Saturday, February 06, 2010


One dipweed wearing a shit-ton of unearned medals just got arrested.  Enjoy that jail cell, beeyotch.

The Great Peasant Revolt and DADT

If you haven't had a chance to read this Charles Krauthammer article yet, go thee hence and do so.  If you want to see arrogance in action all you need to do is look at the Democrat American Communist Party at work.  And this trickles down to their rank and file members.  If I oppose repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" then they say it's because I'm either afraid or a bigot.  If I oppose Government Health Care, then they say it's because I don't care enough about the little guy.  On and on and on, and if you've been a conservative for more than a week chances are you've had people use these arguments against you.

It's a good article all on it's own.  But stay with me while I make a sudden turn here.

And what's unsaid in those arguments?  What's the insinuation behind those words?  By stating that you are afraid of gays, or a bigot, they're stating that they themselves are NOT.  They might not understand the effects of repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell, but by god they're no bigot like YOU, you knuckle-dragging homophobe!

If you're against the little guy, then that must mean that they're FOR the little guy!  And they'll show just how much they're for the little guy by taking your money and giving it away!  They don't need to understand the economic effects of their actions, they just get to feel better about themselves because they're for the little guy!

It's sheer arrogance.  And it's undeserved arrogance.  It eliminates the need to actually learn about a subject.  In fact, if people were forced to take the time to actually learn about those subjects, they wouldn't be nearly as arrogant.  It's a position that allows them to attack you as an individual rather than deal with the substance of the argument.  And it's breathtakingly effective, based on how far they've pushed those arguments into the mainstream.  Because instead of debating the actual topic, conservatives have spent far too much time proving that they're not a bigot, or they're not afraid.

Well fuck all that.  Especially on the topic of Don't Ask Don't Tell, I have come to the point where I really don't give a shit what people think of me as a person.  I'm tired of being insulted and called names by a bunch of pansy-assed pieces of shit who are advocating for something that they'll never have to clean up after,.  It's risk-free gratification for them!  "LOOK AT ME!  I'M SO TOLERANT!  I'M SO OPEN-MINDED!  AND YOU ARE NOT!"  They get to make themselves feel good and look good in public and they'll never have to deal with the consequences of what they propose.  And so they use that undeserved arrogance to attack people who oppose them.  Every debate boils down to "Oh, you're just scared" or "You're just a bigot!" or "You just need to get used to it!"

No, no, and no.  If that's the best you've got, you need to go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.  Damn near every argument they bring up boils down to personal attacks, because that's all they have left.  And quite frankly, I'm tired of it.

"But gays are just like you!" - No, they are not.  That one is simple.  I'm attracted to women.  He's attracted to men.  That's a pretty big difference, if you ask me.

"Gays have just as much right to serve in the military as you do!"  Nobody has a "right" to serve in the military.  The military discriminates for a whole host of reasons, and all of those reasons boil down to producing as effective and cohesive a military as possible.  Putting gay men with straight men in the same barracks room tends to pretty much obliterate that whole "cohesive" part, just like bunking men and women together would do as well.

"I get along with my gay co-workers, why can't the military?"

Here's my response to that from three years ago.  Go enjoy.

Here's what Fred wrote about the same time.  If my civilian supervisor is gay, and he's coming on to me, I can go home and get away from him.  In the military, if my Squad Leader is gay, and he's coming on to me, he has the ability to control my every move from sun-up to sun-down.  And you think problems won't occur?

Do you honestly think that when problems crop up, they won't affect everyone?  "Hey bro, you see what happened in 4th Platoon?  That shit could happen HERE too!"  And drip by drip, the bond is eaten away.

"But Dave, there are gays in the military already!"  Really?  Do I know who they are?  Here's the thing - if they're keeping their homosexuality under wraps, then the negative sexual dynamic does not exist.  Imagine a hypothetical situation where a woman pretends to be a man.  I know that it's far out there, but just work with me.  She shows up every day with short hair, boobs strapped down with an ace bandage, and manages to make people think she's a guy.  She is in effect hiding her sexuality.

What sexual dynamic exists at that point?

Now one day she walks into a barracks full of men who thinks that she's a man as well.  She whips off her shirt, takes the bandage off, and says "SURPRISE!  I'M A CHICK!"

What sexual dynamic exists at this new point?

Yes, it's a hypothetical situation, but it can very easily be a real one if Don't Ask Don't Tell is repealed.

Let's just go with basic, normal questions:  Where do you bunk gay Soldiers?  In a room with a straight Soldier?  That's a violation of sexual privacy.  In with other gay Soldiers?  You now invite the kind of sexual hijinks that you're trying to avoid by keeping men and women separate.  In with a straight Soldier of the opposite gender?  Again, violation of sexual privacy, both for the straight AND the gay Soldier.  The people advocating for the removal of DADT haven't even bothered to come up with a serious answer to THOSE questions, and that's just the tip of the iceberg if DADT is repealed and open homosexuality is allowed in the military.  Which tells me that they're not thinking about what is best for the military, they just want to push their political agenda on the military so that they can feel better about themselves.  If people can't be bothered to think about what's going to happen if the action they're pushing is taken, then I question their motives.  Most the people I've debated have brushed it off with "Oh, well you'll just have to deal with it."  Yes, yes I will, and not in a good way.  "You'll think of something."  Oh god, the arrogance of that statement makes me want to howl.  "I'm going to force you to undertake an action that you do not want to do, and when all hell breaks lose and you're standing neck deep in shit, you'll just have to think of a solution while I stand over here keeping my manicured toenails clean."

