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Friday, February 05, 2010

Dredging up an old post at Velociman's

About High Speed Rail.  You know what the problem with High Speed Rail is?  The problem is not the speed of the rail, nor the passengers.  The problem is that High Speed Rail is nothing but another liberal pipe dream that they want to force on a population for that population's own good, and thus is driven by fucking idiots who don't have the first clue about how or where High Speed Rail (or light rail, or monorail) should run.  All you have to do is mention mass public transit and all the liberals in the room will immediately begin jacking off because the thought just turns them on that damn much.  But ask them the best way to implement it?  Ask for a working plan, and.....


Back when I lived in Seattle (now home to the SLUT!) they wanted to build light rail.  All the liberals wailed about how we needed more mass transit.  Brainless liberals pontificated and pulled their beards (at least the women did, the liberal pussy men weren't allowed to grow a beard as it might offend the liberal women) and everyone muttered about how light rail just "needed to be done!"  So they came up with a plan that would have run a light rail line from Seattle to....

Um.....  well, kinda over here, and then it would end right there, but gosh, people would ride it!  Uh huh!

The line would have gone from somewhere in Seattle to somewhere about a mile North of South Park Mall.  It didn't go to the mall.  It didn't go to the airport.  It didn't go from one large city to another.  It just meandered around without any real purpose other than to make liberals feel good about themselves, and it would have been as worthless as tits on a boar.  Every mass transit plan not only ignored traffic flow, it couldn't have worked against it more if it tried!  Look, have you ever looked at a map of the Puget Sound?  You have Everett up North, then Seattle, then Tacoma, then Olympia, all in a straight North-South line with the suburbs and various cities in between.  I-5 follows that line.  All the massive traffic flow follows that line.  Don't you think that if you wanted to build a successful public transit system that you MIGHT JUST WANT TO FOLLOW THAT FUCKING LINE?????????

I could have come up with a better light rail plan in half an hour.  Just give me a map, some pushpins and a six pack of Guinness.  "Build a station here, here, here, here, here, and over there.  Connect all the stations with rail line.  Build parking lots next to the stations, or better yet, build the stations as close to existing parking lots as possible.  See Tacoma Dome for examples.  Done.  Now go get me some fucking dinner, ya fucking limp-wristed bitch!"

But that wouldn't have made the liberals FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL any better, and light rail is nothing more than a masturbatory exercise is self congratulations for liberals, so naturally they wouldn't have listened to me.  Plus, by pushing forth a working plan, they couldn't suck Federal Dollars up like a crackwhore.  And golly, they really wanted that money!  And isn't it amazing how all that money disappeared with nothing to show for it?  Hmmmmmmmmm!

Whenever you hear a liberal talking about how great light rail, or High Speed Rail is, just bitchslap them.  Twice.  And then don't waste another second with them.

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