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Madonna Tackles Poverty and Disease

God, she's classy.

You read it here first

Toleja Bill Hobbs is is no longer blogging.

On Justice O'Connor's retirement

Well, get ready for a rumble in D.C. After seeing how the Donks went into hysterics over Federal appointments, there's no way they're going to allow Bush to nominate anyone without a fight.

On one hand, I really don't give a damn, since it's clear that the Supreme Court doesn't give two shits about the Constitution anyways. It wasn't O'Connor who needed to step down, it was Ginsburg, or Souter, or any of the other five justices who took the 5th Amendment out of the Constitution and wiped their ass with it. As far as I'm concerned, those five judges need to be impeached. Taken off the bench. And it needs to happen right now, before we lose any more rights to a bunch of un-elected black robed tyrants. Perhaps if we got rid of the political figures on the bench, we could go back to having judges actually rule on the constitutionality of laws, rather than making them up and handing them down like feudal lords.

On the other hand, if Bush nominates another judge like Janice Rodgers Brown, watching the Democrats try to hysterically smear another black woman as evil reincarnate could only help conservatives in the next election. I won't even think that the Republicans would ensure the judge got an up or down vote, because the Pubs have proven that they're a group of spineless jellyfish with the moral fiber of an intestinal parasite. The fact that they STILL rate higher than the Democrats is a matter of the Donks being worse, not the Pubs being better. If I had my druthers, I'd kick every one of those worthless bastards out of office and hold new elections in all 50 states, with a qualifier that anyone involved with politics in the past is ineligible to run again. We need to clean house in D.C. Not that I think it'll happen. I'm just in a pessimistic mood.

Anyways, there's my two cents.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Sandra Day O'Connor announces her retirement...

...thirty-nine years, to the day, after President Lyndon Baines Johnson ordered the bombing of fuel depots in Hanoi-Haiphong, resulting in several civilian deaths, worldwide protests, and indignant reaction from China and the Soviet Union.

No word on Sioux casualties.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Speaking of Moonbats...

...I wonder how the pottymouthed old AgHay is doing these days???

(((I really don't wonder, you know.)))

Asked and Answered: She's doing well.

As Senator John F. Kerry traveled the country on his presidential campaign last year, his personal investment portfolio earned him between $14,700 and $42,300 in addition to his Senate salary of $158,100, while his wife's investments made the couple millions more, according to financial disclosure forms released yesterday.

Kerry reported ownership of four trust funds, with the combined value stated within the broad range of $430,000 to $2.56 million...
((( here's where we get to the part about his empathetic old lady )))
((( but before we do, let's have an empathetic picture )))

((( There we go. Now back to the story: )))

But much of Senator Kerry's 73-page financial disclosure report is dedicated to describing the vast holdings of his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, the primary heir to the Heinz family fortune. Heinz Kerry's net worth has been estimated at more than $500 million, and her wealth has made Kerry the richest senator in the nation by some estimates.

Heinz Kerry reported holdings of more than $1 million in a wide range of companies, including H.J. Heinz Co., Gannett Inc., IBM, Wells Fargo & Co., Comcast Corp., Liberty Media Corp., Noble Energy Inc., and Wachovia Corp. She has investments of at least $1 million in 31 separate venture capital funds, including funds run by Bain Capital, Beacon Capital Partners, and Polaris Venture Partners.

She also reported owning more than $25 million in municipal bonds, including many in Pennsylvania, the home state of her late husband, former senator John Heinz. Her ownership stake in the Washington restaurant Thyme Square was valued between $250,000 and $500,000, and her airplane charter company Flying Squirrel Inc. was valued at more than $1 million.
That's about all there is about the oft-looney-but-always-caring woman who'd have been First Lady if Diebold hadn't stolen Ohio for The Bad Guys.

If you click the link, you'll find that the article moves on to talk about Senator Kennedy's pile 'o dough.

Portfolio boosted Kerry's income - The Boston Globe

Seth McFarlane - Moonbat

"You're the amoral puppet master behind George W. Bush."
"We're conservatives. Abortion is the only type of killing we don't support."

Those are a couple of lines from the "American Dad" episode "Deacon Man, Jesus Man". The plot: Stan is obsessed with besting his neighbor. He covets his car, house, pay check, wife, kids, etc. After the death of their church Deacon, Stan and his neighbor campaign to be elected the next Deacon. Stan calls upon the services of Karl Rove who, I shit you not, looks exactly like the Emporer from Revenge of the Sith (Senate scene after the Jedi's failed attempt to arrest him). Wolf howling is heard every time someone says his name. He tries to enter the church when Stan beckons him in, but upon crossing the threshold, he starts to smoke. The abortion line comes into play when Stan's son becomes impregnated by the alien that lives in their house. But Stan takes his son to Mexico (which he calls "God's blind spot") to get it taken care of.

