Saturday, October 17, 2015

Stepping Out

Going out for a day with my Mrs.  Please feel free to do whatever you want around the place, so long as you leave me a bottle of scotch.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

How wrong is it

That I'm ecstatic that it's "only" going to get up to 90 degrees on October 15th?

Fuck this city.  Fuck it straight to hell.  Hell might just be cooler.

Normal content would go here.

But I got nothing.  Been putting in too many hours at the widget factory.  Blogroll to the right if you want to be entertained.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Donk debate was last night

And they Democrat party as finally come out of the closet and announced that they're Socialists.  Finally.
So, about that whole ukulele thing....

Yeah. That ain't me.  But I'd like to get halfway there, at least.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I'd say "When this comes to America"

But if you live in an urban area, you understand it's already here.

Just different languages, same kind of people with the same result.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Since I sense some sci-fi geekery going on at this blog

I'm going to link to this post over at John C Wright's place, regarding the Sci Phi Mag.  It's a publication of science fiction stories that you actually WANT TO READ, rather than the wussified, SJW-driven dreck put out by modern publishing companies.  Apparently they're struggling a bit, as modern print publications seem to be doing.  BUT....  this ain't Time Magazine, this is a magazine of good authors and good stories.  They have a donation button if'n ya want to just give them money, but I think the better approach would be to just order the magazine itself.

I just snapped up edition #5.

Oh, and have I recommended Wright's Somewither yet?  I may have back when I read it.  Let me recommend it again.

Neural Pathways and music

There's quite a bit of evidence out there that says when children learn music at an early age, they do better on education later in life.  You've set some neural pathways early on that help with learning math, languages, etc.  I took piano lessons as a kid, moved on to violin (for one year), then drums and vocals.

I always wanted to learn to play some sort of stringed instrument.  My brother plays guitar and bass.  My dad played a little guitar in his youth.  And being able to play and sing at the same time sounds much better on a stringed instrument than on drums.  You can accompany yourself when you play chords instead of beats.

So...  I got a ukulele.


For a soprano uke, a case to carry it, and some basic learning materials I paid less than $80.  If I manage to get good at it, I'll upgrade the uke.

But to get back to my main point, if learning an instrument at a young age helps the brain, what does learning an instrument at a (cough) slightly older age do for you?  I'm about to find out, I guess.  My current job has made me stupid.  That's the only way I can describe it.  It's a boring, mindless, repetitive job that requires little-to-no brainpower, and I can actually see the decline in mental ability over the past three years.  To be frank, that both scares me and pisses me off.  That's part of the reason I'm taking college classes again, and between those classes and picking up an instrument and learning not only how to play it but chord progression and musical theory should help me recover what I've lost.

Besides, it'll help break the ice at parties, don't you think?

When your pals rail against the 1%

Ask them why they hate Obama and his supporters so much.

On October 10 President Obama talked about gun control and the Oregon shooting at “$33,400-a-ticket” Hollywood fundraiser for the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee. 
The fundraiser at Abrams’ home is believed “to have raised over $750,000 for Democratic Party war chest.” 
After leaving Abrams’ home Obama attended a “private concert by Jamie Foxx” in another Pacific Palisades’ homes. Tickets for the concert were $1,000, with the proceeds going to the PAC Obama for America and the Democrat National Committee (DNC). Then, at 5:40 pm, Obama went “to the home of interior designer Michael S. Smith for a $10,000-per-ticket event for the Democrat Hope Fund and the DNC.”
Anyone here able to shell out over $33,000 for a single ticket to an event?  Anyone?


Didn't think so.  Rub this in the hypocrite's faces.