Saturday, April 22, 2006

And in case you've forgotten

Cap'n Jim is showing why everyone's celebration at his return to blogging wasn't a fluke.

Though small in comparison to their progenitors of the sixties and seventies, the offspring of the hairy-armpitted, Birkenstock-hooved swine of the left would still forfeit the freedom of the individual for their dream of an Orwellian State. Though comedic and laughable in substance, they remain dangerous in fact; an un-excised cancer in the body politic.

Most interestingly though, in this context, we now fight the Battle of Information versus Mis-Information. And it is here that we find ourselves, in the front lines of the hot war.

Our enemies, and yes, I use enemies quite deliberately, are formidable. They have the carriers, the air-power and the ability to project force unmatched in all of human history. Their carriers are named CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CNN and to a lesser degree, Fox.... which vaccilates. Their Air-Power is hundreds of hours of broadcast and cable hours, flooding incessantly outward and bearing upon their waves, lies, deceit and perhaps worst of all, the misdirection of the absence of good news, that which would bouy the spirit, bolster the soul and bring courage to the otherwise uninformed masses who like a blank slate, are written upon by the broadcasts.

And thier logistic columns of liberal professors, corrupt publications, periodicals and newspapers; formidable.

But I don't pretend that my puny blog will affect a single change. I write this only to make my voice known to my fellow warriors in the cause, to add one strength to our line.

Make no mistake. We are at war, and that with ourselves. Though this Second Civil War has not erupted in fire and flames, nor have sides borne uniform and formed ranks, we are at war, one with another, in a War of Ideas, and Idealologies.

My battlefield truly is not here on this screen. My preception is that largely, we find the 'net and the erstwhile blogosphere to be a point of refuge, to rally, re-strengthen and regroup, in order to step back into the real world, and wage the battle anew.

And that friends, is the battlefield. The Real World.

Damn, it's good to see him blogging again.

Sorry about the lack of posting

But I've been rather busy. Life is kinda like that sometimes, ya know?

However, since I have a moment or two right now, let me point you to a blog that's been kicking ass lately - Random Nuclear Strikes.

Learn about the 13 Kumaon, an event which you most likely will not have heard of in the US publik skool sistim.

Watch as Analog Kid goes slogging through the sewers of Leftism to bring you the Kossaks whining about how us mean conservatives won't "let them get over it". "It", by the way, being the events of September 11th.

There are people in this country who really would prefer to bury their heads in the sand and go to sleep, rather than face reality.

Captain's Quarters has been doing it's usual bang-up job, (btw Tim, why don't we have him blogrolled yet?) by looking at how there's no real proof that the CIA had any secret prisons in Europe, as it has been accused of. The Captain then wonders, considering that the CIA agent who was just fired was the source of the Leak for Dana Priest's expose about said secret prisons.... was this a sting operation?

And of course, DANEgerus... well, just click and start scrolling.

UPDATE: Cold Fury takes on the Leftists who just want September 11th to go away so they could get back to their communist wet dreams.

They are in truth — as I’ve said so many times — ostriches, so frightened by the realities of life on this planet as to be completely dysfunctioned by that fear, and their only response to it is to bury their heads deeper in the sand. They do not want to fight Islamism and jihadism; they think the only enemies we have are those we’ve created ourselves, the only attacks we’ll ever suffer are those we deserve, and there are no enemies out there who can’t be made friends through yet another round of UN-managed negotiations or more foreign-aid bribery. They do not understand absolutism or fanaticism, and the only religious fundamentalists they’re willing to firmly confront are those they know will never do them any real harm anyway.


But every time I’m just about to the point of joining Al and Bill and tossing off a long goodbye-and-good-riddance letter to the Repubs here, I run across something like this. And the marrow-freezing thought of the Dems running our foreign-policy and national-security strategies stops me dead in my tracks.