Did I mention that the most recent episode of Family Guy has the following scene: Peter has a flashback to when he "entertained at the White House". He is introduced to George W. Bush at his desk in the oval office. Peter say's "ooga booga booga" and acts like an ass causing W to laugh like an infant and wave his arms which is how he knocks a snow globe off his desk which causes him to cry like an infant". Gee, Seth. You don't hate conservatives, do you?

It seems making TV shows (and movies) that attempt to poke fun at or vilify your political rivals is therapy for wealthy spoiled Hollywood leftists. At least in the world of fairy tales, your rivals don't put up a fight. The Rove vilifaction was such blatant demonizing that it's actually funny. The other shit was just what he thinks of those who disagree with him. Yeah....fuck you too, Seth. :) Learn the difference between "killing" and "murder".

September 11 and Iraq: Short Memories

That's the title of this piece at Power Line. Quick, head-shaking read.


This is just outright bizarre, Bush Derangement Syndrome at its most foaming.

Found at lgf: What Media Bias?.

UPDATE [Tim]: DANEgerus comments. "I dream," he says, "of going 'kennyrogers' on some Al-Reuters cameraman."



Dem Dopey Dems are again wetting their pants because President Bush mentioned "9-11" in a speech about Iraq.

DANEgerus has compiled what is pretty darn close to being a compendium of links, excerpts, and factoids that together illuminate why someone in his right mind would consider the Battle For Iraq and the events of 11 September 2001 to be related.

If that ain't enough, there's more from Andrew McCarthy at National Review Online.

Oh Happy Day!

I was at the PX yesterday when I snagged my weekly copy of the Army times. It's a ritual, so I don't bother actually looking at the front page until I get it home.

So I get home, grab it out of the bag, and look at the cover. And promptly wet myself with joy.

The cover story? "Dump the M9? Why you may be turning in your 9mm for a .45"


Now, it won't happen tomorrow, but it seems the top brass has finally listened to soldiers when they say that the M9 is a worthless piece of crap that doesn't work. The list of WHY it's a piece of crap has been gone over all too often, but I'll repeat a few points:

1) Steel slide with aluminum body. Gives you much more kick than a 9mm round should, due to being completely unbalanced.

2) Lack of stopping power. That's a given, since the military has to use ball ammunition, and the 9mm is a puny bullet.

3) Lack of lethality. There was a report of a terrorist being shot IN THE FRIGGING NECK with a 9mm, and it didn't drop the goat-fucker. Now, if you shoot someone in the neck, they should go down. Again, since the military is forced to use ball ammo, that puny little 9mm slug just went in one side and out the other with very little collateral damage to the surrounding tissue. A .45 would have blown half the bastard's neck out.

Oh, and by the way, the US Army SF uses a .45 ACP pistol. That tells you all you need to know.

In any case, within the next few years, the Army can look forward to a .45 pistol.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Strange, isn't it? If "they" held a benefit for Africa, and no palefaced artists pitched in, well, that'd be horrible. And if "they" hold a benefit for Africa and almost all of the acts are lily-white, well (I'll be doggone), that'd also be horrible.

The Rhode Island Senate Tuesday approved legislation that protects patients and their primary caregivers who use and prescribe marijuana for medical reasons from arrest. I love States.

The Truth About Hillary is Number 13 at Amazon. I must say I think that's a generally bad thing. I think this kind of puerile and superficial coarseness is how we get to places where "big" political issues are, umm, puerile and superficial.

Guilty in East St. Louis! Lead item for Perky Katie tomorrow, no doubt .

That is all.

Torture - Then and Now

Not much can be added to this.

On the first of June, I was put in a cement box with a steel door, which sat out in the tropical summer sun. There, I was put in leg irons which were then wired to a small stool. In this position I could neither sit nor stand comfortably. Within 10 days, every muscle in my body was in pain (here began a shoulder injury which is now inoperable). The heat was almost beyond bearing. My feet had swollen, literally, to the size of footballs. I cannot describe the pain. When they took the leg irons off, they had to actually dig them out of the swollen flesh. It was five days before I could walk, because the weight of the leg irons on my Achilles tendons had paralyzed them and hamstrung me. I stayed in the box from June 1 until Nov. 10, 1969. While in the box, I lost at least 30 pounds. I would be curious to hear Mr. Durbin explain how this compares with having a female invade my private space, and whether a box in which the heat nearly killed me is the same as turning up the air conditioning.

