Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mexicans hate Donald Trump

If I weren't a Cruz guy, that would be reason enough for me to vote for him.  Seriously.  Take a look at the video in this tweet:  It's Mexicans rioting in California at a Donald Trump rally:

So, to whit:  People waving the flag of Mexico, which is pretty much just a third-world polluted socialist shithole sucking off the USA for it's existence, are pissed off at Donald Trump for saying he's going to cut off their free supply of American money, and so they're rioting outside of his speeches in California.

Yeah.  That'll go over well with the rest of the country.

Oh, and I love how they're "protesters" instead of being called what they actually are:  Marxist agitators starting riots in America.  Well, in California, which is kind of like America, only it's ruled by a Communist cabal of nincompoops, idiots, kleptocrats and various corrupt assholes.

And of course, when there's socialists out protesting Republicans, A.N.S.W.E.R., that communist front group, is there to make sure the shit gets smeared all over the place.  I notice that after protesting G.W. Bush for eight solid years, the Marxist shills at A.N.S.W.E.R. haven't said one peep about the wars Obama started.  Huh.  Gosh, I wonder why?

(Yeah, my hyperbole meter just blew up.)

I want to go to a Donald Trump rally, and just hang out somewhere outside the building, close to the rioters.  And I want a couple of cans of pepper spray, a steel stick or two, some tasers, and a camera.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Gosh if only we ALL could spend $19,000,000 on personal security teams!

But we can't, which is why gun ownership is so essential; we have to be able to protect ourselves.

But Mark Zuckerberg, who spent nineteen million dollars on personal security for himself and his family, thinks you shouldn't have a gun.

I don't begrudge the guy for spending the money.  I honestly think he probably needs it more than your average schmoe.  But what chaps my ass is that this far-Left douchenozzle surrounds himself and his family by men with guns in order to protect himself, but he thinks we little people shouldn't be able to protect ourselves with guns.

And that, my friends, is hypocrisy of the highest order.  I think that every far-Left Marxist shitsmear who whines about how guns should be restricted should themselves be restricted in how they can protect themselves.  You want to ban guns?  Fine, no gun-toting security guards for you!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Saw this at work, couldn't blog till now

John Boehner, the weeping, orange-faced, slimy traitorous piece of backstabbing shit, called Ted Cruz 'Lucifer in the flesh".

I can't think of a better endorsement for Ted Cruz than for that gutless pathetic blubbering mangina to come out against him.  I don't know if John Boehner was just the worst House Speaker in history (and that includes child molester Dennis Hastert) or if he was actively trying to destroy the GOP from the inside out.  But based on his actions, you could make a case either way.  And so now this infected anal wart on the ass of this country comes out to try to rip Ted Cruz to shreds.

I don't even think Tearful Johnny Tans-a-lot knows just what a boon that is to Ted Cruz.  But just in case he doesn't, here's my message back to the worst thing to happen to the GOP in my lifetime:

Fuck you, Johnny boy.  Fuck you, die screaming, and spend eternity choking on the barbed cock of Satan.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Well gosh, I think he has an opinion!

And the Left can't handle it.  Steven Crowder just destroys a couple of Leftist hecklers at UMass:

That video is taken from a 90 minute panel, and the entire thing is worth watching.

Make sure you get a load of the feminist doing her best imitation of a massively overweight infant throwing a power-pout temper tantrum.

Cruz picks Fiorina as Veep

I expect the Left to hurry to tell us why Carly Fiorina isn't really a woman in 5...   4...   3...   2...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I second the sentiment

of the Z Man:

It’s not just young females who are suffering from a century of feminism. Middle-aged women have always faced a difficult time. The kids leave and the mother’s purpose expires. Every man over the age of 40 understands that women often go bonkers at this stage of life. They get into weird causes or begin to obsess over trying to look young. Because we live in an age where so many women made it to this age without bearing children, we now have a surplus of women like Melissa Click
At the risk of sounding like a neanderthal, Mx. Click should be somewhere doting on grandchildren right now, not out making a nuisance of herself. Instead, the self-defeating religion of feminism guides her into self-destructive behavior that has led to a life of frustration. That frustration comes from pursuing an endless list of causes and movements that can never satisfy the biological urge. Her life is an endless itch that can never be scratched.

Modern feminism has told women that they should screw like men, but not have any children.  So they did.  And what we have left over is old, bitter, childless feminists who have no real value to society, other than examples of what not to do with your life.  Is it any wonder they turn into shrieking harridans?

Ah yes, THERE'S the Virginia weather I remember

Since I got here in February, it's been rather cool-ish.  Winter time, don't ya know.  Today it got up into the 80's with high humidity.

Can't wait for June, lemme tell ya.  Nothing like enjoying a sauna while you're walking out the door.

Monday, April 25, 2016

I'm putting this up here

So that I can watch it tonight.

After the cleaning.

Stolen from this guy.

A.B.C - Always Be Cleaning

So the people who lived in this house before we got here were...  in a word, trash.  And that's also a good description of what they did to the place.  The Mrs. and I hauled five bags of trash out of the woods behind our house, and there's still more to clean up.  I have a burn barrel now.  Not because I wanted one, but because I hauled an empty 55 gallon steel drum out of the woods and figured "Well, it's good for something!"

There were layers of leaves from the years they didn't rake, and there was trash in-between each layer.  The yard, if you want to call it that, is whatever weeds were able to poke through the leaves.

And inside the house, they smoked cigarettes.  Many, many cigarettes.  I finished steam-cleaning the carpet in what will be the music room, and for a house that had been "cleaned" prior to us moving in, I got what I consider to be proof that they didn't clean jack shit out of the carpet.  Not by the color of the water that I pulled out.

Hey, guess what I'm doing tonight after I get home?

Sunday, April 24, 2016