Saturday, February 13, 2010

Deer - food, clothing, and roadblocks

I just got hit by a deer.

Coming home from a two hour drive, I see a deer in the road.  There's been deer all over the place tonight, but this one is actually in the road, right in my lane.  FUUUUUUUUUCK!  Hit the brakes, steer to the left, and I see the deer turn towards the side of the road as if he's actually going to get out of the way.  Then, at the last moment, that little fucking rat-bastard turns and bolts at the opposite side of the road, and runs smack dab into my car.  Head-first into the passenger window.

Glass shatters.  I hear a "THUMP".  I pull over.  The deer is laying in the road, my passenger is covered with broken glass, I've damn near shit myself and the Ragin' Mrs. is demanding to know who just rudely woke her up from her nap, and can I please kill whoever it was.

Then the deer gets up and runs away.  OK, so I didn't kill it.  I almost wish I had, so that I could take it home and turn it into venison steaks.  Hit my car?  Hit my grill!  I'm checking out the car.  The passenger window is gone.  Passenger mirror is gone, but the housing is still there.  In fact, the housing doesn't have a crack that I can see, but the glass is shattered.  I can't figure that one out.  A few smudges on the side of the car, and that's it.

No one injured, and a grand total of one window and one mirror broken.  That's it.

I'm still kind of in that FUCKING DEER FUCKING HIT MY FUCKING CAR THE FUCKING SHITTY VERMIN FUCK FUCK FUCK state of mind right now.  My dear wife, sensing my fragile state of mind, kindly points out that even when I hit a deer with a car I still can't kill it.  I'm thinking of borrowing a grenade launcher to go hunting with next year.  And all in all I'm thinking that I should be grateful as hell that we were able to drive away from the whole experience.

Now I need to go find out how much it costs to replace a window.

Hey there, Southern Folks!

You enjoying that Global Warming???  Maybe the next time some brain-dead Leftard wails about global warming or some bullshit that algore crapped out onto a movie screen you'll just beat the shit out of them instead of nodding and "mm-hmm"ing like a zombie.

Just dammit....


However, it’s not what is in the document that surprises the reader – it’s what was left out. There presence of two elephants in their living room apparently escaped the notice of American’s top civilian and military leaders. Islamic radicalism does not receive any mention whatsoever in the American Defence Review and the threat posed by a nuclear Iran is mentioned in only one general sentence at the end of a document (page 101). To put this lack of discussion in proportion, contrast this non-discussion with other security issues mentioned in the document. For example, the security effects of climate change are highlighted and discussed in depth in eight pages of the document.
I would not have thought it possible that one could publish a book-length assessment of America’s security challenges and responses and NOT address the problem of Islamic radicalism or the Iranian bomb – but that’s just what Defence Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Mullen have done. From this one can draw one of two possible conclusions: these men are really, really stupid (not very likely), or they have deliberately minimised the current security threats to please the Obama administration and support the President’s desire to cut defence spending. The smart money is on the latter explanation.

How's all that Hopey-Changy kool-aid working for people now?  You feel safer yet?

If we get attacked again, it will be because Obama the fucking communist allowed it to happen.  Found here.

Friday, February 12, 2010

If Obama had any balls or spine

He'd be supporting the people of Iran in their protests and rejection of the theocracy they live in.

But because he's a gutless, spineless, balless fucking pussy who only sucks up to communists and dictators (redundancy alert), the people of Iran are getting no support from this Administration.

Let it be known that because American elected a god-damned communist pussy, freedom-seeking people around the world are not getting any support from us.  People who want the same kinds of freedom we have are being beaten and shot in the streets of Tehran, and this country is just standing by and letting it happen without lifting a fucking finger.  Not even a single fucking WORD of support from Obama the dictator-fellating fucknut.

And let that shame stain our souls until the day we die.

Who didn't see this coming?

If you honestly didn't see this coming, raise your hands.  So that I can ridicule you as the worthless fucking moron that you are.

