Saturday, February 01, 2020

It's brilliant, and I'm stealing it

From Instapundit.

John Bolton hired the Vindman Twins?

Hell, that's reason enough to fire the moron right then and there.

The American people have John Bolton, and only John Bolton, to blame for the presence of the self-serving Vindman twins on the NSC staff. We have only Bolton to blame for empowering this gossipy pair and their confidants who have made a mockery of the common-sense security precept of “need to know.”

I don't care who you are, you don't hire two brothers to work on the same security organization.  You just don't do it - the appearance of impropriety alone should be enough to put a halt to that.  But to have the two sanctimonious pieces of shit actively working against President Trump?

Bolton and his leaked manuscript can kiss my ass.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Hey Brits! How does it feel to no longer be a vassal state to unelected assholes?

Nigel Farage pulls what has to be the most satisfying move.

At this point, the chair, European Parliament vice-president Mairead McGuiness, began losing her sense of humor and started scolding Farage and the British delegation who did what a free people should do to overbearing bureaucrats. They mocked her and left waving their flags.

Cheers, mate!  I need to go buy some good British ale and have a pint in celebration with them.

Progressive/Liberals are always tyrants

Always.  Without exception.

Don't think that liberals aren't looking at what the government is doing in Canada, and not wishing and dreaming they could put that in place in America.  Ezra Levant has giant brass balls, and he's going to need them now that Canada has decided that actual journalism is verboten, and their Blackface Jesus needs to be protected at all costs.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Stupid woman acts stupidly, acts shocked when consequences come down

Folks, if you don't want to be bound by a moral code that you have to follow as a condition of employment, maybe don't work for a CATHOLIC school?

Roman Catholic private school teacher in Pennsylvania who was fired from her job for an unwed pregnancy with her boyfriend lost another bid to get her job back, but she will be allowed to proceed with her discrimination lawsuit. 


"I feel like I'm a rewriting of 'The Scarlet Letter' at this point, just minus the affair," Reich said at the time.

You stupid, self-absorbed, narcissistic moron - you are unmarried, shacking up with your fuck-toy, you got knocked up while unmarried, you told the school you have no intention of getting married, and you signed a contract that included a morality clause because this is a RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION!  Now, I'll give you props for not aborting the child, but on every other standards, you are wrong.  The school has every right to fire you, especially since you plan to remain unmarried while carrying on with your baby-daddy.

This is a CATHOLIC SCHOOL.  One of the big tenants of Catholic doctrine is no sex outside marriage.  You cannot expect a CATHOLIC school to just toss their doctrine aside for you, you precious little snowflake.  If you don't want to follow a moral code, go work for a public school. 

But suing a CATHOLIC school for following their doctrine just proves what a pathetic cow you are. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

If you go read this gent's experience with communism

And it's not a glowing review, so rest easy on that...  Just remember that this is how the Democrats want Americans to live.  This is their dream.  This is their hope.  This is what they want to do to the entirety of this country, every man woman and child.

Hell, just look at the Democrat controlled cities, and how people flee them if they can.  Detroit.  Baltimore.  Chicago.  That's just a small little taste of what the Democrats want to do to this country.

Is there anything the government can't destroy?

Also known as "Tell me about how important and mighty those universities are again, eh?"

Thus, our nation’s institutions no longer perform their role as Eisenhower’s fountainhead of free ideas and discovery. Instead, American universities often produce corrupt, incompetent, or scientifically meaningless research that endangers the public, confounds public policy, and diminishes our nation’s preparedness to meet future challenges. 
Nowhere is the intellectual and moral decline more evident than in public health research. From 1970 to 2010, as taxpayer funding for public health research increased 700 percent, the number of retractions of biomedical research articles increased more than 900 percent, with most due to misconduct. Fraud and retractions increased so precipitously from 2010 to 2015 that private foundations created the Center for Scientific Integrity and “Retraction Watch” to alert the public.
One reason non-government organizations lead the battle to improve science is that universities and federal funding agencies lack accountability and often ignore fraud and misconduct. There are numerous examples in which universities refused to hold their faculty accountable until elected officials intervened, and even when found guilty, faculty researchers continued to receive tens of millions of taxpayers’ dollars. Those facts are an open secret: When anonymously surveyed, over 14 percent of researchers report that their colleagues commit fraud and 72 percent report other questionable practices. The problem goes well beyond the known frauds. 
The list of elite institutions at which high-profile faculty commit misconduct is growing rapidly.
The days of a college degree being worth something just because it's a college degree are going away, and it's because of crap like this.  An undergraduate education is becoming worthless because the institutions producing them are worthless.  And if I'm being honest, a whole lot of graduate degrees are equally worthless in the real world.  I can't tell you how many essays I had to correct for grammer and spelling from graduate degree students when I was in recruiting.  Look folks, it's a single page essay, one-inch margins, twelve point font, DOUBLE SPACED, so we're talking two paragraphs at most.  Some could do it.  Some couldn't.  GRADUATE DEGREES HERE, PEOPLE, AND THEY CAN'T WRITE TWO FUCKING PARAGRAPHS WITHOUT HELP.  Help from non-college educated me.

Colleges and universities, by and large, no longer function as systems of higher education.  They're Marxist indoctrination centers designed to close a person's mind permanently so that they produce a good little drone with credentials.  It's the credentials that are important, you see.  The credentials let you know who you can trust. 

