awesome, I want to rub it all over my body and go streaking at an NHL game.

Attorneys representing Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann and his family indicated on Friday that they have sent letters for potential lawsuits to over 50 entities ranging from Democratic politicians to celebrities to media figures.

YES!  Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!  Sue the bastards, hit them where it hurts, and make them bleed!  It's about damn time that someone finally yanked on the rope that these anti-American shitwads have used to fashion their nooses!

I don't just want that list of people sued, I want them excoriated on the public square for their hatred and inhumanity.  They can all go out of business, and then they can all go to hell.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

I know my wife is going to heaven

Because she has to put up with my BS.  She just got done making some Monte Christo-type sammiches for lunch, and topped them with an over-easy egg.  So we sat down to eat some lunch.

Me:  Yeah, this is a really good Monte Carlo type sammich!

Her:  Christo.  Monte Christo.

Me:  Oh, right.  Carlo is the car, Christo is the sammich.

Her:  Just think of the Count.

Me:  What does Sesame Street have to do with a sammich?

Her:   ......

Me:  ONE!  ONE husband beaten with a rolling pin!  Ah ah ah aaaaaaaah!

Her (rubbing her forehead):  I love you, honey.

I'm going to a friend's house this afternoon for good food and good company.  Apparently they'll be watching a football game too.  I'll be outside with a cigar and a glass of brandy, because fuck the NFL sideways with a chainsaw.  The biggest problem I have with the Super Turd Bowl is that someone is going to win it.