Saturday, August 04, 2018

On anti-Pope Jorge Bergolio, and his declaration that all Capital Punishment is forbidden

Horseshit.  Great Doctors of the Church and Saints have spoken or written about capital punishment.  Ann Barnhardt lists several of them, along with their arguments.

As for me, Jorge Bergolio's declaration fails the logic test.  If someone commits such a heinous crime that they can no longer be allowed to live in society, and has no hope of changing their ways, then by saying that capital punishment is off the board you are saying that this person, through their misdeeds, has now obligated the very society which they offended to feed them, house them, and keep them safe for the rest of their natural life.

That is wrong.  That is illogical.  That re-victimizes the victims of the original crimes.  And therefor, it cannot be true church doctrine.

Jorge Bergolio isn't the anti-Christ.  But he is an anti-Pope, and as such, I feel no need whatsoever to listen to him, nor follow his teachings.  And I am not the only one in this regard:

Dear Parishioner,

You may have read that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has recently announced the the Catechism of the Catholic Church will be amended to teach that the Death Penalty, i.e. the judicial condemnation of an evil-doer to death, by competent authority, is now to be considered always inadmissible.

Leaving aside any discussion of particulars, and making reference only to the general principle, such a position runs contrary to the natural law and constant teaching of the Church.

The Holy See is apparently in error, and in my view, no Catholic should feel himself bound to the Catechism in this regard.

Please pray for the Pope and the bishops.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Harping on a theme I've harped on before

Why a trade war is not a bad thing.

Why is this chart important? 
It is a death sentence for America. 
Although it is a single series of data, the chart is essentially in two parts, split in the year 2000.  There is no manipulation to achieve this effect.  This is how the data lay out, which is why this chart is so significant.

All the people howling about how Trump is killing free trade completely skip over the fact that we have not had free trade with other countries for some time.  Damn near all the countries we have major trade agreements with levy tariffs on us that take the entire concept of free trade and toss it into the dumpster.  That's if they're not undercutting our prices and taking manufacturing jobs from us, which not only removes jobs from us but forces us to spend money that goes to countries that just took our jobs.

Trump gets this.  His critics either do not understand this, or they're so in lockstep with the Globalists that they don't really care.

Analysis: True

Sarah Jeong was just talking the way most people on the Left talk about white people.

In case you don't know who Sarah Jeong is, she's a hate-filled, Harvard educated "journalist" who wrote tweet after tweet after tweet about how much she hated white people.  And then she got hired by the New York Times, because of course they would hire a blatant racist as long as the racism was directed towards normal Americans.

But here's the deal:  This is how the Left thinks.  This is literally what the Left thinks of YOU as a white male.  They think you're a race-obsessed goblin who needs to die off so the world can be a better place.  And if you're not a white male, but you're a conservative, then Sarah Jeong wants you to die as well.

So yeah, Sarah Jeong was simply communicating how the Left sees white men.  And now she works at the New York Times.  Because of course they agree with her.

Start with that tweet and scroll down.  There are two years of racism and hatred catalogued and stored just right there.

Friday, August 03, 2018

But of course....

Diane Feinstein, who is (sadly) the most sane Democrat from Kalifornia, had a Chinese spy on her staff.

New details emerged Wednesday about how a mole for the government of communist China managed to stay by Senator Dianne Feinstein’s side for nearly 20 years. 
It happened five years ago, but additional information is just surfacing about how the Bay Area senator’s office was infiltrated by a Chinese spy. 
The Bay Area is a hotbed for Russian and Chinese espionage.

No, you don't say!  Why ever in the world would the Chinese and Russians be interested in an area that wants to see the destruction of America and the imposition of Communism from coast to coast?  Huh!  It doth boggle the mind!

And Feinstein was chair of the SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE.


The Chinese hack of OPM, where they obtained the records of over 20 million people who applied for or held a security clearance, just came into sharper focus, didn't it?

Thursday, August 02, 2018

You just knew it was projection

When that puffed-up sack of egomaniacal dick drippings, Jim Acosta, starts warning that when people express their opinions people "might get hurt".  Well, only when you deal with the lunatics that are today's Democrat National Socialist Worker's Party of America.

According to the police report, the honking continued as he drove to the next red light, where the motorist started yelling at him. 
At this point, the man thought something might be wrong with the back of his car, so he stepped out to have a look at it. That's when the woman started shouting something about his Trump bumper sticker, he told the police. “She said, ‘You voted for Trump?’” the man wrote in a statement. “I said yes." He told CBS Boston that she then called him "a racist and a bunch of cuss words." 
The man reportedly began recording the woman on his phone while he was outside of his car. The woman proceeded to drive around his car, prompting him to hurry back into the driver's seat, according to the police report. She then allegedly drove toward his car, clipping the open door. 
“She bent my door and I had to lean back to avoid getting hit,” the man wrote. “She also hit the side of my car.”
The Proggie then drove off.  Luckily, the man had it all on film, to include the license of the Proggie's car.

But this is just another reminder, that the Left is a violent, mentally deranged group of hive-minded people.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

A little something old, a little something new

It's like if Van Morrison and Parliament Funkadelic had a baby who grew up playing folks music for a while.

Yeah, I dig it.

How do they sound live?  So glad you asked!

Uh huh.  I bought the album.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

It's what we like to call "projection"

Liberals claimed Trump was mentally unfit.  Now they're running to their therapists with "Trump Anxiety Disorder".

Rule 1:  SJWs always Lie
Rule 2:  SJWs always Double Down
Rule 3:  SJWs always Project

It really is that simple.

Monday, July 30, 2018

GAH! ARG! &^%($#)@!

Have you ever been so pissed off that no matter how much alcohol you were able to drink, you never got drunk?

That's me, tonight.

Long story.  I probably won't say anything about it tomorrow.  Just sayin'.

Was Fisal Hussein mentally ill?

Well, he was muslim, so my first answer is "yes".

Canada seems intent on pulling the shotgun deep into their mouth and pulling the trigger.  I wonder if there isn't some suicidal trigger planted in people's brains that gets flipped when they get indoctrinated with progressive marxism.  They want to welcome their murderers and rapists with open arms....

And Rebel Media should be getting awards for journalism, since thats what they actually do.  Thank goodness.  The mass media in Canada isn't asleep at the wheel, they're actively trying to suppress any news that might disturb their ideology and worldview.