Saturday, May 08, 2004

One More Thing

If you look to the blogroll, you will see the addition of "Knowlege is Power". It's a blog run by the wonderful Sondra K. If Sondra K wasn't married (and I didn't have such a kick ass girlfriend), I'd be chasing after that woman.

Light Blogging Day

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've been up since four this morning attempting to ensure that my future remains bright and rosy. So sue me.

So I'll get back to posting tomorrow. Until then, I'll leave you with this little gift of Monty Pythonesque humor:

But it's wafer thin!

Friday, May 07, 2004

Protesters Heckle Rumsfeld at Iraq Abuse Hearing

Protesters heckled Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Friday, shouting, "Fire Rumsfeld for war crimes" at a congressional hearing to probe the Pentagon's handling of the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal.
Is forcing prisoners to lie naked atop each other a "war crime"?

Yahoo! News - Protesters Heckle Rumsfeld at Iraq Abuse Hearing

Man Survives 6 Nails Driven in His Head

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Random thoughts

I was listening to the Congressional hearings in my truck on the way to an appointment today. The usual suspects were bloviating: Ted "Swimmer" Kennedy, Robert "Sheets" Byrd, yada yada yada. And then Joe Lieberman came on.

Let me just send off a memo to the Democratic Party, shall I?

Hey Democrats - if I were you, I would tie Lieberman up and dump him in a closet until after election day. Because every time he opens his mouth, he highlights just what a failure John Fonda Kerry is. Seriously. Every time Lieberman speaks in public, it's a reminder of just how badly the Democratic Party fucked up when they dumped Liberman on his ass and chose Hanoi John as their candidate. With every word, Lieberman highlights the type of class and character that Kerry completely lacks. But since you've gone with the Flipper, it's your funeral.

Enjoy another four years of obscurity.

On a side note, the fact that the Donks chose Hanoi John shows me just how far from the center the entire party has gone. He might be a centrist when conpared to the Democrats, but he's about as far to the Left as you can get without falling off the edge in terms of the country as a whole. If the Donks were actually serious about working for their country and winning the election, they would have stuck with Lieberman.

What's up with Oregon these days?

First we had the Portland Seven, then came the Indymedia garbage about Pat Tillman, and now we have this

FBI agents arrested a Portland lawyer Thursday as part of the investigation into the deadly train bombings in Spain, federal officials said.

Brandon Mayfield, a U.S. citizen, was taken into custody on a material witness warrant, said a senior law enforcement official in Washington D.C., speaking on condition of anonymity. The arrest is the first known in the United States with connections to the March 11 bombings in Madrid.

You know, I'm somewhat willing to give the guy the benifit of a doubt, but after what's come out of Oregon recently, I don't know. It seems that the Portland area us surpassing California as the land of nuts and flakes.

Yo, DANEgerus... wanna move to Idaho with me? I know where you could still pick up some land at a good price. It would get you out of the People's Republic of Portland, at least.

40 Reasons

40 reasons for Gun Control. Heh. Heheheheh.

22. Women are just as intelligent and capable as men but a woman with a gun is "an accident waiting to happen" and gun makers' advertisements aimed at women are "preying on their fears."

23. Ordinary people in the presence of guns turn into slaughtering butchers but revert to normal when the weapon is removed.

24. Guns cause violence, which is why there are so many mass killings at gun shows.


Just to clarify, Rodger rocks.

More Proof that Michael Moore is a worthless liar.

He gives a story to the New York Times, and the Times, being the good little liberal parrot that it is, prints it without question. Moore then uses the Times story as a news reference.

Rolling. In short, he gave a quote to the Times so that he could use the Times quote as a reference.

Moore wouldn't know what the truth was if it hit him in the face. He's just call it "Ficticious".

Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes-Ferreira Heinz Kerry Opens Up to Barbara Walters...


Golddiggers of a feather flock together...

Teresa Heinz Kerry is in a category all on her own among political wives. She's a woman who seems comfortable with contradiction. She's an environmental activist, but she owns three SUVs.
Oy Redux!

And she's made it known over the years that she's never been particularly thrilled at the thought of being first lady.

When people asked her late husband to seek the presidency, she said, "I used to say 'over my dead body,' you know, because I was so terrified of it."
Hmmm. So many skeletons, so few closets. : Heinz Kerry on Iraq, Vietnam, and Presidential Politics

What a frigging JOKE!

