Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall is here

Officially and unofficially.  Temps are getting lower, and it's positively cool out there this morning.  I need to get what veggies I can out of the garden before the first frost.  And harvest whatever herbs I want to dry.  Of course, if the wind would stop knocking all my tomatoes off the vine before they're ripe I'd be getting a hell of a lot MORE of those.

Ah well....  tomato sauce.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh Damn

Is this an impeachable offense?

I knew Obama played the race card from day one in his quest for power.  But there's a difference between playing the race card, and being a racist.  I think we've just been shown that Obama, and his administration, is racially biased against anyone with white skin.

And filed under "The More You Keep Digging" tab....

This is a bombshell allegation coming from a current attorney within the DOJ, who is testifying, it should be noted, in direct defiance to orders from his superiors at the DOJ, who have generally obstructed the work of the Commission. Coates’ allegations also corroborate those made earlier by former U.S. Attorney J. Christian Adams, who resigned his post in order to blow the whistle on the Obama DOJ’s reprehensible policy with regards to civil rights cases.
If the Obama Administration does not take immediate action to address these allegations, this is going to blow up into a major issue leading into November. Honestly, I cannot imagine how Attorney General Eric Holder survives this.

I hope Holder does NOT survive this - if he has to resign, there's one less racist with a job in D.C.

Day Two of the Sickness

Slept much better last night, fever broke, and now I'm just coughing up some crud.  I should be back on my feet tomorrow.  Thank God.  I hate just sitting around, it drives me nuts.  I don't do well with boredom, as any of my co-workers can tell you, especially when they go on leave and I fill their cube with hundreds of balloons.

Come to think of that, she's on leave yet again.  I think I'll gift wrap her entire cube this time.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Over at C&S I found this little tidbit regarding health care insurance rate hikes.

Sebelius told National Journal Editorial Director Ronald Brownstein that the coming rate hikes will be “substantial” – but added, “It has little to do with passage of the [Patient Protection and Affordable Care] Act and more to do with the marketplace.”

"More to do with the marketplace"....  Think about that.  This administration and it's flunkies cannot figure out that taking over the health care system in this country causes the markets to react.  They literally cannot connect the economic dots.  They literally refuse to see how the actions of the government affect anything.

These people shouldn't be allowed anywhere near anything requiring a third-grade education, because they obviously are not at that level, and it would take years of education to get them there.

And another Obamacare success story - Major health insurance companies are dropping their children-only plans!  I hope everyone enjoys their free health care!

Hell, I could have told you that

75% of all potential recruits are too fat, too sickly, or too dumb for military service.

The armed services are willing to grant waivers for some of those conditions – asthma, or a little bit of weed. But the military’s biggest concern is how big and how weak its potential recruits have become.

Unfortunately, from my viewpoint it looks like about half of those who are too fat to serve still get to enlist, and they go into the Army Reserves, where they get to walk around the PX in their uniform looking like a giant overstuffed bag of smashed assholes.

Chest Crud

Got some sort of crap in my chest that Musinex can't seem to shake off.  Slept like crap last night because I kept coughing.  Not happy.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Dick has a very NSFW photo of a girl with some ink in her skin, and the prevailing theme is that the tats ruined what was a very beautiful girl.

I'm forced to agree with them.  Because quite frankly, the tats suck.  They're the kind of trendy, show your 20 year old boyfriend "Look!  I got your band's mascot tattooed on my arm!" kind of crap.  When I have people ask my opinions about tattoos, and always say to them "Imagine you're sixty or seventy years old.  That skin is sagging, the tattoo is faded, nothing looks the way it used to.  Now can you tell your grandkids just why you got that tattoo, and more importantly, is it still going to be relevant when your sixty or seventy?  If the answer isn't a definite "Yes" without hesitation, then don't get that tat."  

My favorite line about tattoos came from a Seattle writer who pointed out that all those trendy "Bush Sucks" tattoos are going to end up saying "Buy Socks" when said tattoo canvas enters it's sixth decade.  And yes, I have tats.  And yes, I'll be able to explain them when I'm sixty.

Saw this on Instapundit

Along with this big scary warning from some food safety guy:

This raw milk trend is very dangerous development. I spent 25 years in the food industry responsible for food safety, There is no way I would let anyone I care about drink raw milk. There are no benefits to raw milk consumption and no dangers in pasteurization. If a large dairy introduced raw milk into the food supply, they would be in front of Congress taking a beating that would make the Toyota hearings look like a walk in the park.
Please let your readers know that raw milk is not “healthy” but is extremely dangerous.

If I may be so bold - ahem - this guy can go piss up a rope.  Drinking raw milk is dangerous?  So is eating raw steak, and yet I still see Steak Tartar being prepared.  Eating raw fish is dangerous, and sushi is still huge in America.  Riding a motorcycle is dangerous, and yet I still see plenty of bikes on the road.

Life is dangerous.  Freedom involves risk, and if some people out there want to drink raw milk no damned food nanny should be able to tell them "No".  And since the people who drink raw milk are finding ways to do it, why should anyone stop them?

As for me, I think that selling raw milk could lead to much better cheese in this country, which I wholeheartedly support.  Because I'm cheesy like that.

Monday, September 20, 2010

PSA of the day

This is for the guys out there, so all you gals can skip this post.

Men - When you step up to the urinal in a public restroom, you may notice that there's a small protrusion in the well of the urinal, almost as if they are designed for you to straddle, the better to catch your piss.

That's because they ARE designed like that.

So why don't you do me and the rest of the world a favor, step up to the pisser, and piss IN the urinal instead of ALL OVER THE DAMNED FLOOR!!!!!!  And if your gut is too fucking big for you to see your own damn dick, then either grow a bigger dick or find a way to piss IN the damn urinal without your normal aiming point!  And if your gut is too fucking big for you to even find your dick, PUT THE FORK DOWN!  Or sit on the damn toilet so that I don't have to deal with your inability to piss in a porcelain pot!

I'm sick and tired of walking into a restroom in a building supposedly filled with civilized human beings and having to find a way to NOT step in the puddles of piss that some nasty fucking shitheel has so kindly left behind.  That's fucking gross.  At that point why don't you just go piss on a tree outside, you barbarian!

Back on your heads!

I'm sure you've heard the old joke about the guy who visits heaven and hell, and chooses hell because Heaven is people standing in shit up to their waist, and hell is people standing around in shit up to their knees.  So he chooses hell because it looks like less shit, only once his choice is made, Satan comes in and says "Break's over everyone!  Back on your heads!"