Saturday, November 05, 2011

Got a to-do list today

And it's a good long one.  Need to take care of all the things that have been neglected for a while.  So...  see you tomorrow.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Don Surber: Then and N.O.W.

Compare and contrast the actions and statements of N.O.W. when it was their boy Slick Willy Clinton, and when it's Herman Cain.

Anyone who defended Slick Willy, and who stood by him and claimed that he did nothing wrong, is not allowed to say ONE DAMN THING about Herman Cain.  Not one.  Period.

Holy clap

A degree in PUPPETRY?


$35,000 for a degree in PUPPETRY!  WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!?!?!?!

The Holidays

A time starting around Halloween, and ending some time past New Year's Day, where I fight a battle to NOT gain wait, and mostly lose.

I need to up my running mileage.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Flea Party getting ugly

Rapes.  Death in at least one camp.  Violence towards police. 

It's time for America's mayors to face the facts - the Occupy movement is nothing but a bunch of drugged-out hippies and spoiled brats causing trouble because they can.  And it's not going to end well.  So here's Ragin' Dave's solution to the problem.  You barricade them in.  Wall them in.  You're wasting millions of dollars on police, have them circle the camp and let NOTHING get over the barricades.

Yes, you can let people out.  But do not let anything go in.  No water, no food, no medicine.  And NO POLICE.  There's no reason why cops should have to put their lives in danger trying to save the anti-police fuckheads who would just as soon slit their throat as look at them.

One by one, those protesters will come out.  Handcuff them and send them to jail.  The ones that don't come out will die, and society will have lost that many parasites off it's belly.  After the last corpse has been removed, burn everything that remains.  Sweep up the ashes, and move on.

Done, and done.

You know who's trying to take down Cain?

The same JournoList fuckholes who carried and protected Obama, and attacked his every enemy as "racist".

Huh.  Gosh, I wonder if it's just a coincidence?

That was sarcasm, for those who didn't know.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Rapists against Rape

Hey, remember when the Tea Parties held a rally and people were getting raped?

No?  That's because it didn't happen!  But I wouldn't trust any Flea Party camp if my life depended on it, because after finding out that men are getting raped, it just MIGHT depend on it.  Sexual assault at OWS.  No sexual assaults at Tea Parties.  It really is that simple.

Hey, remember when.....

John Edwards cheated on his then-cancer-stricken wife and the media reported it?

No?  That's because it didn't happen.  But Herman Cain can have multiple "anonymous" accusers of sexual harassment, and Obama's Palace Guards will print that on page one from day one.

This is how they attack you.  Luckily, Cain might come out of it smelling like roses - he had his biggest fundraising day yesterday after the allegations broke.  Hopefully, this means conservatives are finally figuring out that the Media, being Obama's lackeys and flunkeys, only care about advancing their political and ideological agenda rather than reporting the news.  Which means that any story that can hurt the Right they'll run - even if it's not true.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Squatters against Squatting

First we had the "Freeloaders against Freeloading", and now we have this:

So to summarize: The protesters consider the police enemies and hurl insults (and sometimes worse) at the men in blue. Yet, they demand that the cops take action to expel the unwanted element, who have precisely the same rights to the space as do the protesters themselves. If that scenario isn’t a microcosm of the Obama presidency, nothing is.

 It would serve the Flea Party right if all the cops did was build barricades around Zuccotti Park, and refused to let any people out.  Fuck 'em, and let 'em rot in there.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flea Party Crimes

Big Government is keeping a list of the crimes committed by the Flea Party.  I counted at least twelve that were sexual in nature, to include Madison's public masturbation.  And women in the Flea Party camps are being told not to report the rapes.