Saturday, March 14, 2020

So it's a National Emergency

Because of the Wuhan virus.  By the way, every time you mention the Wuhan virus, make sure you call it by its proper name:  Wuhan virus.  Apparently, the Left is now claiming that calling it the Wuhan virus or Chinese coronavirus is racist.  Because in the twisted, drug-addled brain of a Leftists, naming something after where it first appeared is racist.  But that's life when you mainline Marxism with your meth, I guess.  So I'm going to call it the Wuhan virus from now on.  "Coronavirus" is a name for a family of viruses we've been dealing with for millennia now, and Covid-19 doesn't piss off enough Leftists.

Wuhan Flu.

Wuhan virus.

Wuhan coronavirus.

Chinese coronavirus.

Take your pick.  Use 'em all at once for multiple head-popping effect!  Call it the Wuhan Kung-Flu and see who's head spins off in outrage.  Then you'll know who you can trigger in a crowd.

By the way, when Trump blasts the CDC for their Soviet-style control on the Wuhan Flu test, he wasn't wrong.

The media continues to be a toxic dumpster fire of Leftist, Marxist propaganda run by walking pieces of human garbage.  Yes, I know I harp on this a lot.  But dammit, these people are absolute tools of both China and the DNC, and I'm going to scream back at them in the only way I can.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Every now and then, humanity forgets what it takes to survive. And then it gets hit.

Perfect example - a society struggles when basic things like sanitation get ignored.  Living in filth means risking an epidemic.

So San FranFreakShow allows public defecation and used needles on the streets.  What do you think will happen when Covid-19 hits the streets there?

There's shit on the streets of Seattle.  There's shit and piss all over Los Angeles, because the people there have forgotten some basic facts about life; do not allow drug addicts to shit all over the place.  There's already been Hep A outbreaks in LA and San Diego because of drug addicts shitting in the streets.  That should have been a wake up call.

I do think that there will be quite a few dead from Covid-19 in America.  Many of those deaths will be tragedies, but they will be caused by the absolute refusal to understand basic truths about life.  Covid-19 will be spread by societies that have forgotten what it takes to survive.  Or by people who just don't care, like the drug addicts shitting in the streets.

There are multiple posts about how the media is doing its absolute best to cause panic

Because panic hurts Trump and helps the Democrats, who can then say that Trump caused the problem, or isn't doing anything to help the problem, or any number of lies they've spewed.

Sarah Hoyt:

You can scream “racist” all you want, but nationalities are not races, and viruses don’t care. The end of this will be sensible border control. Sorry if you won’t like it, media, you brought it on yourselves. You could have treated this like you treated swine flu, and not hurt the economy, but your senseless fury against Orange Man Bad is leading you to all those unintended consequences…. We’ll enjoy them.  We don’t know about you.

There's more from The Spectator and Victory Girls as well.  The bottom line is that the media here in the US of A is a flaming dumpster fire filled with garbage people.  And I don't mean the kinds of hard working folks who pick up your trash every week, I mean walking piles of breathing, talking garbage.  Democrat partisans who will do everything they can to destroy this country because Orange Man Bad, and (austistic screeching).  Filthy lumps of sub-human shit who hate this country, hate Normal Americans, hate you for refusing to submit to them, and hate Trump with such a fury that no lie is to gross for them to tell, no action is too corrupt for them to commit, all in service to their DNC lords and masters.

Cut the cable, folks.  Dump the dish.  Stop willingly accepting this crap into your homes.  The only way to hurt them is to cut off their cash flow, and dammit, they need to be hurt.  Get rid of your TV.  It wasn't until I stopped the flow of their propaganda into my home that I saw just how blatant and insidius their propagana is.  Now the only time I even hear any bullshit from anti-American assholes like the Commie News Network is when I'm stuch at an airport gate.

I don't know if I'll be happy until Brian Stelter is sobbing while he's dumping box wine into his Frosted Flakes and wondering where he can get a job next.

Steven Crowder did something like this

Irish conservatives set up website to snare various fascists and dictators with their own words and actions.  The Irish Antifa Project.

Many young people on the Irish Right have long claimed that there is institutional bias constantly working against them. However, it is only now that we can definitively say that this is not the case.

There is no institutional bias against young conservatives. There is an outright conspiracy against them. A conspiracy that starts at the lower levels of university life and leads all the way up, like a conveyor belt, to the NGO complex and the halls of the Oireachtas. Individuals brazenly abusing their positions of power trying to destroy their political opponents, with no fear of repercussions. It is with this series of exposés that these repercussions will finally start to materialise. 

And as usual, the cockroaches are scurrying away from the light.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

The point that the Left refuses to see

OK, it's the sixth point they refuse to see, but it's one that you can bludgeon them with quickly.

Sixth, Democrats are ignoring a salient point about the coronavirus: it started in a country with socialized medicine (China) and is having its worst effects in two other countries with socialized medicine: Iran and Italy.  There's a bright, flashing message in that that American leftists refuse to read.

If socialized medicine was so great, the coronavirus would have never gotten as bad as it is, and people wouldn't be freaking out right now.

Top. Men.

The government knew within two weeks that the entire Trump-Russia Collusion hoax was utter and complete bullshit.

But they went on with the investigation anyway.

 This is our government.  A group of thugs, weaponized by the Left, trained to attack anyone that threatens their hold on power.

