Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Joys Of Socialism

In real time.

Folks, if you want to see what the Democrat American Communist Party policies are going to bring about, all you have to do is take a look at where they've been in control for decades.  Detroit is the perfect example.  That city needs a wall built around it to contain the progressive stupidity.

Flash ads

Look, I know that all these flash ads check the cookies on your computer and put up ads to things they think will make you click on them, but...

I've been getting World of Warcraft ads.  And I don't play WoW.  I don't play any online multiplayer games like that.  No Warcraft, no Call of Duty, no Evercrack, nothing. 

It's getting kinda annoying, watching some crappy orc dance.

The ATF is running guns again

For fuck's sake, destroy the ATF.  Disband it.  Get rid of it.  Because as far as I can tell, it's only mission is gun-running for the Mexican drug cartels.

They have proven that they cannot be trusted, from top to bottom.  It is a government agency that brakes the law, commits serious crimes, and refuses to stop.

Get.  Rid.  Of.  It.  Remove it.  Destroy it.  Demolish it.  Tear it from it's foundations and cast it onto the scrap heap of history.  Kill it now, before it's actions cause any more deaths to occur.

Friday, January 13, 2012

One million workers less

This is what Socialism brings.  This is why Obama must be defeated.

Todays Leftist Hyperventilation du jour

Marines urinate on dead Taliban - wailing and rending of garments follows.

Folks?  Let the Marines piss on the corpses any time they want to.  And then videotape it and broadcast that to the world.  In fact, bury the corpses underneath the piss tubes that troops use, and make a video of you burying them and putting the piss tubes on top.  Videotape every swinging dick in the battalion pissing on the corpses of the Taliban.  Hell, charge the troops a dollar to use those specific piss tubes and you'd be rolling in the dough.

And it still wouldn't be a fraction as barbaric as the Taliban are themselves.

It's about time the West stopped whining about insignificant shit.  Man up, you fucking babies.  We are fighting seventh century barbarians who like to rape little girls who's fathers are friendly to Americans.  We are dealing with barbaric savages who like to cut the heads off of children if their parents ever helped the Americans.  There are no words in the English language to describe the brutality of the Taliban, and what they've done to the people of Afghanistan.  And you want to get upset because some Marines pissed on their corpses?

Pissing on their corpses is the LEAST of what they deserve.

Snow is here

It was actually snowing sideways for a good portion of yesterday.  Yee haw!  And now is the time when we shovel.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I just finished watching "We Were Soldiers".  I made it up until the point where Col Moore's wife confronted the cabby who was delivering the telegrams notifying people that their loves ones had died.  Fighting, dying, combat, that won't get me to tear up.  A distraught cabby who has no idea how to tell someone that their Soldier is dead....

"I don't like this job, lady.  I just have to do it."

I guess there are still some things that I haven't quite recovered from yet.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Romney wants to fire people?

Folks, if you're getting your knickers in a twist over Romney saying he enjoys being able to fire people, stop it.

That is NOT a big deal.  Businesses fire people all the damn time.  People don't work?  They get fired.  Show up to work drunk?  They get fired.  Don't conform to the businesses standards?  They get fired.

I'm willing to bet that if more UAW folks had gotten fired over the past few decades, Chrysler and GM wouldn't have lost as much money as they did.  And trust me when I tell you that entire swaths of government employees and contractors need to get fired.  The graft, waste and corruption endemic to poor performers who can't get fired is costing this country hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

Firing people isn't inherently bad.  Don't make a big deal out of it.

The More Accurate Headline is....

Rats Flee Sinking Ship.

Let's hope that Bill Daley resigning is a portend of greater things to come.

Songs what make me giggle

How many cultural references can you get into one little ditty jotted down on the back of a napkin and turned into a national hit?

Monday, January 09, 2012

Denver wins

Or, more importantly, the Devil's Concubines, aka the Pittsburgh Steelers, lose.  I don't mind Denver as a whole, and I think the city itself is great.  Still, I'm indifferent to their teams, until they play the Whores of Lucifer in the playoffs.

Thank you, Denver Broncos.  Thank you Tim Tebow for finally airing it out.  Thank you John Fox for pulling up one hell of a game plan. 

The only real team I will root against is the cheap-shot taking, cheating bastards known as Sluts for Satan Pittsburgh Steelers.  I must root against them, especially after they all sold their souls to the Prince of Darkness so that the refs would toss the 2005 Superbowl to them.  Which the refs did.  Rules?  What rules?  The Dark Lord demands that Pittsburgh win, and so they gave that game away.

Please note - The Steelers tried to sell a few more souls last year, but Satan doesn't do second mortgages I guess.  Packers win.  Steelers lose.  I celebrate.

So anyways, thank you Denver Broncos.  Even though my team is out of the playoffs, you still gave me something to root for. 

The Debt Limit

I'd say that it's put into ways that even a liberal could understand, but they've got their heads buried so far up their asses that they're keeping themselves ignorant through the sheer force of their will.

Found here.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

And one more thing

Am I the only person who thinks that George Snuffaluffagus would have been better able to ask questions at a debate if he wasn't busy wiping Obama's cumshot off of his face?


In case you couldn't tell

I've been mostly offline lately.  Busy.  So it's with some amount of amazement I read about one goat-felching fuckwit, Eugene Robinson, and his attack on the Santorum family over their decision to deal with the death of their baby girl.

I'm not the first person who recoils in horror at seeing Eugene Robinson's filthOr the SecondOr the Third.  And hopefully I'm not the last.

Eugene Robinson is one of the best examples of liberal, "progressive" thought today.  Let that sink in for a while. 

This is why they must be defeated.  And this is why I cannot vote for Romney.  Romney doesn't fight back against this level of hatred and smear attacks.  Right now, Newt Gingrich is the only person taking the fight to the Left.

The.  Only.  One.

I had high hopes for Ron Paul, and if Paul had gone after the Left the way he's gone after the Right, he'd have my vote right here and right now.  But dammit.....  he seems more interested in scoring points against the GOP than the Democrat American Communist Party.  That just doesn't work.  Romney, Santorum, Paul, they all get led by the nose by the MSM, otherwise known as Obama's Palace Guards, into attacking each other when they need to attack the Left, who's attempts to destroy this once great country are succeeding at an alarming rate.    But no, they'll bicker and infight rather than go after the cancer of Leftist thought.  And they'll let America fall into a pit it cannot recover from rather than attack the evil of progressive ideology head on.

Yes, I said it.  The EVIL OF PROGRESSIVE IDEOLOGY.  You cannot belong to an ideology responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths around the world, and determined to destroy the greatest country the planet has ever seen, without being considered evil.  You cannot belong to an ideology that will enslave the future of this country to pay for the entitlement programs of today without being considered evil.

And yet none of the top three frontrunners will attack that evil, and call it what it is.  And they want to win the nomination of the political party that at least mouths out mealy platitudes to conservatism?

Dear fuck me gently Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, I need more ammo.

Last Night's Debate

I don't think anybody helped themselves.  George Snuffaluffagus or whatever the hell his name is kept on attacking Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, leaving the rest of the candidates grasping for airtime to answer what few questions were asked.  All in all, it was just about as unsatisfactory a debate as I've seen, and it started with the "moderators".  There was one guy who actually seemed as if he cared about the questions and answers, rather than trying to protect his god and king Obama, but I can't remember his name right now.

All in all, this was a debate that really could have been better.  And it almost would have been better to have no debate at all.