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Monday, September 20, 2010

PSA of the day

This is for the guys out there, so all you gals can skip this post.

Men - When you step up to the urinal in a public restroom, you may notice that there's a small protrusion in the well of the urinal, almost as if they are designed for you to straddle, the better to catch your piss.

That's because they ARE designed like that.

So why don't you do me and the rest of the world a favor, step up to the pisser, and piss IN the urinal instead of ALL OVER THE DAMNED FLOOR!!!!!!  And if your gut is too fucking big for you to see your own damn dick, then either grow a bigger dick or find a way to piss IN the damn urinal without your normal aiming point!  And if your gut is too fucking big for you to even find your dick, PUT THE FORK DOWN!  Or sit on the damn toilet so that I don't have to deal with your inability to piss in a porcelain pot!

I'm sick and tired of walking into a restroom in a building supposedly filled with civilized human beings and having to find a way to NOT step in the puddles of piss that some nasty fucking shitheel has so kindly left behind.  That's fucking gross.  At that point why don't you just go piss on a tree outside, you barbarian!

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