Kim du Toit has a study from Britain's Home Office on how to protect yourself from a terrorist attack. After reading over it, I'm really starting to wonder of the Britain of Churchill's "stiff upper lip" has turned into the country of limp dicks and knocking knees....

And then I read this in the "What you can do" part of the page -

Terrorism is a crime like any other, so follow the same precautions you normally take to avoid being the victim of a crime.

Exsqueeze me? A "crime like any other"? I didn't know that terrorists were jumping out of dark alleys or doing drive by terrorist acts! Terrorism isn't a crime like any other! If it was, then it would just be classified as "crime" and not as TERRORISM! Terrorists don't mug you, they KILL YOU! Terrorists don't break into your house and steal your silver, they KILL YOU! Terrorists don't vandalize your garden shed, they KILL YOU! THAT"S A PRETTY BIG DIFFERENCE IN MY BOOK!

In short, the Home Office's entire line consists of curl up into a big ball, call for help, and suck your thumb until the bad men either kill you or go away. Not a resounding line of reassurance, if you ask me. As Kim put it -

"....and of course, protecting one's own is impossible because guns have pretty much been taken off the table.

Once self-defense is written off, there's not a whole lot more advice you can offer, really."

Got this in my email

Marty wakes up at home with a huge hangover. He forces himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins and a glass of water on the side table. He sits down and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and pressed. Marty looks around the room and sees that it is in perfect order, spotless, clean. So is the rest of the house. He takes the aspirins and notices a note on the table "Honey, breakfast is on the stove, I left early to go shopping. Love you." So he goes to the kitchen and sure enough there is a hot breakfast and the morning newspaper. His son is also at the table, eating. Marty asks, "Son, what happened last night?"

His son says, "Well, you came home after 3 A.M., drunk and delirious. You broke some furniture, puked in the hallway, and gave yourself a black eye when you stumbled into the door."

Confused, Marty asks, "So, why is everything in order and so clean, and breakfast is on the table waiting for me?" His son replies, "Oh that! Mom dragged you to the bedroom, and when she tried to take your pants off, you screamed at her "Lady, leave me alone, I'm married!"

A self-induced hangover = $100.00.
Broken furniture = $200.00.
Breakfast = $10.00.
Saying the right thing = priceless

The Council has Spoken!

This weeks winning entries are This Is for You, Dad by Alpha Patriot, and Taking Chance Home by Blackfive. You can find all the results here. There were some awsome articles this week. If you have time, go check 'em out.

"He Helped Found Greenpeace"

I hardly these days ever get to read other blogs. In so doing in brief this morning I saw this at

Yahoo! News - Phishing Attacks Skyrocket

You, Dear Reader, are too smart to get phished, aren't you?

Companies Add 288,000 Jobs to Payrolls

Good news from the economy.

Alone, this story is a good link for this blog. Making it more interesting are these sentences:

The strengthening jobs market comes just in time to aid President Bush's re-election efforts, which were in question a few months ago based on his economic record.

Bush is on track to be the first president since the Great Depression to have lost jobs under his watch. But the spate of hiring gains in recent months have shrank those losses to about 1.5 million.
God, who edits this shit?

Bush's re-election efforts "were in question"?

"Have shrank"?

Plus which this is a business article. Ah well. Cause to rermember that nothing is EVER just business in an election year.

Yahoo! News - Companies Add 288,000 Jobs to Payrolls

Thursday, May 06, 2004

One MOAB, and the world would be better off.

May 4, 2004 -- WASHINGTON - The United Nations yesterday threw up a stone wall in the oil-for-food scandal, insisting that contracts between the world body and private companies should not be turned over to investigators.

In a defiant move that has infuriated probers, Secretary-General Kofi Annan threw his support behind a letter from former oil-for-food head Benon Sevan to officials of a Dutch company that inspected Iraqi oil shipments. The letter directed the company not to hand over documents to congressional committees and other "governmental authorities."

Corrupt, worthless, greedy, cowardly, and utterly without any kind of human worth. It's time to get rid of it.

Found at Random Nuclear Strikes.

Yard work

Today is a pretty busy day. Actually, this whole weekend is pretty damn busy. Grrrrr. I hate yardwork. I hate mowing the lawn. And after the little windstorm we had last week, I'm still finding pinecones in places perfectly positioned to make my lawnmower do unpleasant things.