Fuck.  You.

There's been one or two people who have managed to ask me questions without insulting my intelligence or my constitution.  Sergeant Mac comes to mind.  But the rest of you?  You're not going to get any kind of niceties from me.

Flame on!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Dredging up an old post at Velociman's

About High Speed Rail.  You know what the problem with High Speed Rail is?  The problem is not the speed of the rail, nor the passengers.  The problem is that High Speed Rail is nothing but another liberal pipe dream that they want to force on a population for that population's own good, and thus is driven by fucking idiots who don't have the first clue about how or where High Speed Rail (or light rail, or monorail) should run.  All you have to do is mention mass public transit and all the liberals in the room will immediately begin jacking off because the thought just turns them on that damn much.  But ask them the best way to implement it?  Ask for a working plan, and.....


Back when I lived in Seattle (now home to the SLUT!) they wanted to build light rail.  All the liberals wailed about how we needed more mass transit.  Brainless liberals pontificated and pulled their beards (at least the women did, the liberal pussy men weren't allowed to grow a beard as it might offend the liberal women) and everyone muttered about how light rail just "needed to be done!"  So they came up with a plan that would have run a light rail line from Seattle to....

Um.....  well, kinda over here, and then it would end right there, but gosh, people would ride it!  Uh huh!

The line would have gone from somewhere in Seattle to somewhere about a mile North of South Park Mall.  It didn't go to the mall.  It didn't go to the airport.  It didn't go from one large city to another.  It just meandered around without any real purpose other than to make liberals feel good about themselves, and it would have been as worthless as tits on a boar.  Every mass transit plan not only ignored traffic flow, it couldn't have worked against it more if it tried!  Look, have you ever looked at a map of the Puget Sound?  You have Everett up North, then Seattle, then Tacoma, then Olympia, all in a straight North-South line with the suburbs and various cities in between.  I-5 follows that line.  All the massive traffic flow follows that line.  Don't you think that if you wanted to build a successful public transit system that you MIGHT JUST WANT TO FOLLOW THAT FUCKING LINE?????????

I could have come up with a better light rail plan in half an hour.  Just give me a map, some pushpins and a six pack of Guinness.  "Build a station here, here, here, here, here, and over there.  Connect all the stations with rail line.  Build parking lots next to the stations, or better yet, build the stations as close to existing parking lots as possible.  See Tacoma Dome for examples.  Done.  Now go get me some fucking dinner, ya fucking limp-wristed bitch!"

But that wouldn't have made the liberals FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL any better, and light rail is nothing more than a masturbatory exercise is self congratulations for liberals, so naturally they wouldn't have listened to me.  Plus, by pushing forth a working plan, they couldn't suck Federal Dollars up like a crackwhore.  And golly, they really wanted that money!  And isn't it amazing how all that money disappeared with nothing to show for it?  Hmmmmmmmmm!

Whenever you hear a liberal talking about how great light rail, or High Speed Rail is, just bitchslap them.  Twice.  And then don't waste another second with them.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Don't let me touch your computer

I just had to replace my work computer.  So, that makes three computers around me that have died recently.

Whatever you do, don't let me touch your computer.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Secretary Gates, you are a fucking idiot.

You too, Mullen.

It's time to repeal the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy and allow gay troops to serve openly for the first time in history, the nation's top defense officials declared Tuesday, with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff proclaiming that service members should not be forced to "lie about who they are."
However, both Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen asked for a year to study the impact before Congress would lift the controversial policy.

So, I'll ask again - who's ready to change the rules and allow me to shower with and sleep in the same barracks room as the females?  Anyone?  Anybody?  Funny, because when I proposed that to a hard-core lesbian she flipped her lid and called me a sexist pig.  And when I asked her why she had that reaction, she sputtered and squawked and called me several names, none of which were fit for polite company, and stormed off.

If you are going to demand that I live in close quarters with someone who finds me sexually attractive, I demand the same courtesy.  I like buxom redheads, but a brunette will do as well.

Anyone getting that little "Uh, um, well...." voice going in their head yet?  There are enough problems related to sex in the military as it is.  Why in the name of god do we want to add MORE of it?  The same group that says we have to allow open homosexuality in the Army can't deny that sexual problems are on the rise in the military.  One woman who was shrieking about the rate of sexual assaults in the Army literally could not grasp the concept that adding yet ANOTHER sexual dynamic to the mix would result in MORE sexual assaults.  In the comments to this post at KisP, TUA states:

Our barracks were practically co-ed anyway, what with all the hetero-humping going on.
I remember I had one barracks roommate who’d boink her boyfriend while I attempted to sleep in my bunk a mere 10 feet away.
Truly unbelievably piggish behavior.

