Friday, December 11, 2020

So, who wants to go to Wales?

 Cardiff, to be exact.

Yes, it's real.  And they have an online shop.  I'm getting a mug.  Maybe a t-shirt as well.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Get woke, go broke

 Newsmax beats Fox in a significant manner.

Newsmax TV scored its first ratings victory over rival Fox News Channel, eclipsing the Murdoch-owned outlet in a key demographic on Monday night.

Good,  After Fox decided to be just another DNC owned media outlet, they deserve to die.  Tucker and Hannity can jump ship and find other platforms willing to host them.  Let Fox die.  They made their bed, let them rot in it.

Jorge Bergolio, the Anti-Pope, isn't even hiding it any more.

 This communist sack of vulture vomit is blowing full speed ahead to the new world order.

Instead of working through local churches to connect with local business owners and average people (and maybe preaching the Gospel for a change), he's going to fix the world's wealth inequality by working with the richest global business executives. I'm sure that'll work.

It's just like a career politician named Joe being the man to clean up Washington.

Maybe Jorge Bergolio was too busy canoodling with his child-prostitute-running boyfriend to pay attention to what's actually going on in the world, but the super-rich aren't the ones actually helping anybody.  HAH!  I jest, of course.  Jorge Bergolio knows exactly what is going on, which is why he's going straight ahead to the globalist agenda rather than the Christian agenda.

Who are these Guardians, you ask? Why, just the heads of companies like Mastercard, Salesforce, Dupont, Rothschild, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Visa, Estée Lauder, BP, Bank of America, State Street Corporation, and the Rockefeller Foundation. You know, the people who've been controlling the world for the last century.

Even Forbes was skeptical.

What the sex scandals in the past decades has not accomplished, the reign of the Marxist anti-Pope will:  The destruction of a huge chunk of the Catholic Church.  But this was expected by quite a few people, including Pope Benedict the Sixteenth, the one true Pope of the Catholic Church.  Pope Benedict stated quite a while ago that the Church was going to shrink, to lose members, and would come out stronger on the other end.

Bergolio and his cabal of sodomite drug-addicted perverted Cardinals will drive millions of souls away from the Church.  Bergolio's reward will be in Hell, for all eternity, along side every Cardinal who cares more about getting high and getting a blow job from some Roman twink rather than taking care of the souls entrusted to them.  All we can do as individual members of the Church is pray for her restoration, and most importantly, support the good guys.  Support the people who actually believe, and ensure that the faithful have someone and some place to go to in these troubling times.  

Here's a hint - if the Mass is in Latin, you're probably in a good place.

Some kid in Italy apparently had the Kung Flu back in November. Of 2019.

 Yeah.  How many times did I say this shit was in America by December 2019 at the latest?  I'm right.

A four-year-old boy in Italy was infected with coronavirus as early as November 2019, it is believed, in the latest piece of evidence that the disease was spreading around the world well before China acknowledged the outbreak. 

The child, who lived near Milan and had not been travelling abroad, came down with a cough on November 21 last year and was taken to a hospital's emergency wing days later.

On December 5, 2019, a swab was taken from his throat, and that specimen has since tested positive for the virus that causes Covid-19. 

Fucking China and their pet politicians here in the USA (Hi there, Biden family!) are going to be the death of not just us, but the world.


<iframe class="rumble" width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

HCQ saves lives.  The US government didn't want you to know that, because if a cheap, easily available drug could save lives, there's no point to the lockdown and the mask mandates.

It's a shamdemic.

If the embedded link doesn't work, go here:

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

So, let's juxtapose two different articles

 The first:  When Deplorables Fight Back.

Knowing a train wreck could happen is not the same as preventing one. A 1990 National Intelligence Estimate predicted: “Yugoslavia will cease to function as a federal state within one year and will probably dissolve within two. Economic reform will not stave off the breakup.” This was made public through a leak to the Washington Post.

The NIE was stunningly prescient. Yugoslavia imploded a year or so later. Everyone knew the train wreck was likely. Nobody stopped it.

Our elites could reduce tensions. They could rein in their street commies, renounce threats of court packing, and reverse their position on abolishing the Electoral College and statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Perhaps they could even say they will accept a President Trump electoral win, agree that it’s unacceptable to be fired for attending a Trump rally, and so on. Congress could reprimand, censure, or expel its members who endorse violence against political opponents. Longer term re-stabilization could devolve power from Washington, D.C. to state governments. California could ban pickups and mandate abortions, while Texas could do the opposite. Nobody would love it, but the republic would survive.

None of this should be taken as endorsing violence. Predictions are not wishes. There still is time for our would-be rulers to step away from the precipice.

Yes, there is still time for our would-be rulers to step away, but they won't.  You know they won't.  They're all in, with the fraud, the criminal behavior.  And we the people know it.

Which leads us to this:  2020 just keeps shitting in our mouths

The Cucks are suddenly running scared - the rubes they've been working all these years are roused, pissed off and looking for the nearest pitchfork. And I don't mean that metaphorically. ALL OF THE GUNS sold out over Thanksgiving weekend.


