Saturday, June 17, 2017

More Obama corruption being shut down

The entire Obama administration was like a nest of termites, eating away at the house of the Republic.  You'll be finding damage for decades to come.  And I don't think we can fix all of it.  But this makes me smile:  AG Sessions ends Obama's illegal payoffs to left-wing groups.

Obama deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life.

Here's a list that should make you go to the range and start practicing again

A list of attacks against Conservatives by the Left.

You DO go to the range, don't you?

Friday, June 16, 2017

For this alone, the EPA should be dismantled

The Gold King Mine disaster.  I've posted on this before.  It keeps getting worse.

The EPA is, at best, a collection of some of the dumbest, most arrogant, unaccountable people to ever hold power in Washington D.C.  And the EPA is rarely if ever at it's best.

More often than not, it is yet another thuggish arm of a thuggish government determined to strip property rights away from law-abiding Americans.

Reminder: Democrats hate you and want you to die

Shots fired at truck flying Trump flag.

Several shots were fired at a truck flying a “Make America Great Again” flag and an American flag on a highway in Indianapolis Tuesday afternoon, Fox 59 reported. Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident, which looks like a possible case of left-wing terrorism.

This shit ain't gonna stop until lots of people are dead.  As Og is fond of saying, we're not voting our way out of this mess.

This is my shocked face

Trump orders government to stop work on Y2K bug, 17 years later.

Now, that little blurb is included in a whole slew of reforms that are going on right now with the Office of Management and Budget.  But how the fucking fuck were we still working on crap for Y2K in 2017?

Oh, right - because as long as someone is getting a paycheck from the government to do it, they'll find endless excuses to do it no matter what.

Folks, every now and then you have to stop and re-assess the systems you have in place.  Get rid of the junk.  See if any improvements can be made.  Naturally, the government sucks at this, because that means you're re-assessing someone's cash cow, and that tends to make the person milking that cash cow grumpy.  But that's even more reason to do it.  I don't care if the person at the Office of Buggy Whips and Carriage Harnesses is grumpy over their cash cow getting slaughtered.  It needs to be slaughtered.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Leftists hate you and want you to die

But of course there's proof.

Take a good, hard look folks.  This is what normal, sane Americans are facing every single day.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Gunman opens fire on Congressional baseball game

Multiple people wounded.

You know how the Democrat Party always claims that conservatives want to run around shooting people?

And yet conservatives never go around shooting people  Democrats are the ones running around shooting people.  What we have here is the wildest fantasies of the Democrat Party come to life.  Some Leftist nutjob tries to take out as my Republicans as he possibly can, and the Democrats now get to scream about "the climate of hate", while never once mentioning that THEY are the ones who created it.  They also get to scream about gun control and about how Republicans deserved to get shot because NRA/Special Interests/Lobbying blah blah blah.

And when it all comes out to it, a Leftist, guided by Leftist principals, fueled by Leftist hatred, blinded by Leftist ideology, tried to kill as many conservatives as he could.  And the Left will use this to attack conservatives, and try to blame conservatives for what they themselves did.

So let me go back - you know how the Democrat Party always claims that conservatives want to run around shooting people?  And have you noticed how it's always Leftists running around shooting people?  This is called PROJECTION.  It's rule number three of the Social Justice Warrior.  SJW's always project.  They always assign their worst traits to their enemies.

Now, keep that in mind, because the SJW's and Leftists also claim that the conservatives and the Right want to put the Left in concentration camps and fill mass graves with the prisoners.

Yeah.  Chew on that.  And we have plenty of proof today that the Left will act out on their desires that they blame on us.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Well, ain't THAT interesting?

More guns, less crime.  Yes, I know I'm preaching to the choir on this, but here's something you can take home to clobber your liberal relatives with.

FBI crime report figures show that Alaska, Arizona, and Wyoming–three states that abolished their concealed requirement years ago–have since witnessed a decreased in handgun murders. 
This runs completely counter to the left’s doom and gloom predictions whereby they claim doing away with a government-issued carry permit will mean more bad guys carrying guns, more shootings and violence, etc.

The more you know...  and all that jazz.

Monday, June 12, 2017

James Comey is like a giant pile of rotting shit

The deeper you dig, the more it stinks.

Let’s begin with the case of one Frank Quattrone, a banker who Comey pursued relentlessly on banking related charges without fruition. But while he couldn’t find any wrong-doing on criminal conduct, he went after him for supposed “obstruction of justice” because of a single ambiguous email. Sound familiar? 
Before he was indicted, Comey made false statements about Quattrone and his intent. The first trial ended in a hung jury but the second one got a conviction.  
That conviction was overturned in 2006. Quattrone was so scarred by the harassment, he began funding projects designed to help innocent people who are victims of prosecutorial overreach or other problems. He said his motivation for supporting such projects was that at the very moment he was found guilty in the second trial, he realized there must be innocent people in prisons who lacked the financial resources to fight for justice. He also started the Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. 
Quattrone has noted with interest the disparities in how he was treated by Comey for a single email compared to his handling of the Hillary Clinton email server scandal.

James Comey deserves to be in jail for his non-prosecution of Hillary Clinton, because a lot of people have been put in jail for far, far less than she did.  But as I'm finding out, Comey has always been a Clinton dog.

Checklist of things I wanted to do

Five mile run?  Check

Clean up yard from various branches and detritus?  Check

Mow the yard?  Check

Cigar and a Manhattan in my glass?  Check

If I get a blowjob tonight, my day will be complete.  Yep, it's the first day of leave, and I'm already winning.

Another busy day today

But this time I'm catching up on all the stuff I couldn't do when I was busy at work.  So it's kind of a win.

So instead of content from me, here's five essential hacks for Summer.  Make your life better!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

I could listen to this all day long

Yeah, I like Brass.

If Democrats didn't cheat, they wouldn't win

More evidence of voter fraud, this time in Indiana.

Twelve employees of a Democrat-linked group focused on mobilizing black voters in Indiana are accused of submitting fake or fraudulent voter registration applications ahead of last year’s general election in order to meet quotas, according to charging documents filed Friday.

And why is it that every time there's evidence of voter fraud, it's connected to the Democrat party?

The Indiana Voter Registration Project’s effort to register primarily black voters was overseen by Patriot Majority USA, which has ties to the Democratic Party, including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and former President Bill Clinton.

Voter fraud is how Al Franken has his seat.  Voter fraud is how Bathhouse Barry Obumblefuck got over 100% of the vote in some districts in Ohio.  It's how Christine Gregoir got elected governor of Washington State in 2004.  Voter fraud exists, and it always, ALWAYS favors the American Communist Democrat Party.  The National Socialist American Workers Party, if you will.

We will never fix the damage that Obama did to this country

There's just too much.

Just when you thought Obama’s disastrous Iran deal couldn’t get any worse, we learn that in order to protect the bad deal, Obama systematically disbanded units investigating Iran’s terror-funding networks.  Not only that, but he also disbanded units investigating the state funding of terrorists by Syria and Venezuela.

Although we shouldn't be shocked.  Obama cared far more about islamic terrorists than he did about their victims, and he cared far more about Hugo Chavez than he does about the victims of socialism who live in Venezuela.

He was the anti-American president.