President Barack Obama said he is “agnostic” about raising taxes on households making less than $250,000 as part of a broad effort to rein in the budget deficit.
Obama, in a Feb. 9 Oval Office interview, said that a presidential commission on thebudget needs to consider all options for reducing the deficit, including tax increases and cuts in spending on entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

Seriously, who didn't see this coming?  If you honestly thought that Barack the Commie Obama wasn't going to raise your taxes, then you are a braindead fucking idiot.  But I"m willing to bet that all those Democrat American Communist Party members who blithely told me "Oh, Obama won't raise taxes!"  damn well KNEW he would do it, and they just lied through their teeth.  Then again, maybe they really are that fucking retarded.  They're Democrats.  We're not talking about the cream of the crop here, ya know?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

One paragraph explains more than the writer thinks

The headline to this Salon piece is "How to Leave a Soldier".  Somehow that strikes me as an eminently appropriate headline for a Salon piece.

And as John of ARGGHHH! says:

The funny part, I suspect, is that she thinks she's written something deep.  The irony is that it just makes the shallow stand out more.  Just as her hedonistic, self-centered outlook is encapsulated in how she chooses to describe her husband and his fellow tankers:

The part that made me sit up and go "Ah, well that explains a lot doesn't it?" was this:

I am married to a lithe, blue-eyed Marxist whose dissertation was on U.S. imperialism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a man who participated in war protests in Santa Cruz, Calif., during the winter I lived at Fort Knox. He has two children of his own -- bright, intense redheads, close in age to mine. I live with him in a tiny apartment in Manhattan, and when we can, we commute together to work. On weekends if we are not at a museum or movie together, we are at home right up next to each other.

Yep, that one paragraph explains more about the writer than she could ever imagine.  Her previous husband has done more good for the world than her current husband could ever hope or dream for.  I could spend an entire day just taking this piece apart and exposing what it says about the writer, but I've got snow to shovel.  Still, if you can stomach it, go read it, because it's a visual definition of the "Me" generation.

Ten bucks says she voted for Obama.

Oh, and scrolling down the Linkiest, you get to THIS article, and I'm wondering if Hawkins and Co did it purposely or if it's just a coincidence:  Wherefor Art Thou, Chivalry?

Let’s not be blinded by St. Valentine himself. A few secret admirers are sprouting up these days and chocolates may end up in my mailbox on the 14thof February, but I want to focus on the other 364 calendar days. Where did dinner at a nice restaurant go? Why are guys no longer lending a sweater when my arms get chilly? How come the term “first date” is becoming just as out-of-date as the Spice Girls’ famous “girl power” slogan?

Read the first article.  Then read the second article.  You want to know why chivalry is dying?  Because men don't want to be chivalrous to a woman who will leave them for a "lithe, blue-eyed Marxist" when they're not getting laid enough.  Chivalry died bit by bit as the practitioners of Chivalry were snubbed as antiquated, chauvinistic, and repressive.  Chivalry died because modern society, through it's actions, told us that they didn't want it.

So deal with it.  OR, and this is my preferred option, dig it up and bring it back to life.  But it has to be through what you do, not what you say.  It's the classic case of nice guys finishing last.  If you truly give a shit about chivalry, why don't you pay a bit more attention to the guys who practice it?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Maybe it's just me

But this little game here......

I giggle when I destroy Tehran.  And Mogadishu.

Just sayin'.

Really, you douchebag?

So little Bobby Gibbs wrote some notes on his hand to make fun of Sarah Palin....

Really?  No, REALLY?

Hey Gibbs - your boss, the liberal Lord and Messiah, can't give a speech to SIXTH GRADERS without the Teleprompter of the United States leading him along, and you want to make fun of a woman who scribbled four lines on her hand for her speech?


Your boss, the Stuttering Jackass of Chicago, is calling for an end to partisan politics, and you're out there attacking the Vice Presidential nominee from the losing ticket.


Your boss, the Arrogant Asshole of Epic Failure, is sinking so fast in the polls that his own political party is pushing him away after just one year in office.  He's making JIMMY FRIGGIN' CARTER look good, and you're attacking a woman who isn't running for any office.


You keep that up.  Tell me how it works for you.

Another reason I refuse to watch Headline News

Or CNN, which owns HLN - Joy Behar.  My god, the combination of staggering stupidity and the obnoxious yenta accent is enough to make me bash my temples in with a roofing hammer.  The latest?  Well.....