So hit the blogroll, because I won't be able to post for a while.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The Cure for What Ails You

The Raging Girlfriend and I are going to see a friend who isn't doing too well. Long story, and I'm sure he doesn't want to have his life spread across the net, but in our own special way, we're going to try to cheer him up.

One package of brownie mix. (standard mix, nothing special)

Follow the instructions on the package. Mix in other ingredients, stir, taste. Realize you need more chocolate. Add in a bag of Peanut M&M's.

Stir, taste. Realize that you need more chocolate. Add in the half-bag of chocolate chips that you had after your last baking episode.

Stir. Taste. Realize you need more chocolate. Break up that Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bar you've been saving in the freezer and toss that in as well.

Stir. Realize that at this point you have more actual chocolate than brownie mix. Call it good. Bake.

G-d in heaven, that's good stuff.

John Fonda Kerry Smears Viet Nam Vets Yet Again

One of the things that made me want to beat the snot out of John Fonda Kerry was listening to him intone on and on about his "Band of Brothers" from Viet Nam. Every other sentance is a reference to his service in Viet Nam. (Gee, it's almost like he has no other issues to run on!) After the way his backstabbed, lied about, and slandered the military members who served in Viet Nam, he now wanted to use his service as a way of deflecting any questions about himself.

So when some of that "Band of Brothers" decided that they wanted nothing to do with him, and said so publicly, what does John Fonda Kerry do? He does what any good Democrat does. Lie, slander, attack, and insult. (as usual, all emphasis is mine)

Since their activities have hit the news, these Navy veterans are again taking incoming fire. Predictably, they are being accused of being partisan shills. In an ironic echo of the past, they're being dismissed as "bitter alcoholics." But, these men are determined to fight one more battle to salvage the reputations of the tens of thousands who served honorably. It's not about partisan politics they explain, it's a "veterans' issue." If the Democrats "had a fit choice for president we'd go home." They "do not want Senator Kerry to be commander-in-chief of our brave and honorable men."

Also check out that JunkYard Blog link to see just how the mass media is handling everything. Their liberal agenda shows through more and more with each passing day.

UN Reminds World of Incompetance, Again.

Just remember, this is the group of tyrants, dicators and thugs that John Fonda Kerry would have the United States bowing to.

Sudan won re-election to the United Nations' main human rights watchdog on Tuesday, prompting the United States to walk out because of ethnic cleansing in the country's Darfur region.

Enough. Flat out enough. Full stop, end it, cut it off at the knees, this is a joke that should never have been allowed to see the light of day. A country that STILL ALLLOWS SLAVE TRADING IS ON THE UN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION, AND THE WORLD SEEMS TO BE FINE WITH THIS!

It is time to dismantle the UN. Completely. Get it out of America, and off of American Soil. Bulldoze the UN Building and build a memorial to the people that THE UN ALLOWED TO BE SLAUGHTERED.

At this point, I'm willing to do the damn job myself. I don't think I would be happier than if I saw the UN Building get blown up, perferably with Kofi "The corrupt fucknut" Annan and all the UN diplomats still inside. The UN isn't just a roadblock, it actively works against peace. It actively works against prosperity. It is a parasitic drain on the world, a cesspool of corruption who's only goal is to enrich the pockets of dictators and thugs while killing and stifling any people too weak to defend themselves. Kill it. Destroy it. Demolish it. Tear it down. Flatten it. Get rid of it. But for dear g-d's sake can we please stop pretending that it's any kind of a useful organization? The UN needs to be destroyed and any people involved with keeping it alive should be drug out of the building, hung from a nearby lamppost and set on fire! If they ask really nicely I'll be willing to put a bullet into the back of their head before they're hung! All I ask before that happens is the chance to rip out Kofi Annan's intestines with my bear hands so that I can strangle him with it! KILL THEM ALL AND TEAR THE BUILDING APART! RAZE IT TO THE GROUND AND THEN SALT THE EARTH SO THAT NOTHING WILL GROW! LET THE BARE DIRT STAND AS TESTIMONY TO THE EVIL THAT HAPPENED IN THAT BUILDING ON AMERICAN SOIL!