For 5 months 'I stayed in the box' -- The Washington Times

Take a Good Look at the New President

of Iran.

UPDATE [Tim]: Jawa Report (linked to by DW above) mentions that there is some suspicion that the photographs that show Iran's new President during the Iran Hostage Crisis are doctored, Photoshopped.

Here's the dust jacket of a book on the Crisis, published 1999: Revolutionary Days: The Iran Hostage Crisis and the Hagur Claims Tribunal

UPDATE [Tim]: The story hits the mainstream: AP: Ex-Hostages Say Iran Leader Was a Captor

The President's Speech

"There was nothing in it that we and our readers didn't already know," says Power Line. I concur.

Best line, in my opinion: "They are trying to shake our will in Iraq — just as they tried to shake our will on September 11, 2001. They will fail."

Of course that is, or SHOULD BE, boilerplate stuff.

If every Democrat who criticizes the way the war has been run would just toss that in at the end of their remarks, I'd be pleased to entertain their objections. Dissent, after all, is a stone in the foundation of America. Seems to me sometimes that when Democrats dissent they appear to be willing to trade a Radical Islam win in Iraq for the President's head.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Girdle Zone

I'd not click it at work, though there is little to no nudity. I link it here because it is simply amazing that a site like this exists. I am near-continually astounded by the the plethora that is the Web.

Zona - The Girdle Zone

Can you say, "Poetic Justice?"

I think this is for real. I sure hope someone posts pictures of Justice Souter's home getting bulldozed when it happens.

One Tenth of One Percent

The insurgents are "not nearly as capable" as they want people to think, Army General George W. Casey Jr. Commander of Multinational Force Iraq, said on ABC's "Good Morning America" program. In fact, he said, insurgents represent "one tenth of one percent of the Iraqi population." Casey said the insurgents have no positive vision for Iraq, and the vast majority of Iraqis reject their attempts to derail democracy.

That is 1/10th of 1/100th of 26,000,000 people or 26,000 terrorist bottom feeders. For all you mouth breathing leftist vermin this means that Moore-on's prediction that "they will win" arrived at absolute zero a while back. By all means, continue betting that our enemy will prevail if it makes you feel better.

More goodies at the link.

Let Freedom Reign

Iraqi Sovereignty was transferred to the interim Iraq government 1 year ago today.

Link Dump

If it quacks like the Enemy, maybe it is. (LINK FIXED)

Ward Churchill - he does crave attention, doesn't he?

About that other quagmire (not the one in Afghanistan, and certainly not the ones in Germany and South Korea).

One of the great things about the "blogosphere"... the endless linking, where one can follow pathways of links, well, endlessly. To wit:

Monday became a favorite of Dodger fans from that moment on, and the next year the team traded for Monday. He played on three pennant-winning Dodger teams and played a key role in their World Series win in 1981. Today he still works for the Dodgers as a broadcaster, continuing an almost 30-year association with the team...
What did Rick Monday do in that "moment"?

Click and read.

Gee, what a quagmire

We're doing so horribly in Afghanistan that Afghan nationals are now being accepted into West Point.

The first Afghan native to attend the U.S. Military Academy is scheduled to report for duty at West Point June 27.

Shoaib Yosoufzai, one of 21 international cadets accepted as a member of the Class of 2009, comes from Laghman providence in Eastern Afghanistan.

Yosoufzai spent two years at Kabul University learning civil engineering. Continuing in the engineering field and gaining a strong military background are two of the reasons he wanted to come to West Point.


Yosoufzai studied some English grammar at Kabul University, which helped him with his SAT exam and for the past four months has built his English language skills at the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

He said his generation now has the right to make their own decisions, unlike a few years ago under Taliban rule, and he is happy for all the help from the U.S. and the international community. Also, his time in Nebraska changed some of his views of Americans as well.
(emphasis mine)

Yep, Bush hasn't done anything good in the ME at all. Nope, not a thing, it's a failure, quagmire, blah blah blah blah blah.

I doubt that Mr. Yosoufzai thinks that the War on Terror is a failure. And I'd trust Mr. Yosoufzai before I'd trust any of the Democrat Party members.

Just wait until the first Iraqi gets accepted to West Point. You'll hear the Donk's heads popping all over Washington DC.

Attaguy, Johnny!

Senator John Cornyn of the Great State of Texas has introduced something called The Protection of Homes, Small Businesses, and Private Property Act of 2005.

