Day by Day

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Get woke, go broke

 Newsmax beats Fox in a significant manner.

Newsmax TV scored its first ratings victory over rival Fox News Channel, eclipsing the Murdoch-owned outlet in a key demographic on Monday night.

Good,  After Fox decided to be just another DNC owned media outlet, they deserve to die.  Tucker and Hannity can jump ship and find other platforms willing to host them.  Let Fox die.  They made their bed, let them rot in it.


Anonymous said...

FOXNews used to be on all day long in our firehouse, but no more. For whatever reason only one of our cable boxes (the main one) get Newsmax, but because Newsmax streams for absolutely free, that is how we watch it.

Deserttrek said...

newsmax doesn't have news, the only thing worth while during daylight is Howie Carr
They do run good historical and documentaries on the weekends and at night
Still, just like fox news, thereis no news on newsmax, after all it is the 21st century