Update (sorta)

Well, here's some good news and some bad news. The bad news?

There is a medical officer to confirms that John Fonda Kerry was "wounded" when he got his first Purple Heart. (Ya know, the one he won't release the records for)


(gasp, snort, wheeze)

Go read for yourself.


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

A Million Thanks To Our U.S. Military Men and Women

Find out how to send your thanks here, and don't let me find out in June that readers and contributors to this blog haven't managed to get one thousand letters, cards, and / or postcards out the door.

Another Gun Grabbing Pile of Puke

No wonder I don't read much of the local papers. As the election season gets cranking, the hysterical shrieks and screams from these leftist rags is almost unbearable. When I have to wade through five paragraphs of advertising for the Donks before I find any real information in a news article, I know that it's going to be a rough year. Reading the op-ed pages drops a RCOB over my eyes. Today is no different. Guess what today's is? Oh hell, I'll tell you - It's yet another leftist bullshit screed on guns.

The clock is running out on a 10-year-old federal ban on certain types of semiautomatic assault weapons. Without bold action by President Bush, the common-sense law likely will expire in September.

Common sense law? Please, there's no common sense about it! "OOOOOO, IT'S A BAYONET LUG! EEEK! EEEK!" I'll bet ten dollars that the editors of this fishwrap wouldn't even be able to tell me what makes a weapon an "assault" weapon. They're just spewing out the liberal line, like they always do.

Bush has said he will sign a bill to extend the ban ? if Congress approves one. But that's unlikely without his strong backing, and he knows it.

Because he knows that if he ever signed an extention on to the ban, he'd never see the Oval Office again. Gun control is a loosing issue these days.

A strong majority of Americans support the ban on the manufacture, transfer and possession of 19 types of assault weapons, such as the AK-47, the Uzi and the TEC-9. So do the National League of Cities, the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the National Education Association, the American Bar Association and many other organizations. They support it because it makes sense.

A "strong majority of Americans"? Bullshit. If a strong majority of Americans supported the ban, then it would be renewed. A strong majority of Americans has seen that this ban is nothing but bullshit that restricts the rights of law-abiding Americans and does nothing to improve life in this country. And let's look at the groups supporting it, shall we? National League of Cities? Hard Left. US Conference of Mayors? I honestly don't know what their politics are, but if they're joining these other groups, I have a damn good guess. NEA? Might as well be Stalin's Cheerleaders. ABA? Practically in the pocket of the Donks. Great group of supporters there, fellas!

Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske is one of hundreds of law-enforcement leaders who back the ban. He says such weapons serve no legitimate purpose for people who aren't police.

Kerlikowske is an asshat of the highest order, but as long as he toes the line of the brain-dead leftists here in Seattle, they treat him like a brother. Should he try to do something like, I don't know, uphold the law, they savage him without remorse. Don't get me started on the treatment of police in this town, or how Kerlikowske has let more than one officer hang because it was politically expedient for him to do so. Kerlikowske isn't fit to shine the shoes of our other prominent law enforcement official, Sheriff Dave Richart. And as for that statement of "no legitimate purpose"?

Since when do we let the government tell us what a "legitimate purpose" is? Hey, that gun has no legitimate purpose! Hey, that truck has no legitimate purpose! That dog has no legitimate purpose! What's next? "You have no legitimate purpose for that house! You have no legitimate purpose for ......." Fuck you, Kerlikowske. You want to know what the legitimate purpose for that gun is? So that when jackbooted fuckwits like yourself decide that people like me have "no legitimate purpose", I can dispute your findings!

He's right. These weapons aren't necessary for hunting or self-defense. They are for drug dealers, gang leaders and other criminals. They don't belong on America's streets.

Assualt weapons are for drug dealers and gang leaders? Wow, I didn't know that the police who use those weapons were gang leaders. I didn't know that the FBI was dealing drugs! Thanks for clearing that up for me! Am I being obtuse? Yes, but you cannot say that a weapon has no purpose when organizations all over the country use them.

In addition to banning 19 specific semiautomatic assault weapons, the 1994 legislation identifies specific characteristics that categorize a weapon as an "assault weapon." It also bans ammunition clips or magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. At the same time, it exempts hundreds of other weapons designed for legitimate uses.