Go get 'em, Senator!

Further links and discussion here.

Limited effect, I would think, but gets that ball to rollin'.

Blogs Have Changed

Here is Bill Hobbs, circa 2003: HobbsOnline

Here he is today: - Political punditry and blog-journalism from Nashville.

I guess the focus really is the content and if a "citizen" (read: not Big Media) can make money while putting forth opinion and "news", that's good with little old Capitalist me.

Still, there's something about a little bit of commentary surrounded by ads ads ads ads ads ads that makes no longer a "blog". There is something in between a blog, like our site and Right Thinking and Drumwaster, and, say That's where sites like Bill Hobbs' are. I guess the line is crossed when the site has its own tax return. It's more like MiniMedia than blog.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Gulag. Gulag. Who's got the gulag?

You call that a gulag? Bah! Now this is a gulag.

While our own lying representatives in congress tell us our brothers and sisters in military service are criminals, those same brothers and sisters continue to sacrifice everything so that we can continue with our pampered lives and say whatever scampers across our highly cultured minds.

One can only hope that voters will one day open their eyes and see people like Dick "Gulag" Durbin, John "Ghengis Khan" Kerry, Ted "Quagmire" Kennedy, and Harry "Loser" Reid for what they are.

In the meantime, our thoughts and prayers are with our troops.
"We know that our troops have volunteered to put themselves in harms way for the benefit of all in this nation - even those who do not understand, do not wish to understand, will never understand - and we know that all they ask in return is that America keep the faith with them, and hang in there ’til the end, that America will not cut and run and render all of the work our troops have done, all of their sacrifices, meaningless."

An Open Letter to the President

I sure hope that President Bush does read this letter and gives it serious consideration. The only part that I would quibble with would be the part about reinstating the draft. That would give amunition to Bush's political enemies, which is obvious particularly when you notice that the House bill to reinstate the draft was introduced and sponsored by Charles Rangel (D) and the Senate bill to reinstate the draft was introduced and sponsored by Ernest Fritz Hollings (D) in the months leading up to last November's election. Rather than do that, redeploy the troops currently in Germany, & Korea. If Kim Jong Il invades South Korea then use a sub and turn Pyongyang into a small sea of black glass. To be honest, so long as we can prevent their export of nukes and bio-weapons and counterfeit dollars and heroin, I don't see North Korea as a threat. Besides, the South Koreans don't seem to want us there. Furthermore, Kim Jong Il seems to get upset when he's being ignored, so I say ignore the little peckerhead. Why should we have to take psycho dictators seriously, anyway? He's just killing his own people (for now). According to Demonrats, we're supposed to leave those types alone. Granted, the Syrians are rumored to be working on something with Kim Jong, but if we wax Syria, problem solved (for now), besides our intelligence info is ... um ... problematic. Anywho, the main problem in Iraq seems to be border control right now. It's them foreign Jihadis looking to blow up little Iraqi girls we gotta stop. Within Iraq, the key mission would seem to be lowering our profile and working behind the scenes to support and train the Iraqi military. (Announcing a withdrawal timeline is retarded, and is just part of the Demonrat agenda to defeat Bush by making the war effort a failure.) As the author of the open letter points out, if we lose this war it won't be due to a lack of firepower, it will be from a lack of will. The battle that is being lost, a battle that could easily turn the War on Terrorism and ultimately bring it back to our own turf, is not the battle for Iraq but the battle being fought right here in the USA. Osama knows this. It is why he went on tv and appealed to American voters last fall, threatening us with death if we voted for Bush, even suggesting that blue states would be spared the coming rain of terror (*laugh*). Osama and Zarqawi have been using the media as if CNN and NYT were on the al Qaeda payroll. The evidence is overwhelming - somebody ought to write a book. Journalists do not represent the people, and their agendas are easily exposed when one occasionally takes the time to look. (Unfortunately, most of us don't bother to find out for ourselves and just believe what we're told or whatever fits conveniently within our existing worldview.) The national/international media is on the side of the enemy. We need to fight back. Don't buy papers or publications that hate America. Don't buy products that sponsor anti-American news outlets like CBS, CNN, NYT & Newsweak. They have been in the process of tearing down this country since the 1960's. (CNN had a late start but they sure did make up for lost time, didn't they?)

Once again, from the Broadband Files... it, if you got it: ? Brainwashing 101

Sprechen Zie Whitewash

Here is America, our 9/11 monument might mention massacres of the Apache. History has a different meaning in Germany.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Taxes, Productivity, MSM, Midterm Elections, SCOTUS, etc.