Give me ten grunts with honorable discharge papers, and I'll move a city.  Give me ten graduates of a liberal arts program from any public university, and I won't be able to do crap because they're pretty much worthless.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Failure isn't an impediment to Democrats

So, here's a news article about how the New York City Schools Chancellor has helped destroy any credibility that NYC schools had left, as well as flipping of parents of a child who was brutalized at a NYC school.  That story is bad enough.  But what makes it worse is this: 

In San Francisco, Carranza left behind a desert. The otherwise glowing Atlantic profiler had to admit: “According to a report by Innovate Public Schools, a Bay Area nonprofit, in 2016, at the end of Carranza’s tenure, only 19 percent of African-American students were on grade level in reading, and 13 percent in math.” 
That’s abject failure, and Carranza has to be stopped from replicating the same here.

I saw much the same behavior when I lived in Seattle.  Way back when, before I was blogging, I worked at the Experience Music Project.  Now, the EMP was Paul Allen's pet museum, designed for his enjoyment.  I don't know if it was every supposed to be more than a tax write-off, but it lost money every year, including the year I worked there.  At some point, they fired the Operations Officer and brought in a woman from right next door.  Literally.  She had run the Seattle Center for two years before he was hired at the EMP.  And why was she available for hire?  Because in the time she ran the Seattle Center, she had successfully dropped its attendance by a significant percentage, and violated the contract with the security officer's union that resulted in a $2.5 MILLION LAWSUIT that the Seattle Center lost.

So, having driven away paying customers and losing a $2.5 million in a lawsuit, naturally she got picked up by the EMP.  Within six months, over 58% of the workforce was laid off.

She knew the right people.  She had the right politics.  And she ruined yet another business and ran it into the ground. 

I don't know what's happened to the EMP since I moved away from Seattle, but I can guarantee one thing:  The culture has only gotten worse.  Failure isn't actually punished if you're a commie, because the other commies will still hire you to make sure that the "in crowd" stays together.  It's one incestuous dumpster-fire of failure and politics mixed together in a sewer.  This goon from NYC will destroy the city schools (well, destroy them more, anyways) and when he leaves he will inevitably get hired on by another liberal shithole of a city to ruin their schools some more as well, because this is what happens in liberal shitholes.  Who you know is more important than what you know.  Your politics are more important than your abilities.

And this is just a reminder that putting your children into the publik skool sistim is essentially child abuse, and it consigns your children to a lifetime of ignorance and abuse.

Monday, January 27, 2020

The fact that these criminals aren't in jail is part of why the next civil war is going to happen.

Democrats teaching illegal aliens how to vote.

Democrats, teaching people who are here illegally how to commit another crime.  Because it benefits the Democrats.

Fuck jail  Bring on the gallows.

So a basketball player died

Yeah, I don't watch basketball, and I understand that he died young, but he had accomplished everything he wanted to in his life.  Don't cry for him.  Cry for his daughter who died with him, because she never got the chance to grow up.

Pop music used to be like this

But that takes talent.  LOADS of talent.  Which modern pop musicians just don't have.

I blame the commies, of course.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Well, yee-haw!

This is like one big jam session.  My kinda music. 

And anybody who can appreciate "The Aristocats" like I can, well...

If you have young kids, and you aren't showing them the old classics, shame on you!

And if you're an old fart like me who just enjoys the classics?  Good on ya.

Don Surber writes of the 4th anniversary of National Review's suicide.

Has it really been four years already?  It seems much longer than that.

It may be difficult to believe in this enlightened age but there was a time not so long ago when the National Review was the intellectual heart of America's conservative movement. Its writers were sharp, gifted and irreverent. Their appearances on Fox News and other TV outlets made them rock stars. 

All that ended on January 22, 2016, when the magazine posted online its "Against Trump" issue. Once again, the editors proudly chose to stand athwart history rather than make it. They chose to lose with what they consider honor rather than win.

I remember that edition.  I remember Kevin Williamson's snarling contempt for anybody who didn't acquiesce to his demands that Trump be deemed verboten, which started well before that edition and continued well after it. 

How's that working out for you guys, anyways?

Everything the writers at National Review said they wanted done, he's done. 

A conservative publication by now would have admitted it was wrong, apologized, and celebrated. 

These witless apes want him impeached. On the fourth anniversary of its suicidal Against Trump editorial, the magazine's staff ran an editorial, "Impeachment Doesn’t Require a Crime." 

Madison, Mason and Hamilton say, Wha'???

My dad, a hard-core conservative, and an early subscriber to National Review, cancelled his subscription after the "Against Trump" edition.  I did the same.  I'm sad to say that I'm glad I did it, because for all I can tell the National Review is so sunk into it's hatred of Trump that they're pretty much incoherent at this point.  Never-Trumpers as a whole have gone off the deep end and keep swimming away from any sane, stable rock.

The Never Trumpers first told us in 2016 that Trump was a Manhattan liberal. Then they told us he really wouldn’t pick good judges. Then they told us he really wouldn’t deregulate the economy. They told us he really wouldn’t be on the right side of race, voting, and culture. They told us he would start World War Three. They told us Trump really wouldn’t enact pro-life policies
Then Trump gave the pro-life movement the heft of the presidency on a cold January afternoon. 
Never Trumpers have been crying wolf since the 2016 GOP primaries. They are a modern Millerite doomsday cult. It’s time nobody takes them seriously.

National Review is irrelevant to the discussions at hand, and I don't see them gaining their relevancy back any time soon, if ever.  Ah, well.  There's plenty of other people I can enjoy reading.