I would like for any of these idiots to name more than one characteristic that defines an "assault weapon". Around here, they can't. They simply start frothing at the mouth and screaming about how evil I am. And how nice of them to acknowlege that weapons have legitimate uses! I'm surprised that actually got printed!

The ban isn't perfect. Manufacturers can too easily get around the law by altering their weapons. Still, the fight to keep the ban in place is worth it. And it will be a fight.

Read that second line: "Manufacturers can too easily get around the law by altering their weapons." If they alter their weapons to comply with the ban, then HOW IN G-D'S NAME ARE THEY GETTING AROUND IT? THEY'RE FOLLOWING THE LAW, YOU MORONIC ASSHOLES! And you're DAMN RIGHT it's going to be a fight, because the sane people in this country are tired of allowing a bunch of hoplophobic gun-grabbing socialists to push their agenda on the majority of Americans.

The National Rifle Association is actively opposing extension of the ban. Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay said there are not sufficient votes to reauthorize the law. A bill that would have protected gun manufacturers from lawsuits died in March when senators tried to include in the bill the extension of the assault-weapons ban.

Someone needs to clue these idiots in to the fact that the REASON there aren't enough votes to extend the ban is due to the fact that THE BAN DOES NOTHING TO HELP THIS COUNTRY! The ban was NEVER ABOUT PROTECTING PEOPLE, it was about exerting control over people's lives! If these twits actually cared about protecting people, they would start locking up murderers and rapists rather than letting then out of jail after a few years! They would put car thieves in jail instead of letting them go! But taking away guns from people is what they really care about.

If the ban expires Sept. 13, the country could once again manufacture and import these military-style weapons. We don't need them.

Correction: YOU don't WANT them. It has nothing to do with need. Tell a farmer living an hour away from any kind of emergency help that he doesn't need a 30 round clip, and he'll laugh at you. Tell me that I don't need a 30 round clip and I'LL laugh at you. The Second Amendment clearly states that the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed. If you want to start setting restrictions on that, let me start restricting what you can do at the newspaper. We'll see how understanding you are of "reasonable restrictions" and "common sense laws" then!

President Bush has said he supports the ban. It's time for him to start acting like it.

It's time for you to shut the fuck up and sit your worthless gun-grabbing socialist moonbat ass down, you miserable puke! The day President Bush takes advice from this worthless fishwrap is the day that I vote for the Libertarian candidate.

I'm going to steal the set of questions that Spoons had set out for the people of Chicago. These are questions that everyone should know the answer to, so that you can ask them to the various leftist groups around the country. If they can't answer these questions, then suggest to them that perhaps they should further their education in regards to firearms.

1 - What does the assault weapons ban, ban?

2 - Under what circumstances do you have to have a federal background check when you buy a gun at a gun show?

3 - Under what circumstances do you not have to have a federal background check when you buy a gun elsewhere than a gun show?

4 - Describe how the laws regarding federal background checks differ at gun shows, versus all other locations.

5 - How many U.S. states allow citizens to carry concealed weapons?

6 - How do the crime rates of states with concealed carry compare to the crime rates of states without concealed carry?

7 - How many states that have adopted concealed carry over the past ten years have seen their crime rates go up?

8 - How many have gone down?

See if you have the answers.

A follow-up

Remember my rant about the new dog law being proposed in Auburn, WA? The city was considering calling any dog over 30 pounds "dangerous".

It seems that someone finally beat a clue into the Auburn city council's heads.

AUBURN — The City Council last night unanimously approved a reworked dangerous-dog ordinance that no longer defines such an animal by weight.
"We're very proud of Auburn," said Glen Bui, vice president of the American Canine Foundation in Tacoma.

The revised ordinance, named Fritz's Law after a dog killed by a pit bull in the city, defines a potentially dangerous dog as one that, when unprovoked, bites, chases or threatens a person or domestic animal, or is known to have bitten a person or domestic animal.

A potentially dangerous dog would then be deemed "dangerous" if it ran free off the owner's property or showed aggressive behavior toward people and domestic animals without provocation.

Bingo. Actions, not breed, not size, not looks, determine whether or not a dog is dangerous. Kudos for Auburn for finally getting it right.

A Matter of Will

Charles over at Little Green Footballs has some links to a few people who believe maybe American tactics in Fallujah indicate a declining will to fight in Iraq inside the Bush Administration.

I'm not the only one...

