Saturday, June 22, 2019


When we moved in, the only real request made by the landlord was "Please keep the lawn green".  Other than that, we have carte blanch with the yard.

However, that pretty much precludes a garden, because digging up the lawn and planting anything definitely does NOT fall into the category of keeping the lawn green.

So we now have six rather large pots, surrounded by smaller pots, all filled with dirt and new plants.  We got tomatoes, artichokes, tomatillos, herbs, rhubarb, swiss chard, all the good stuff.

Dammit, we WILL have a garden!

Friday, June 21, 2019

The comments to this article pretty much say how I feel, only nicer.

And Peter Grant says it much more politely than I can.

I have $235,000 of student debt. The first $120,000 came with a bachelor’s degree from my state school. Another $70,000 or so came with my master’s degree. The remainder is accrued interest. 
The suggested minimum monthly payment on my private debt alone is approximately $1,200. For reference: that’s nearly rent for the 600-square-foot apartment where I live with my partner in New Jersey. 
Without income driven repayment, the minimum payment amount for my federal student debt would be around $1,000. 
I would have to begin devoting half of my income to debt payment if I cared to pay it off by 2042. I can’t do that because I make just under $4,000 per month. And that income is a fairly new development in my life. Why would I choose to pay down my debt if it meant I wouldn’t be able to afford basic living expenses?


How much you want to bet his degree is in something like "African History" or "Gender Studies" or something even more worthless, like Journalism Studies.

There's no way in hell that anybody's tax dollars should go to pay off this guy's student loans.  Period.  He borrowed the money.  He spent the money.  That's his albatross to carry, no one else's. 

Or better yet, here's a thought:  Take it out of his alma mater's endowments.  Make the school pay for cheating students with worthless degrees.  That's a student debt forgiveness plan I can get behind.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Twice raping the Americans that Americans don't want to rape

Feel the Diversity!  Feel the inclusion!  Feel the results of brain-dead Marxist judges inhabiting Sanctuary Cities!

A 35-year-old White Center man who was recently released from the King County Jail after serving time for rape is now accused of tracking down the victim last weekend, pushing her out of her wheelchair and strangling and beating her in front of her young son, according to prosecutors. 
Francisco Carranza-Ramirez was supposed to board a flight to California and return to his native Mexico on Monday after King County Superior Court Judge Nicole Gaines Phelps agreed not to impose community custody, or probation, following his release from jail last week, court records show. He is now wanted on a no-bail warrant for violating conditions of his release on the rape charge, according to court records and King County sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Ryan Abbott.


And when Proggie fucktards release these criminals into the USA, AMERICANS SUFFER.

Also, guns.  Get one.  So that when yet another illegal alien criminal tries to do this to you, you can shoot them in the face and end it right then and there.

Well, I know I've said it at least once...

The purpose for Twitter is so that you can see for yourself what the Enemies of America are saying and thinking.

Kinda like this.

So it's pretty much an admitted fact that Democrats want to import a new class of voters, because they can't control the old class of voters.  Straight from the horse's whore's mouth.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

So, I don't have a TV...

I don't have a facebook account, and I deleted my Twitter account.  So it wasn't until I had logged on to the intartubes today that I found out that Chiquita Kruschev had oped up her ignorant pie-hole and blurted out yet another bushel of stupidity.  While I had a bunch of words to say about that, I'll let Steven Crowder do that instead.

You know what?  I take it back.  I have no words for what kind of stupidity it takes to compare American border security to Nazi Germany.

Last I checked, people were crossing the border to get IN to this country.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Changing of my schedule

I used to blog in the morning, because I had a short commute and there wasn't much traffic, so I could sip coffee, blog and get to work on time.

Yeah, that's right out the window.  I have an hour commute right now, and that's if I leave the front door at 0700.  That gives me 15 minutes for the Rosary, an hour for PT and 45 minutes of prep before I had better be out the door, because at 0715 the roads lock up.

So I'm either going to start posting things at night for the next day, or I'm going to just post at night.

I can't wait to retire.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Went to Trader Joe's yesterday

They have plenty of things that the wife can have without causing any of her food issues to flare up.  So we go in, do a little shopping, and as we're going up and down the isles, I see a girl.

Black yoga pants so darn tight that each ass-cheek moved independently.  Purple crop top, black bra, and just a flat out rockin' body  Had I been my young, foolish self I would have been drooling.  But me being my older self, I looked at her face.

Full make-up, to include fake eyelashes.  Foundation, blush, eyeliner, the works.  And a French braid to boot.

The woman who puts on an entire face of make-up, and then dresses in clothing that leaves little to the imagination while shopping at Trader Joe's has got too many issues to even contemplate.  I don't care how rockin' that body was.  I wouldn't dip my wick in that for love or money.

No matter how good a woman looks, there's some guy out there who's sick of her shit.  And I'm willing to bet that girl has a trail of men who are sick of her.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Smoking Nazis have won in Utah

Went to order cigars yesterday.  Guess what I found out?  You can't order cigars online and have them delivered to Utah.

No, that's not a joke or a typo. 

Also went to Beehive Cigars (best cigar shop in SLC)  They had their usual great selection.  But their private lounge, where one used to be able to enjoy a stogie?  Closed.  Permanently.  By the Utah Clean Air act.

The loss of a cigar lounge is rather upsetting.  The inability to order cigars online is flat out infuriating.  The Mrs. and I are appropriately outraged.

However, there's a little town just across the Utah/Wyoming border that has a post office, and where I can obtain a post office box.  And given that the Mrs. and I will be visiting this town about once a month (much cheaper prices on alcohol, food, ammunition....  hell, everything) I will be getting said PO box, and I'll have my cigars shipped there.  It'll increase the cost of my cigars by about $120 a year, but I figure that's worth it.

I'll not be told that I can't engage in a legal activity by the various nanny-state twatwaffles.