Saturday, March 26, 2005

Not much from me in re: Schiavo

I'm not sure about the Federalism argument. I tend to think that if there's someone willing to care for a disabled woman, and that woman's husband wants her dead, someone in government should make it so.

Why does Michael want her dead?

Blah. I'd like to spend the time 'atypin' on this topic, but i'll just parrot someone else instead:

Florida state court Judge George Greer – last heard from when he denied an order of protection to a woman weeks before her husband stabbed her to death – determined that Terri would have wanted to be starved to death based on the testimony of her husband, who was then living with another woman...

Greer has refused to order the most basic medical tests for brain damage before condemning a woman to death...

Greer has cut off the legal rights of Terri's real family and made her husband (now with a different family) her sole guardian, citing as precedent the landmark "Fox v. Henhouse" ruling of 1893...

Given the country's fetishism about court rulings, this may be a rash assumption, but I presume if Greer had ordered that Terri Schiavo be shot at her husband's request – a more humane death, by the way – the whole country would not sit idly by, claiming to be bound by the court's ruling because of the "rule of law" and "federalism."
Well, yeah.

My Next To Last Post About Terry Schiavo

Because my last post on her will be when she dies, which I'm pretty convinced is going to be what happens. It's a sad statement that we'll kill a person through means that would get people arrested if they did it to their dog.

People have been arrested for trying to give Terri a drink of water. Not through a tube to her stomach, but a drink of water in her mouth. But wait, I thought Terri Schiavo was brain dead? How can she swallow water if she's brain dead? Wouldn't she choke to death? Wouldn't that make Micheal Schiavo happy? But wait, a nurse who worked with Terri Schiavo said that she could eat Jell-O on her own, which means she isn't brain dead. Hell, who knows? Since testing hasn't been done, we won't know for certain, and that's too bad. Now Micheal Schiavo doesn't even want an autopsy. Well, that makes sense, because we already know how she'll die. HOURS OF FUCKING STARVATION AND DEHYDRATION, LEADING TO PAINFUL KIDNEY FAILURE, AND ULTIMATELY DEATH.

How the fuck can liberals say that Terri Schiavo isn't suffering from all this because she's brain dead, and yet they say that allowing her to live as a vegetable would make her suffer? More liberal ill-logic, I guess. You can't be a liberal if your brain works.

All in all, I see this as one step closer to a revolution in this country. You can't be so fucked in the head that you allow a so-called husband (who's sleeping with some other chick and fathering illegitimate children with her) to starve and dehydrate his soon-to-be ex-wife to death while maintaining any kind of real civilization. Terri may be brain dead, she may not, the problem is that NOBODY KNOWS!

I know that the Kallini brothers have a different opinion than I do, as well as a whole bunch of other people. That's fine. I just can't agree with starving someone to death because of a husband who stinks like a dead fish. I don't agree with disposing of someone just because they're an inconvenience. And until someone can furnish me with absolute proof that Terri Schiavo is really, truly, 100% brain dead, killing her off is a very bad idea. I don't trust her sleaseball of a husband, I don't trust the courts who have handled this case, and I don't trust any governmental person or agency who has tried to get involved with it.

Fuck it. The next time I see Micheal Moore out on the street, I'll try to convince a judge that he's brain dead (which isn't far from the truth) and I'll get a judge to let me starve him to death. That would go on for months, as Moore has so much fat stored up that he can last for a while, but still, it would be a start. Let's just kill off all the people who are an inconvenience to us, shall we? We already allow fucking crack whores and sluts to have multiple abortions, don't we? This is like an abortion, only it's at the other end of life. Fucking kill everybody off who can't defend themselves, what the hell. Let's get that insurance money rolling in. Let's get the inheritance that we deserve, only a little bit sooner! Fucking kill everybody, old, young, middle aged, if they can't feed themselves then they deserve to fucking die, right? Fuck 'em all, and give me the big fat fucking life insurance policy. It doesn't matter if they're really not brain dead, you just have to convince some fucking judge that they're close enough. And then yank the tube. And arrest people who try to put water into the soon-to-be-deceaced mouths. Which supposedly don't swallow anyways.

It makes me sick.