And it’s no use to say that this guy only represents a fraction of the Democrats, or that the Kossacks don’t represent the mainstream. That’s crap, and we all know it. The Daily Kos, no matter what the small, beleaguered handful of Lieberman supporters out there may wishfully think, is the face of the Dems today. And even if it wasn’t, anyone who can raise that much money for the principle-bereft, poll-driven swine that the Dems have become is guaranteed to have a voice in their agenda. Sure, “forget 9/11? isn’t official policy for the Donks…yet. But once the inmates of the Kos asylum decide it should be, then the Dems will obligingly consider it. Taxi drivers don’t get to decide who rides and who doesn’t; they take on whoever pays ‘em, and they go where they’re told. And so do whores.

And this is how their core supporters, whose voices will be heard, think. They, in their foreign-policy enlightenment, are “over” 9/11. They think we all should share their myopic “wisdom.” They want to take us back to 9/10. If allowed to, they will guarantee repeat performances of the most devastating attack perpetrated on American soil since Pearl Harbor, over and over again, until we either learn they’re not only incapable of defending our country but disinterested in it, or we submit to a dhimmitude they self-servingly refuse to admit the existence of, one small, Cartoon Jihad-like step at a time. Years from now, maybe these Dhimmi-crats will be smacking their lips over the delicious shit sandwich they’re being fed, but that won’t make the one they’re pressing to our lips any more palatable.

Honestly, you have to read the whole thing.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Quiz time

Just how much do you know about the founding of the USA?

Wanna find out?

And for your reference, I got 27 out of 30. I missed questions 21, 23, and 29.

Leave your score in the comments. No cheating!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cindy Sheehan: Unleashed!

lgf: The Lies of a Peace Mom

Friend of yours, Dave?

I didn't know doorman have a union

New York City is a weird place, man. Doormen may strike and these is near uproar, as tenants in the Upper East Side may have to "operate their own elevators, man their own front doors and, yes, cart out their own garbage."


What's odd to me is the existence of the Service Employees International Union and The Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations (they bargain for landlords). I didn't know that kind of job was a unionized commodity.

Those who hold NYC's doors might walk out them

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Coming Oil Crisis

This is not hyperbole, in my opinion.

In other words, it will not be 1973-1974, or stagflation, all over again. I believe it will be the end of civilization as we know it -- and possibly the birth of a brave new world.
The Coming Oil Crisis: Why the Rich Get Richer

Emailers Harass Michelle Malkin

Tolerant stuff here. I'm gonna write to some of them. Civilly, of course.

The hubbub is about this post, where Malkin lists the names and phone numbers of some moonbats in Santa Cruz.

Dave, what time is it in Puerto Rico when it's 0300 in California?

Monday, April 17, 2006

Oh yeah...

We need a new intelligence agency. Because the CIA is becoming America's worst enemy.

Botched CIA operations may have handed Iran vital information on how to make nuclear weapons and betrayed the identities of America's spies in the country, according to a new book on US intelligence.

The latest account of American intelligence failures includes details of how the CIA allegedly tried to slip Teheran some Russian designs for an atomic bomb, which contained hidden flaws that would have made any device inoperable.

The Iranians, however, were tipped off by the very agent sent to give them the documents.




Between Clinton and Cah-duh allowing North Korea to get it's hands on a nuke, and the CIA giving Iran a damn blueprint for it's own nuclear weapon, I really think that we can say our government has shit all over itself so hard that it's never getting clean.

If you had any doubt that the CIA was a group of bungling incompetent shitnozzles, let that doubt be wiped away. Right now the only think the CIA is good at is leaking information that might hurt President Bush.

And they're only halfway decent at that.

And farther down on Ace's blog is this post, which sums up how I feel rather nicely. You know those people who write a post, and then you read it and think "Dammit, THAT'S what I wanted to say!" Yeah. This is one of those posts.

Courtesy and respect do not come at the end of a knife used to saw off a head. What Islamists seek is our subordination -- at which point it becomes necessary to resist by all means necessary. And courtesy and respect go out the window.

As long as Islamists aren't trying to kill me or subordinate me to their religion (not mine), I am more than willing to refrain from insulting something sacred to them.

The moment the request for respect comes as a demand, with the threat of violence for non-compliance, the proper response must be "Fuck you and your pedophilic murderer of a 'prophet' (and God-damn him to Hell).'"

That's not polite. Nor is it respectful. But neither is arson, bombing, maiming, and murder. Courtesy and respect are to be offered only to those civilized enough to offer it in return.