The NBA just cancelled it's season

My give-a-damn meter barely budged.  I do feel sorry for all the folks who work at the arenas, because they just took a massive hit to their pay checks.  That sucks for them.  But I haven't watched an NBA game in well over a decade.  Maybe fifteen years?  I don't know.  I refuse to watch what used to be a team game devolve into thugball for narcissists.  I think the only reason I know the Toronto team won the championship last year is because of talk radio being all gaga about it.  If you asked me to name a player, I'd have to say that dude who's now in Los Angeles that nobody will shut up about.

Everybody knows who the points leader in the NBA is.  Nobody knows who the leader in steals and assists is.  And it's the same guy who holds those records.  But he didn't talk shit, he didn't play trash.  He was the consummate professional.  And the average NBA fan just doesn't care about that very much.

So buh-bye, NBA.  I never missed ya, because I really don't give a crap about ya.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

I'm dragging ass this week

As I get older, the multitude of 12 hour days repeatedly kicks my ass.  Not having a weekend or a day to get crap done kicks my ass.  Not having a recovery day kicks my ass.  So I apologize for the lack of coherent posting this week, but my ass is kicked.

I'm watching the continuing freak-out about Covid-19.  One of the training summits I was to attend in April has been cancelled.  I have a training later this month, and another in early April that are still on for the time being, but I wonder for how long.

The unit commander (who actually is a medical professional) went on a little diatribe during the last CUB, basically saying that at this point, 90% of the people in that room were going to contract the coronavirus, and of that 90% at least half of them won't even know they have it.  Of the half that actually feel sick, most of them will suffer a sore throat and some sniffles, but that's about it.  A small minority of them will actually have a fever.  And unless you are older or immuno-compromised, the risk of death from this virus is small.  The whole point being, Covid-19 is in America, it's going to spread because people are stupid, but the actual effects will be minimal.  In America.

In other countries where hygiene and sanitation aren't really a thing (like China or Iran), the effects are going to be much worse.  We in America can go by some Thera-Flu, stay home, drink hot tea and recover.  In China, they work you till you drop, then toss you in your front door and seal it behind you.  Health and Nutrition aren't exactly a thing in China, you get me?  Living in a society where people piss and shit in public means your immune system is already overloaded just trying to keep you alive from the toxic crap you're tracking in to your house, and now you add a respiratory virus on top of that?  Bad juju.  Here in America, where only liberal cities allow people to piss and shit in public, the risk is far lower.  In fact, the vast majority of cases that have popped up in America are either contracted overseas and brought back here (as is the case for the people from Utah who came down with it), or it's from people who live in cities where people piss and shit in public.  Seattle, San FranFreakShow, Lost Angeles, etcetera.

Wash your hands.  Avoid places that allow hobo druggies to piss and shit in public.  Don't panic.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Liberal Hate Machine

Gab is tracking it!  We all know that Twatter is a cesspool of liberal politics, and a self-licking ice cream cone of hatred.  But it's nice to have it shown in data form.

The stock markets can't figure out what to do

And I'm buying more stock index funds, because as the idiots and losers shed their stocks in a panic, they just keep getting cheaper.  That market is going back up, folks.  And the big difference is that I'll have more of their money in my pocket when it comes to retirement.

To quote this post at Instapundit:  I haven't lost a dime.  I haven't sold anything.

Monday, March 09, 2020

Got my Coronavirus briefing yesterday

You want to know what the top docs in the USA think?

Don't panic.  Wash your hands.  Stay away from infected people.

Look, the actual death rate of Covid 19 is essentially unknown, because it's hard to calculate percentages when a good portion of the people infected with the virus don't even show any symptoms!

Let me restate that:  At this point, at least 14% of the people infected with Covid 19 that they know of do not show any symptoms.  That means that the actual effect of this virus on a normal person's body is lesser than the seasonal flu.

That's not to say there are no problems.  This bug seems to hit older folks hard, and it hits a statistically significant percentage of males more than females.  But it's not Flubola that we're dealing here.  The fatality percentage being bandied about is 2-3%.  As the doc briefed yesterday, how can you make that claim when you know for a fact that there are thousands of people who got Covid 19 and didn't go to the hospital because it was just the sniffles and a sore throat?  That 2-3% fatality rate is based on the cases we know about, which is a remarkably smaller number than the cases we don't know about.

Also, what kind of condition were these folks in before they got this virus and died?  Is it taking down perfectly healthy adults?  The flu does that sometimes.  Or, is it as I suspect, that this virus is taking out the infirm and elderly, just like the flu does every year to less fanfare?

The greatest threat we face from this virus is not the physical effects on any person or group of people here in the USA.  The threat is from the fact that China, being a filthy, communist-run shithole who we've given ALL of our manufacturing capability, won't be able to supply the things they used to make but now cannot make because entire cities are quarantined.  We're going to take an economic hit, and maybe, just maybe, the right people will get a wake-up call.  But stop thinking we're all going to die.  We won't, not yet.

Don't panic.  Wash your hands.  Stay away from people you know have the virus, if possible.  And quite frankly, get outside if you can.  Fresh air and sunlight seem to be a better treatment for this virus than any man-made medicine.

Sunday, March 08, 2020

If it weren't in Canada, I'd move there

No offense meant to my Northern Neighbors, but ya'll have a fucked up government, and I like my freedoms, even if they're under assault by the US government.

If Alberta and Saskatchewan ever decided to leave Canada, I think they might get an influx of Americans from the Midwest, tired of dealing with a bunch of socialist assholes.