Here's a tip to everyone who's watching this whole situation - Don't take out a big life insurnace policy. Because if you're in a car wreck and you might be brain dead, it looks like people can just fucking starve you to death and get the cash. So don't give them that incentive. Either that or get a really good living will. Hell, I'll do a post on why you should have a living will later.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Has President Bush lost his fucking mind?

Because it sure seems so.

Kim du Toit has the link to the Washington Post article, but you have to register. I'll cut and paste a bit here just to give you that red curtain of blood.

President Bush yesterday said he opposes a civilian project to monitor illegal aliens crossing the border, characterizing them as “vigilantes.”

He said he would pressure Congress to further loosen immigration law.

Loosen immigration law? You don't even enforce the laws you have now, what the fuck do you think loosening the laws will do? The problem isn't that the laws are strict, the problem is that THIS FUCKING COUNTRY IS TOO FUCKING GUTLESS TO ENFORCE IT'S OWNED DAMN LAWS RELATING TO IMMIGRATION! And when the President of this country is more than happy to bend over and take it straight up the ass from some fucking corrupt piece of shit asshole like Vicente Fox, it does nothing to make honest Americans feel any better!

The people Bush just called "vigilantes" are citizens of this country who are sick and fucking tired of being the chamberpot of Mexico!

More than 1,000 people—including 30 pilots and their private planes—have volunteered for the Minuteman Project, beginning next month along the Arizona-Mexico border. Civilians will monitor the movement of illegal aliens for the month of April and report them to the Border Patrol.

Mr. Bush said after yesterday’s continental summit, with Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin at Baylor University, that he finds such actions unacceptable.

“I’m against vigilantes in the United States of America,” Mr. Bush said at a joint press conference. “I’m for enforcing the law in a rational way."

Enforcing the law? What a fucking joke! How many people pour over our southern border every year? Oh, yeah A FUCKING MILLION! How the FUCK is that enforcing the fucking law? IT'S NOT! I say let these supposed vigilantes have an open season on anyone trying to run across the border. Maybe they'll catch someone like this, a gun-smuggling illegal alien who lives comfortable in this country thanks to the complete and total abdication of governmental responsibility. We can't keep the fucking government out of our lives or pocketbooks even if we wanted to, but ask them to do the fucking job that the sniveling shitheads ARE SUPPOSED TO DO and what you do get? A big fat nothing.

Washington D.C. is nothing but a shithole filled with whores, parasites and charletans. I say let's nuke that place to the ground and start over.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Fascinating, Scary, Pathetic

Three words to describe the trial whose jury I served on in United States Federal District Court this week. More later.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Gotta See It

They support the troops.


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Link: The Commonly Confused Words Test written by shortredhead78 on Ok Cupid

From he who loves internet quizzes.

I want to kill flash animation

Look, I know that people with the newest computers and broadband connections who can download three-hundred bajillion megabites per nanosecond can handle just about anything the internet tosses at them, but those of us who's budgets allow for small, low memory computers and dial-up connections have a bitch of a time getting to some websites.

Seriously, checking Yahoo mail on my laptop is a pain in the ass. The damn flash animations (which is always some worthless advertisment or another) take forever to load, and damn if they aren't the FIRST FUCKING THING to get up and running. So I sit here for a while, waiting for this crap to finish downloading before I can check my mail. And don't even bother telling me to shell out the bucks for broadband, because the phone lines out here won't do it. We're dealing with 1960's technology that isn't even capable of DSL. Getting a cable modem out to this house would cost thousands of dollars.

I'm starting to contemplate boycotting websites that run too much flash animation. It's all ads and crap anyways. Just another form of spam. Blah.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Expect gas prices to keep rising

I was listening to an investment program on the radio tonight and I learned that there are no plans whatsoever to build any new oil refineries in this country.


I've been over this before. Without building new refineries, it doesn't matter what the price of crude oil does because it can't get processed quickly enough! And not only have we NOT built any new refineries, we don't have any plans to do so! We cannot meet fuel demand as it is and we are making no moves to ease that shortage!

Here's my prediction - $3.00 per gallon within five years. Bank on it. And until refineries get built, it'll keep rising.

Thoughts on Terry Schiavo

1st, I agree with Kim du Toit. Why in the name of all that is holy are we giving control of this issue to CONGRESS?!?!?!?!?!?!

Once the government takes power, it does not give it back. Giving Congress power over this matter means that they'll have that power from now until this country falls. It's idiotic.