ENSLER: Well, I just think the idea that she doesn't believe in global warming is bizarre.
BEHAR: Every scientist at every note believes in it but Sarah Palin doesn't believe in it.
ENSLER: And I think we just kind of have to walk around the world at this point and look at what is happening to nature and earthquakes and tsunamis.
BEHAR: Right.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what passes for "intelligence" on the Left.  Because the San Andreas Fault is all caused by Global Warming.

The Political Left - is there anything they've ever been right about?  (pun intended!)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Left's New Smear on American Soldiers

They really just can't help themselves. Now that the American public has expressed it's overwhelming disapproval of granting war criminals the rights of citizenship, the Left has to manufacture allegations of mistreatment to rationalize the indulgence.

Gregory of Yardale at Moonbattery reports on The Left's New Smear on American Soldiers
Harper's Magazine has been promoting a conspiracy theory that American Soldiers at Gitmo are murdering jihadis and making them look like suicides. This smear on our troops has been promoted by left-wing hate sites like DailyKos, Firedoglake, the Demoncratic Underground, Crooks and Liars as well as AIDS-addled blogger Andrew Sullivan and the-blog-that-hates-my-guts.

Human Events examines Harper's allegations and finds them weak, at best, based on conjecture, inaccuracies and... oh yeah, an agenda to smear the military.
Because shoving tubes down the throats of terrorist war criminals on hunger strikes is torture... and NOT shoving tubes down the throats of terrorist war criminals on hunger strikes is torture.

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"He's got a Prompter when he's making a move on Michelle"


The more I see how Palin gets inside the Left's head, the more I like her just for that fact.  Reagan's son is a smarmy little fuckstick.  I'm actually ashamed of him, like "Oh god, that must have been the one or two genes that were a little....  recessive."  No wonder the Leftoids love him.  "Look!  It's Reagan's son!  And he's a limp-wristed fucking liberal pansy!"


Then again, maybe of Headline News and CNN weren't such a bunch of liberal fucktards, they'd be garnering more viewers than Fox News' 3AM slot.

John Murtha died?

In the interest of not bad-mouthing the dead, I'll just leave it at the headline.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Indicative Mindsets

So, this fellow thinks the Tea Party movement is dead, partly because of Sarah Palin.


Bubba, if you think one or two people can kill the Tea Party Movement, then you really had no clue what it was all about in the first place.  The fact that you'll ascribe anything to a single speech given at a single event lets me know more about how you think than anything worthwhile.

And yet again....

Look people - when I said that Obama can't stand the military, and only gives a shit about the military when he can use them for a photo op, did you think I was just being a bit.....  rhetorical?  Using a wee bit of hyperbole, perhaps?  If you haven't seen President Bumblefuck call a Navy Corpsman a "corpse-man", go watch this.

This clueless fucking bitch can't go two feet without his precious teleprompter giving him directions, and even with his precious teleprompter he can't pronounce Corpsman right!

I'm actually pissed off right now.  I'm pissed of that Obama the clueless, spineless, classless fuckhead can't be bothered to actually learn a bit about the military he leads, and I'm pissed off as all hell at the clueless, brainless, worthless fucking pieces of shit who voted for that simpering jackass.  America won't die because of Obama, it'll die because all the people who VOTED for Obama are more than willing to vote for yet another empty suit.

Gah.  I'm not in that good a mood right now.

Hey..... was there a game on yesterday?

There was?  No way....

Aw, who am I kidding - I was watching the Super Bowl from kickoff to final whistle.  I wasn't rooting for either team, so I could just sit back and enjoy some damn good football.  And up until the middle of the fourth quarter it was anybody's game.  Once Manning was intercepted, that was it.  Lights out.  Congratulations, Saints.

By the way...  that anti-abortion ad by Mommy Tebow and Little Timmy?  I don't know if they worked it just right or what, but THAT was what all the shrieking was about?  All the shrieking harpies and eunuchs were getting their panties in a knot over that?  Boy, that says way more about them than they would ever normally admit in public, doesn't it?