Saturday, February 26, 2011

Self education

Oh yes.

What I find amazing is that "modern" society is finally getting back to the place it started from.  For centuries, parents have been responsible for teaching their children.  I have some of the old books for English and Grammar for THIRD GRADE, and they're far more complex and advanced than what is being taught in high school today.  The public education system is a complete and total failure.  Tear it down.  WE DO NOT NEED IT.  We need a system that allows children to learn.

Friday, February 25, 2011

This will put a damper on prom night

Oral sex now the leading cause of oral cancer.  Due to the Human Papillomavirus,

I know so many high school guys are trying to keep this information from their girlfriends.....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Linky Love today

Dem congresscritter calls for union protests to "get a little bloody".  I'm at the point right now where if I saw a union goon beating a Tea Partier?  That union goon would be eating his dinners through a straw for a good long while.  I wouldn't kill him, but he'd be begging me to do so.

Obama the gutless, nutless, spineless little punk bitch votes "Present" on Libya.  Go figure.  It's all he knows how to do.

Democrat American Communist Party Members of Wisconsin Lie.  Nothing new or out of the ordinary there.  Dog bites man story, if you ask me.

Whichever brainless fucking prick at the Daily Show decided that bringing a camel to Madison Wisconsin in the middle of FEBRUARY was a good idea needs to be fired.  Now.  And take John Stewart with them.

Rahm Emanuel is Chicago's new Mafia Don Mob Boss Corrupt piece of shit in charge Mayor.  Who didn't see that coming?  Let me repeat one of my earlier statements - Chicago sucks so hard I'm amazed it doesn't drain the water out of Lake Michigan.  What a fucking cesspool of corruption and crime.

Gah.  That's enough for one night.

Gah. Paperwork.

I've just about had my fill of paperwork this week.  Between finalizing by-laws and re-writing SOP, I've seen so much damn paper in my hands that I want to just puke.  I understand the need for it, I just never, EVER in my life saw myself being in the position to write it.  SOP's were what the people in charge wrote!  I was never going to do that!  And yet there I sat today, going over line, point and paragraph, detailing our procedures for the people who follow us some time in the future.

Somewhere, there's an old retired platoon Sergeant of mine who just felt a chill go down his spine, and he doesn't know why.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The "For Working Families" Lie

I saw a news clip of the Wisconsin legislature today, where all the Democrat American Communist Party members were wearing orange t-shirts with "I fight for working families" printed on them.

I lost it.

Working families?  How about the working families who don't suck off the public teat, you pompous fucking assholes?  How about the working families to have to pay their own pensions, or who don't have pensions and have to pay into an IRA or some other self-reliant retirement fund?  How about all the working families that pay shitloads of taxes in Wisconsin to pay for self-indulgent public employee pensions?  Do you give a fuck about THOSE working families?  Hell no you don't!  How about all the working families that are watching their state sink into a sea of red ink from over-spending and the public unions demanding ever more money from the taxpayer's pocket?  Do all those Donks give a shit about THOSE working families?

Fuck no they don't.  They only give a shit about the "working families" that can feed millions of dollars into their political pockets.  They don't give a shit about working families unless they can soak them for their re-election funds.  They only give a shit about working families when they can use them as never-ending ATM machines for their socialist pipe-dreams.

Other than that, they don't give a fuck about working families, and they never will.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

About Damn Time

Wisconsin Gov. Walker threatens to terminate truant state employees.

Like I said - there are quite a few unemployed people in Wisconsin who would love to have those cushy state jobs.  Let's create a few vacancies!

And even more snow

Shoveled a bunch more global warming off of my sidewalks today.  I don't think I would hurt this much after three straight days of shoveling that white, cold, fluffy global warming except that I live on a corner, and have twice as much to shovel.

My arms and back are letting me know that I've become a fat, lazy slob and I need to work out more.

Monday, February 21, 2011

By the way

Every teacher marching around Madison tomorrow needs to be fired.  There are plenty of people in this state who could teach.  Hell, let's find an unemployed historian to teach history.  Let's find an economist who's been laid off to teach math or economics.  We have people who have been out of work for months in this state.  I bet a lot of them would love to teach their actual occupation.

The REAL Death of the Music Industry?

Well, you can have all these charts to say that people are buying less music, yes.

But that doesn't take into effect that the majority of "music" produced today is over-produced piles of shit, regurgitated by the same few groups of people, with identical canned rhythms and beats.  That doesn't take into effect the fact that most CD's today are "over-mastered" and sound like crap.  That doesn't take into effect the fact that most musical "talent" today is more about tits and ass, and less about actual, y'know, MUSICAL TALENT.

Brittany Spears, anyone?

You can whip out all the charts you care to, but if you want to understand the reasons behind the music industries decline all you have to do is look at the so-called quality of the music being put out.  THAT is why the industry is dying.

Iraqi Vet, Idaho Native, heckled at Columbia University

I saw this yesterday, but I'm really, REALLY trying to at least be nice on Sundays, so I left it alone.  Didn't touch it.  Because I didn't want to lose my cool and call the anti-American, cock-biting trust-fund red diaper doper babies what they were.

Behavior like that of Columbia’s anti-military crowd toward Mascheck is rude, crass, childish, and demonstrates a cosseted ignorance that they, for some reason, seem eager to display.  It speaks to the fact that differing opinions are not welcome.  And civil debate?  Why bother with that when you can bravely stand up and call a wounded warrior a “racist” for simply expressing himself in an open forum? 
This sort of bratty behavior toward a man who literally bled on their behalf only demonstrates for all the the emptiness of words like “tolerance”, “civility”, “acceptance” and “equality” for the Columbia anti-war students who jeered and laughed at this man. They should be mortally ashamed of themselves.

In order to completely describe just how abhorrent the behavior of Columbia University is we'd have to invent another thesaurus.  And yes, it's the ENTIRE FUCKING UNIVERSITY, teachers, administrators, and students who display this behavior.  I say pull every last bit of federal funding away from the Columbia University Hate-Mongers and let them sink.  The only people who would shed a tear would be the afore-mentioned red diaper doper babies.

And people wonder why I don't want to go back to school?  What the fuck could they teach me?  How to hate America 101?  Destroying the country that raised you?  Yay.

More Winter on the way

I don't care what some groundhog says, it's wintertime until Old Man Winter is done.  And he's done only when he wants to be done.

That six inches of global warming I shoveled off yesterday afternoon sure doesn't look like Spring to me.  And the rest of the global warming I have to go shovel today doesn't look like Spring either.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter Storm Warning

Walked to church this morning.  Sidewalks were dry and clear.  It was 29 degrees according to the bank clock.  No real wind to speak of.

Walked out of church a little over an hour later.  Thick snow coating the ground, with half an inch already accumulated.  Strong wind blowing snow in my face.  It was 29 degrees, according to the bank clock as I walked home.

Ah, the winters in Wisconsin.  If you don't like the weather, just wait for a little bit and it will change.  Hell, last Sunday when I ran it was 54 degrees out.