...who screws his face in a "Hunh?"-like grimace when I hear DhimmiDonks talk about "this President", as in "This President has lost three million jobs!" or "This President has lost the goodwill of the world!"

Ditto Paul K. Harral.

Conscripting Liberalism

Welcome to the political wonderland of the early naughts, where "Republicans...consider spending cuts the new "third rail" of politics" and liberal Democrats are at the forefront of calls to renew military conscription.

Last year, Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) and John Conyers (D-Mich.), who only a few years ago joined a push to abolish the Selective Service System, sponsored a bill that would give all young Americans the chance to serve their country—whether they want to or not—joined by Democratic colleagues Neil Abercrombie (Hawaii), Corrine Brown (Fla.), William Clay (Mo.), Elijah Cummings (Md.), Alcee Hastings (Fla.), John Lewis (Ga.), Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas), Jim McDermott (Wash.), James Moran (Va.), Pete Stark (Calif.), Nydia Velazquez (N.Y.) and Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.).

At the time, the move was seen largely as a symbolic gesture connected with opposition to the war in Iraq. The underlying logic of the proposal was expressed by liberal columnist Anna Quindlen, who asked of (presumably upper-class) hawks: "Would most of them support staying in Iraq if their sons and daughters were obliged to go? Hell no."

From those who know him best -

How much do you want to bet that the mass media tries to squish this as hard as possible?

Hundreds of former commanders and military colleagues of presumptive Democrat nominee John Kerry are set to declare in a signed letter that he is "unfit to be commander in chief." They will do so at a press conference Tuesday in Washington.

"What is going to happen on Tuesday is an event that is really historical in dimension," John O'Neill, a Vietnam veteran who served in the Navy as a PCF (Patrol Craft Fast) boat commander, told The event, expected to draw about 25 of the letter-signers, is being organized by a newly formed group called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

"We have 19 of 23 officers who served with [Kerry]. We have every commanding officer he ever had in Vietnam. They all signed a letter that says he is unfit to be commander in chief," O'Neill said.

EVERY COMMANDING OFFICER HE EVER HAD IN VIET NAM. Ouch.... even with all the scrapes I got into in the military, I still had the support of my CO's, squad leaders and team leaders. Just ouch.

Let's do our best to get this out and about, shall we?

Monday, May 03, 2004

Yahoo! Mail has this bulk folder....

...where it sends stuff that it thinks (or that you have defined as) junk mail. You can look at the stuff in there or just empty it from time to time.

Was looking in there just now.

Found this.

If you are at work, you don't want to look. If you need a chuckle, you do. Truth be told, it's the dolphins and the necklace that are intriguing to me.

Is this real?

Or if you actually show up somewhere to meet her, does she lead off the conversation with her hourly rate?

Yahoo! Personals

Spirit of America wrap-up

In case you hadn't heard yet....

We made the $50,000!

Hot damn, that's a good feeling.

It's the Bitchslap Micah Wright gallery!

Courtesy of A Small Victory.

If this sorry sack of shit ever comes near me, he'll be eating the rest of his meals with a fucking straw until is dying day.

A Small Victory - Micah Wright Propaganda Remix, Back Atchya

So there's a guy out there named Micah Wright who had been claiming to be an Army Ranger turned peace activist, until he got outed.

Michelle at A Small Victory has a contest for you.

Meanwhile, Greyhawk tears Ole Micah a new one.

Savage stuff.

Ted Rall pisses on Pat Tillman

Holster your firearms, fellerz.

A Small Victory - ted rall pisses on tillman

Stupid Justifications

I was reading an article about how a GI reportedly complained about Iraq abuses in the incident with Iraqi prisoners being abused in prison by U.S. soldiers in Iraq. (Abuse in the following form: "The photos appeared to show soldiers at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad posing and laughing as naked male prisoners were stacked in a pyramid or made to simulate sex acts with one another.")

What really disturbs me is the length to which people back in the U.S. who are related to the asshats involved will go to claim that their relative didn't do anything wrong. For example... (Quotes in italics, my responses after each quote)

“He’s just the guy they put in charge of the prison,” (Said by the uncle of the guy who, well, was in charge of the prison)

So let me get this straight: because he was the guy in charge of the prison, he's not responsible for his soldiers' behavior, correct? This is such a stupid argument that it boggles the mind.