 So the cure for that is more sex?  I can't buy that.  Not at all.  The solution is to get the barracks bunny to stop schlepping her boyfriend in the barracks.  Or at least make it socially unacceptable to fuck someone while your roomie is trying to sleep.  Back when I was PFC Ragin' Dave, if someone wanted to keep his roommate awake with his sexual activities, the roommate responded with cameras and flashbulbs.  Unless the girl was a real freak, she normally objected to the audience and ended the fuck session.  Swinging open the door and yelling down the barracks hallway "HEY EVERYBODY!  SO-AND-SO IS GETTING LAID!  CHECK IT OUT!" was also a good way to end the session and get some sleep.

Never once did someone say "Gosh, you know what would fix this problem?  Allowing open homosexuality in the military."

Look, ever since I re-enlisted many moons ago, every time I've gone to a training, school, or deployment I've had open bay barracks or open showers.  There's no privacy at all.  The last thing that would make that situation better is the introduction of a sexual dynamic.  Sex and the military causes problems.  Adding another layer of sexual dynamics on top of it will not make those problems go away, and will make things worse.  We need to go in the opposite direction if we want to improve things.

Or, let me bunk and shower with a buxom redhead.  But that'll never happen, and we all know why.  So why are we going to put me in the same situation as that buxom redhead, and tell me to just live with it in the name of "fairness"?  Because in the end, it's not fair at all.

Seen this yet?

A Canadian Prime Minister is ditching the Canadian Health Care system and coming to the USA for heart surgery.

How much more needs to be said?  Exactly what else needs to be said in order to prove that our health care system is quite possibly the best in the world?  The system that all the pro-government-take-over folks want to emulate is being shunned in favor of our "greedy, capitalist health care system"!

Oh, and let this be a lesson for everyone out there who hasn't quite come to grips with reality yet - if the government takes over our system, and it turns into a gigantic pile of crap, our politicians will be leaving the country or getting their health care from somewhere else, leaving us the citizens with substandard care while they get whatever the hell they want.  Don't think they give a shit about you.  They don't.  They don't care if you live or die so long as you act like a good little sheeple and do whatever the hell they tell you to do.


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Prepare for economic downturn

Because this is gonna take our economy for a good long while if it ever gets passed:  $1.9 TRILLION in tax increases, and still trillion-dollar-plus deficits for upcoming budgets.

Bottom line: As bleak a picture as the administration paints, things probably aren’t even that cheerful. There is no time to waste in cutting spending and the deficit.

Gee, that just makes me feel warm all over.  I need more ammo.

The Botoxed Bimbo of San Fransicko

Is at it again.  I don't know how I missed this from the past few days.  Oh, right, I've been busy as hell.  Anyways. it seems that bitch Pelosi feels like using military flights to ferry her family around, complete with a Class Six bill that would make an infantry company blush.

For non-military folks, the Class Six is the alcohol store for the military.  It gets its name from the military classification of logistical supplies.  Class One is subsistence, i.e. food.  Class Nine is repair parts.  Class Five is ammunition.  And Class Six is "Personal Demand Items", otherwise known as Morale, Welfare and Recreation.

In any case, the corrupt, plastic-faced bitch of the House has been ferrying her entire family around on a military jet.  That might be completely legal, according to House rules.  But since Bela Pelosi and her hubby are worth at least 92 MILLION DOLLARS would it be too much to ask that maybe their kids and grandkids and other extended family simply fly first class on a commercial airplane?  Because from what I see, The Brainless Harridan is using a huge government jet to ferry her family around at taxpayer expense for non-governmental reasons, and then turning right around and lecturing us on our carbon footprint.  Oh, and sucking down enough booze to light up the entire crew of an aircraft carrier.

Most.   Corrupt.  Congress.  EVAH.

In a just world, that worthless hag would be kicked out of office as soon as possible, not just for this but for every corrupt act she's undertaken over the past three years.  For her lies about the CIA.  For her lies about her lies about the CIA.  Hell, just search the blog for all the various posts I've done about her.  She's corrupt, she's power-hungry, she's a giant hypocrite, she's clueless on the international stage, and she's a national embarrassment every time she opens her mouth.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Another Kevin Baker Uberpost

That absolutely has to be read.  The one thing that amazes me is the sheer amount of people who work with the military who would be classified as falling into the "unrestrained" camp.

Anyways, set some time aside, and go read.

He's a nutcase

So, do you think this bowing thing is compulsive?  Or is it just his complete and total lack of spine that forces him to fold in half?

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A little smoke

The Mrs. and I wanted to do a little something different for dinner, and invite a few people over.  So we got a 25 pound turkey.  We brined it overnight, and it's currently sitting in the smoker with a mix of apple and black walnut wood hitting it.  I figure it'll take several good hours of hot smoking to cook it through.  Maybe I'll take pictures, maybe not.  Depends on how creative I feel.

But I bet it's gonna taste DAMN good.

By the way, I'm enjoying the MacBook so far.  Once you get the different controls figured out, it's pretty smooth.  And the battery life on this bad boy is around five to seven hours depending on what you're using it for.  Ohhhhh, yeah.