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Thursday, March 12, 2020

The NBA just cancelled it's season

My give-a-damn meter barely budged.  I do feel sorry for all the folks who work at the arenas, because they just took a massive hit to their pay checks.  That sucks for them.  But I haven't watched an NBA game in well over a decade.  Maybe fifteen years?  I don't know.  I refuse to watch what used to be a team game devolve into thugball for narcissists.  I think the only reason I know the Toronto team won the championship last year is because of talk radio being all gaga about it.  If you asked me to name a player, I'd have to say that dude who's now in Los Angeles that nobody will shut up about.

Everybody knows who the points leader in the NBA is.  Nobody knows who the leader in steals and assists is.  And it's the same guy who holds those records.  But he didn't talk shit, he didn't play trash.  He was the consummate professional.  And the average NBA fan just doesn't care about that very much.

So buh-bye, NBA.  I never missed ya, because I really don't give a crap about ya.


p2 said...

Won't be too long before the NHL & MLB follow suit. Oregon has already banned any event over 250 people. Travel is being restricted... Can you say martial law? Goood! I knew you could....

Deserttrek said...

As far as the nba and nfl, if I was the Emperor they would not exist. The nba is racist and the nfl is worse plus taxpayer subsidized. Screw them.
Still think this is overblown and media hype. One good thing is the gym is really slow so easier to get it done.
And NO I do not believe Trump is going to implement martial law