“We really don’t know how those prisoners are behaving, ... There’s a line between heinous war crimes and maintaining discipline.” (Said by the wife of another person charged in the mess)

Go here. Look at the picture. Explain to me how that maintains discipline.

"... stupid, kid things -- pranks" (Said by the mother of yet another person involved.)

Of course, stupid kid pranks excuses everything, right?

And finally, my favorite:

“I can assure you Chip Frederick had no idea how to humiliate an Arab until he met up [with his superiors]” (Said by the lawyer of the guy who was in charge of the prison.)

I don't even know where to begin with this one. Let's start with this: the fact that you didn't know how to do something beforehand doesn't excuse learning it and doing it. For that matter, I didn't know people were ever taught how to "humiliate an Arab".

It's shit like this that makes me totally unsurprised that there are a bunch of folks in the Middle East who hate us. Are some of them any better? No. But we're not allowed to claim ignorance of their reasoning.

Koppel to Read Names of Saddam's Victims

Mr. Koppel said next week's Nightline will be a "special extended episode starting Friday and running non-stop until the day I retire from ABC."


ScrappleFace: Koppel to Read Names of Saddam's Victims

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Back From Idaho

Tired, exausted, pooped, wiped out. Would you like to know when I can tell that I'm back in the Seattle area? It's when I see all the cars with the drivers seats raised as high as they can go. Why are they raised up, you ask? It's because the divers here HAVE THEIR HEADS UP THEIR ASSES and they need the seat raised in order to drive! Of course, actually LOOKING at the road seems to be a secondary concern for these non-driving dunderheads, since they spend more time on their cell phones than actually LOOKING AT THE DAMN ROAD. And they obviously slept through any kind of drivers education class, since none of them seem to know that the FAR LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING, NOT FOR DRIVING AT A SPEED SOMEWHAT SLOWER THAN A GLACIER.

Maybe if I had a labotomy coupled with a crippling addiction to Valium I would approach the levels of crapitude that these idiotic asswipes have attained behind the wheel, but that's a "maybe". Crack-smoking chimps have better driving skills than these worthless oxygen thieves. You don't just go for a drive here, you do battle on the interstate. And it's a good thing that I don't have a huge truck, otherwise I would have just pushed these morons off the road, where they would pose a danger only to themselves. As it is, I'm about to weld railroad spikes to my brushguard in an attempt to get these fuckwits to stay AT LEAST FIVE FEET AWAY FROM ME. I need to get "Q" from the Bond movies to hook up my truck. I have fantasies about sending out an oil slick and watching the tailgating assholes skid to their firey deaths as they plunge off the road and down the 200 foot cliff. If I could reinforce my rear bumper, I would brake-check these thumb-sucking twits. But I can't afford to have my truck out of commission, even if I do get to beat the hell out of the slimy bumblefuck after he rear-ends me. Here's a clue, people. It's called the two second rule - You should be following at least two seconds behind the car in front of you. Short of the lead car hitting an invisible wall and coming to a complete stop in the road, two seconds gives you enough time to react if anything happens on the road. When you're so close on my tail that I can't see the headlights in your grill, THAT IS NOT TWO FUCKING SECONDS!

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Scotch.... I have scotch.... sweet scotch, make the bad men go away!

I so need to get out of this shithole disguised as a city. My bloodpressure jumps 20 points every time I have to return. This festering sore on America needs to be bulldozed flat, burned to cinders, bulldozed again, and then have a MOAB dropped on it for good measure to make sure that nothing gets out alive. This isn't a city, it's a fucking huge virus sucking the life out of Washington State. It needs to be sterilized, and while we're at it let's take out Olympia as well. Two parasites with one nuke. It sure as hell sounds like a good idea to me. Plans are in the works to get me out of this town, and when I leave I'm going to stop at the city limits and take a huge stinking shit on Seattle land, just to show my true feelings. And I'll eat shitloads of peppers and other spicy food the night before so that I can let all my aggression out. Was that a bad choice of words? Too bad, I don't even care right now. Seattle does that to me. If I didn't have my ten acres in Idaho I'd go batshit. As it is I can plan for the future and remember that I have a happier life ahead of me out of this g-d forsaken hellhole.

That's it, I'm hitting the scotch. I'll see you all tomorrow.