It was one of the major domestic policy issues of the 2004 elections, wasn't it? Social Security reform was an election issue, too, but making the 2001 & 2003 tax cuts permanent was a major campaign issue while Social Security was not. (Social Security was more of an issue in 2000 that got sidetracked due to more important things like psycho mass murdering islamofascist goatmolesters flying jets into skyscrapers and two resultant wars.) Kerry you may recall had said that he believed the tax cuts were irresponsible and would have them repealed if elected president. Well, Bush won the election, and despite the nearly constant negativism we've been bombarded with from the media and politicians on the left, the economy is doing quite nicely thank you very much, so is this issue going to come up or are the 2003 tax cuts going to be allowed to expire? I'm just wondering because it is starting to look like John Kerry won the '04 election the way people are behaving in Washington, you know with Bolton's nomination to the UN blocked, the military being compared to Nazis, with the Republicans in the Senate pretty much checking with the Democrats before they do anything to make sure its ok with them, and the five liberal SCOTUS justices deciding to give municipalities the power to seize private property and give it to whoever has political pull. I'm starting to wonder if the Republicans can do much of anything with their 55-45 majority in the Senate.

For some perspective on the tax cut issue, see William Kristol's article in this week's Weekly Standard:
The 2003 cuts in personal income rates, and in the tax rates on dividends and capital gains, have helped produce economic growth of better than 4 percent a year--as non-tax-cutting European economies have stagnated. Unemployment here is down to 5.1 percent, while it remains 10 percent or more in Germany and France. The Dow is up by about 24 percent since May 2003, and capital spending by business is up some 22 percent.

And tax revenues are up. As Stephen Moore has pointed out in the Wall Street Journal, the supply-side Laffer curve has worked. Federal tax receipts are up by over 15 percent so far this fiscal year--and state tax receipts are up 7.5 percent. Individual and corporate receipts are up some 30 percent in the two years since the tax cut. The budget deficit looks as if it will be down by some $60 billion this year.

It's a Bush administration success story. They should tout it. Usually politicians seek to forget--and to have others forget--their failures. In this case, the Bush administration has forgotten to take credit for its successes.
In case you're wondering about that "Laffer" curve, if you're to the right of the hump (as we were, evidently) then a decrease in tax rates results in more tax revenue due to increased spending, investment, productivity, etc. Ha ha what a laugher! But you know what? Bush won't tout it. Why bother? Bush can't get good press no matter what. Not from the MSM. The media will just laugh at him - they've invested too much in their campaign to destroy Bush to stop now. They've already lost a lot of credibility, but they figure they still have enough clout to ride out the rest of his term, then they're home free with Darth Rodham. Stupid, no? They'll say that up is down and the economy sucks and that all the suffering in the world is Bush's fault just like they always do. They'll do their little mind control thing and get the public to think the tax cut was bad just like they got people to think that social security is fine the way it is and owning a piece of your own retirement account instead of trusting the gummint is dangerous. Bush is getting sick of fighting CNN,NYT,ABC,CBS,NBC,PBS,NPR,etc. all the time (though Karl Rove seems to be warming up to the task). I suspect W.'ll wait until after the 'o6 elections before making a push for the Senate to vote to make the tax cuts permanent. In the '06 midterm elections the Republicans will most likely pick up more seats in both houses. It might not yet be enough to defeat a filibuster unless the Demonrats in the Senate continue their suicide strategy of lockstep obstructionism (because if they do, they will most likely lose the five seats the republicans need to reach 60, i.e., no more filibusters), but Bush can't take the chance of letting the current Senate screw up a perfectly good economic recovery.

I think this recent court case in particular is bad for the Dems, particularly since they've made such a stink about blocking judicial nominees who defend the Constitution and its founding principles. Those on the right have made a lot of noise about it and those on the left have not, or if they have their response has been a whisper compared to their outrage over comments critical of liberals made by Karl Rove, but I don't think the lefties like it either since big business benefits from the SCOTUS decision. (I should stress here that, though some businesses with political pull will benefit from this, capitalists in general are livid because without private property rights, capitalism ceases to exist. Any American 16-year old could tell you that.) The only people who are happy about that case decision are communists who believe in central planning and think that property rights for individuals are inherently wrong. Which raises an interesting question: are John Paul Stevens, Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer communists? This case also raises an interesting question for these United States as a whole: can a nation survive when the principles which serve as the basis for its formation are discarded?

P.S.: Welcome to our 250,000th visitor.