Saturday, December 17, 2011

Credit where credit is due

I'd like some more of this, please.

What [it] basically does is require the State Department to issue the permit for Keystone XL within 60 days, unless President Obama explicitly says the pipeline is not in the national interest and kills it (that would definitely not be good for him to do).
It also tells State to allow construction to go ahead while it works with Nebraska to resolve any remaining environmental or routing issues. The governor and legislature there are on board with getting a new route to allay any concerns.
So we got the Keystone language, Dems got a 2 month extension of their payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance, but the cost is fully offset (with spending cuts) so it doesn’t add to the deficit.
The Republicans in the House and Senate have basically set it up so they either get the pipeline, or Obama goes down looking even worse and they have something solid they can pin on him.  That's good politicking there.


And I can do what I want to do!  I'm on nobody's schedule but my own!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Today's Gonna Piss People Off post

If Tim Tebow were black, not a single one of his attackers would have uttered a peep.  Not.  A.  Fucking.  Word.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From my viewpoint

I think that the reason so many people hate Tim Tebow is because of his religion, not anything he's done on the field.

I mean, he's a decent guy, he doesn't play dirty, he doesn't take cheap shots at his opponents (Steelers please take note!), he doesn't get caught with five hookers and a suitcase full of coke, he's not on drugs, legal or otherwise, he doesn't use PEDs, he doesn't get on TV and badmouth anyone, he doesn't take all the credit for a victory, he always points to how the TEAM won the game.......

Oh, and while he might not be the greatest QB to ever play the game, he doesn't turn the ball over much, and his team is WINNING games.  What are the Broncos now since he took over?  6-1?  Yeah.  Leading the AFC West?  Yeah.  So he's not Aaron Rodgers.  So what?  He protects the ball and gives his team a chance to win every single game.  You think the Indianapolis Colts wouldn't like some of that right now?  They'd jump on that chance like a starving dog on a fresh t-bone steak.

So can anyone else tell me why so many people hate Tim Tebow?  Because from where I sit, it's his religion, not his skill set, that is setting so many people off.  He's a reminder of what a decent Christian is, and people can't stand that.

Anybody?  Prove me wrong.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Seen on my walk

Click for bigger.  I was walking the dog and having my cigar when I did a double take at one of the shops downtown.  There have been a few of the "NO FIREARMS ALLOWED!!!!!!1111!!1!" signs popping up around town ever since Wisconsin finally stopped it's illegal infringement of the 2nd Amendment.  It seems there's at least one shop in town that has no problem with the 2nd Amendment and people's rights.

Sorry about the quality, I took the picture with my phone.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Want to go running

But there's freezing rain outside.  So I'm torn between my desire to run, and my knowledge that if I hit a patch of ice, which is currently covering 70% of the ground, I could wind up breaking my leg and not run for months.


UPDATE:  Went running anyways.  It was fine, until I hit the soggy dirt trail, and then it was like running in quicksand.  Still, better than sitting on my ever-expanding fat ass.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I don't care how cold it is

There's no winter day that a strong wind can't make colder.

I hated Kansas for this very reason.