Having been to several of my local Merchants 'o Death in the past few days, I can confirm that just about any weapon that can be used to repel government thugs is sold right the hell out.  Ammo?  Gone.  There were a few esoteric calibers still on the shelf, some of which I haven't ever seen before.  I found the one shop that was selling 9mm, limiting it to two boxes per person.  So I walked out with two boxes.  I found another shop that had single-aught buckshot, and I got a box of that as well.  Every single person I know is stocking up on ammo if they can, and planning for the worst.

In November, Americans bought enough weapons to outfit the USMC.  Guns are gone.  Hell, I can't even find a Ruger 10/22 in the shops around here.  The only guns left are in the $1000 and over range.  People are freaking the hell out and getting ready to fight.  And the Left keeps pushing, and pushing, and pushing.

I need to look for more ammo.

Stole this from Peter Grant

When you remove witnesses by force, any outcome after that is fraudulent.  Period.

Tuesday, December 08, 2020

The walking boot was a sham

 Unless you can explain how a broken foot heals in eight days?

Earlier today, Slow Joe was seen talking to the press between events.  Curiously absent, was Slow Joe’s walking boot. For a nearly-80-year-old who broke a bone, the man seems to have very little problem navigating around without the walking cast that is supposed to remove pressure from the healing bones.  Biden broke his foot just 8 days ago, not nearly enough time for the injury to heal.

Gosh, that reminds me of something.  What could it be?  Oh, right, another decrepit sack of shit who's favorite past time was stabbing people in the back.

Ol' Jonny "Maverick" McCain couldn't remember what foot was "injured" either, but of course that's because he was dying from BRAIN CANCER at the time, and he lied about it in order to stay in power and keep his family in the big bucks that came rolling in because he was a corrupt shitbag.

I didn't buy the whole "Oh I tripped while playing with my dog" story, but other than the gut instinct that it was bullshit, I wasn't sure what the reason for the lie was going to be.  I think Joe the Drooling Halfwit is going to be diagnosed with cancer pretty early on.  That's if his goulish wife doesn't pull and Edith Wilson on Joe's rotting corpse, which is a strong possibility because the only reason the Biden family has money is because of Joe's corruption and pay-to-play schemes.  And Dr. Jill wants that moolah.

This dumpster fire just keeps getting bigger.

One leads to the other

 Tucker Carlson has a monologue about how Biden, the DNC and huge swaths of the D.C. Swamp are in bed with the CCP.  Well, really it's a Chinese professor detailing how the CCP controls the upper ring of the Swamp management.

If you watch the above clip, what you’ll see is a Beijing-based professor bragging about China’s ability to settle affairs with the United States in their favor. But it’s his admission that that’s only possible because the CCP has people placed he calls “old friends” in upper positions of power across the influence sectors in the country. He’s obviously talking about government inroads, but he also specifically mentions someone being the vice president at a major Wall Street firm. At another point, he notes an American woman who now has dual Chinese citizenship and lives part of the year in Beijing. Why that’s important is that the communist nation does not allow dual citizenship. You do the math on that.

Things got more damning, though. The professor goes on to talk specifically about President Trump and how he’s blown up China’s ability to control American interests and bend them in their favor. The trade war is specifically mentioned here, with it being noted that Wall Street “tried to help” but couldn’t do much because Trump held an adversarial position against the financial institutions in question. Unsurprisingly, we hear about how easy Barack Obama’s administration was to manipulate in comparison. The professor even brags about having so many people near the levers of power during that time, but they couldn’t “fix Trump” in his words.

Anyone who's been watching for the past couple of decades knows that D.C. has sold out America to the CCP when it comes to economics.  After the farcical 2020 election theft, even fewer people think the system is actual fair and balanced, because we can see with our own eyes that it's a rigged game.  And while the Swamp desperately wants to go back to the way things used to be, they've spent so many years in their mad lust for power, destroying institutions that get in their way of complete control, they are going to be in for a shock.

4GW works in both directions. Normal Americans who believe in the Constitution and constitutional norms are figuring this out. The moral level is decisive. The bad guys can win at the tactical and physical levels, but lose at the operational, strategic, mental and moral levels where 4GW is decided. At the moral level, demanding free and fair elections is a pretty good place for the good guys to start.

Many normal Americans already have lost faith in our system. The question is how the country will respond if Joe Biden takes the oath of office on January 20 while ducking reasonable questions. Today’s temporary loss of faith may become terminal.

I don't think there's going to be armed rebellion.  Not yet, maybe not ever.  But things will just....  stop working.  Laws will be ignored.  Regulations will be flouted.  And the people who try to enforce the State's dictatorship will disappear.

Sunday, December 06, 2020



I remember the mask and suit I had to wear when I worked at a hospital and we did emergency drills for various disasters, including a viral attack by terrorists.  That little bit of cloth over your face is useless.  It's nothing but a germ sponge.