Second, before the whole issue of "life or death" can be determined, we need to cut through all the bullshit of "he said she said" and figure out just how alive Terry Schiavo is. Does she respond to verbal stimuli? Does she recognise individual people? If the answer is yes, then she's not really brain dead, is she? Also, why is the husband refusing to let the parents take over responsibility for her? They've said that they're willing to take care of her, and that he can get a divorce if he wants and move on with his life. He's refused. WHY? My mental alarms are going off with this guy, and I'm wondering what he's trying to hide.

And lastly, my mother has plainly stated (although in much nicer terms) that if she's to a point where she can't even wipe her own ass, pull the plug. Plain and simple. My mom doesn't want to live if it means that I have to wipe her butt while a machine breathes for her. And I can respect that. But I don't know if that's how Terry Schiavo felt. So I can't make that decision for her.

My impulse is to keep her alive. Her parents want to take care of her, and her husband seems overly eager to put her to death. I don't understand why you would want someone to die when people have made it clear that they'll take care of any responsibility, so I'm firmly on the side of "Keep her alive", if only for the thoughts in my mind that the husband may be the one responsible for her brain trauma.

Don't get all pissed off and send me notes for one side of the other. I'm just expressing my thoughts.

UPDATE: Gee, read a few blogs and look what turns up!

There is considerable evidence that Mr. Schiavo has no interest in his wife's welfare. He refuses to permit the physical therapy patients in Terri's state generally receive. Although a CAT scan of Terri's brain has been done, he refuses to allow PET and MRI scans, which are the best diagnostic tools for determining whether enough of her brain exists to sustain consciousness. And witnesses claim Terri has lost teeth and developed bedsores as a result of neglect.

Refused an MRI for his wife? There should be alarm bells ringing in the heads of all right-thinking people. You do not refuse a test for someone that you love and want to recover. Period. This whole story stinks like week old fish, or your local liberal protesters after a day in the sun.

We have to fight for a right to life for non-pretty people. We’ve already lost the battle to defend the unborn. Now liberals want to kill full-grown people who are inconvenient to have around. Liberals laugh when conservatives say “slippery slope,” but look where we are today. Fifty years ago, people would have been outraged by hospital staffers badgering them for permission to kill their relatives. But now it’s routine, and we starve babies to death, and we abort female children because we want boys. If we keep exercising the prerogatives of godhood, within a decade or two, we’ll be killing retarded newborns. I’m sure it’s being done already, knowing what I know of the current excesses of the liberal culture of death, but I believe we’ll be doing it openly.

'Nuff said? Yep.

Making my point for me

I love some of these comments....

"shooting lefties" huh? The last Bushie I kicked to the curb cried like a baby.

"Oh, I'm sorry, don't hit me any more" he wimpered.

Y'all fold up can cower when confronted. Ya ain't nothing but pussies.
Jimbo | 03.20.05 - 8:42 pm

As if that wasn't obviously fake blather from an idiot hiding behind a keyboard? So much for being "peacefull" and "tolerant".

Why do seppo wingnuts assume the left can't shoot? I won't kill a pig, but you're fair game.
Dave | 03.21.05 - 1:22 am

How about because the Left has disarmed itself and is attemting to disarm the rest of the country, Dave? Gun Control is a hallmark of socialists and communists the world over. In fact, do you know what a communist is? A socialist who's managed to take away a person's gun. And admitting that you'd like to kill me is a big first step. Start your little war!

Shoot away. The last time the red state loud mouths shot at the blues they got their red whiney hineys shot full of holes.
Armed to the teeth and trained | 03.21.05 - 12:38 pm

I assume you speak of the Civil War, which would be the only time states have shot at each other. Unfortunately for you, that was Democrat slave owners revolting against a Republican who wanted to abolish slavery. The Republican in question is Abraham Lincoln. Perhaps when you've read a few history books, you can come back and argue without being laughed at. And pardon me for laughing out loud at your preposterous claim of being armed to the teeth.

Satire is dead, folks. When the Left can only muster up these examples, which do nothing but prove my points for me, you just can't make fun of that.

Well, maybe Scrappleface can, but he's got a whole lot more talent for satire than I do. This last comment provides all the proof I need from the Left.

Jeez, chill out, Dave. That picture was taken in Canada and has nothing to do with liberals in the United States. Would you like to be responsible for what all the right-wingers in other countries say? I don't think so.
As a Jewish person myself, btw, I don't need lectures about anti-Semitism from the likes of you, thank you.
David | 03.21.05 - 1:31 pm

This has got to be the most overused, mealy mouthed, pussifed comeback in use by the Left today. It in no way clears the Left of their obligation to be sane and rational, yet attempts to force the subject onto a different tack.

Hey David, guess to forced Trent Lott to step down when he made is idiotic comments at Strom Thurmand's birthday party?

Here's a hint - it wasn't you liberals. It was the conservatives who were outraged at what he said.

You can find rants about President Bush and other Republicans on this blog. In fact, on almost every conservative blog you can see the writer pointing at some idiot who happens to be on the Right and saying "No way, he doesn't speak for me!" The difference is that you don't see that on the Left. EVER!

The Left ties itself into knots trying to excuse the behavior of people who call me a Nazi, and say that President Bush is a terrorist. IT'S BECAUSE THE LEFT AGREES WITH THOSE PEOPLE! The reason I hold the Left responsible for the going-ons of other liberal idiots is because I have yet to see one Leftists speak out against the idiots and insane lunatics that the Left has become. It's very simple. You don't condem it because you agree with it, and not one single Leftist who left a comment here has bothered to say "Hey, you know what? Those people are fucking nuts."

That's because, deep down, you DON'T condem it.

And as for your little "you're not jewish so you can't talk about anti-semitism" bit of bullshit, PLEASE! I recognise hatred when I see it, and I don't need to be Jewish to recognise anti-semitism. Again, you attempt to sidetrack the discussion without answering the main point of it. Nice try, Leftie, but you're still a fucking moron.

Anyone else out there want to give it the 'ol college try?

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Here's a Thought....

And it's also a statement of just how out of touch with reality the Left is today -

Go look at this picture. It's from yet another brainless Leftist anti-war protest. Here's the link that picture came from, with even more pictures highlighting the bankrupt ideology of the Left.

Here's a run-down of everthing in a short paragraph.

"Bush is Hitler. Bush is a Nazi. America is full of Nazi's. Bush is evil. Bush Hitler Bush Hitler Bush Hitler Bush Hitler and America is run by the Jews."

So let me get this straight - these idiots, these mindless drones, these babbling morons, these drooling halfwits are equating President Bush to a genocidal dictator who sent millions of Jewish people to be tortured, gassed to death, and buried in mass graves, yet at the same time claiming that America is controlled by the Jews?

Wow. Idiocy, hatred, and anti-Semitism all wrapped into one protest! Bravo! And people wonder why I refuse to debate with these ignorant asses?

For even more examples of how the Left in this country thinks, visit here. Make sure to remove anything throwable from your computer desk first.

There can be no discussion with people who cannot deal with reality. You cannot debate the Left while they live in their drug-induced fantasy world. The more I see of the Left, the more I wish they would start that civil war they keep talking about.

Because then I would get to shoot them.

In The Same Vein....

as the post below this one, here is the full text of Patrick Henry's famous speech.

Must Read Essay

"What Good Can A Handgun Do Against An Army?"

Your assignment is to print this out and distribute it as widely as possible. Make sure you publish the author's name (no plagerism!), as it's copywritten. It's too long to just cut and paste, so here's an example of what it's like.

A new friend of mine gave me a plaque the other day. Upon it is written these words by Winston Churchill, a man who knew much about fighting tyranny:

"Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

The Spartans at Thermopolae knew this. The fighting Jews of Masada knew this, when every man, woman and child died rather than submit to Roman tyranny. The Texans who died at the Alamo knew this. The frozen patriots of Valley Forge knew this. The "expendable men" of Bataan and Corregidor knew this. If there is one lesson of Hitlerism and the Holocaust, it is that free men, if they wish to remain free, must resist would-be tyrants at the first opportunity and at every opportunity. Remember that whether they come as conquerors or elected officials, the men who secretly wish to be your murderers must first convince you that you must accept them as your masters. Free men and women must not wait until they are "selected," divided and herded into Warsaw Ghettos, there to finally fight desperately, almost without weapons, and die outnumbered.

Go. Read.

Found at Drumwaster's place.