Saturday, March 28, 2020

Utah weather

Woke up to a blanket of snow on the yard.  By 1300 it was warm and dry enough to mow and edge.

Utah weather.

Extended period of activity

Well folks, I'm going to be rather busy for the foreseeable future.  Posting will be light.  I won't be cut off, but I won't be doing my usual volume.

Anyone who wants to co-host a blog, let me know.

Friday, March 27, 2020

China haz a sad

Apparently China doesn't like people associating that country with the Covid-19 Virus.  Which started in China.  Which the Chinese Communist Party tried to cover up.  And then the CCP destroyed test data.  And then the CCP forced a doctor to withdraw his findings because they didn't want the world to know about the virus.  And then the CCP pushed misinformation about the virus.  And the doctor who tried to warn the world ended up dying.

Folks, this is the Chinese Virus.  They started it, they withheld information about it, they covered it up until it broke free and they couldn't cover it up any more.

It's the Chinese Virus.  The Wuhan Virus.  The Kung Flu.  The Cantonese Cough.  General Tso's Sicken.

Fuck China, and fuck what China wants.

More common sense on the Chinese virus

And I just like the name "Birx" for some reason.

Dr. Birx said the coronavirus cases are currently concentrated in urban areas and the focus should be on getting medical resources into those areas from nearby parts of the state that are unaffected by the virus or from other places in the United States. Nearly 40 percent of the country, 19 out of 50 states, have reported early cases of the Wuhan coronavirus but, despite continued testing, are maintaining extraordinarily low numbers of infections, according to Dr. Birx. About 86 percent of people presenting with "significant symptoms" continue to test negative for the virus.

We're getting more data.  And that data says that while this is a significant virus, there's still no need to panic.  The more data we get, the more that we see how inaccurate the early models were.  I think a big part of that is the people making the models were using the data they had at the time, i.e. the data from China and Italy, neither of which can be trusted.

We've had one death in Utah from the Kung Flu, and that guy picked it up while traveling outside the USA.  Other locations have had more.  Apparently, New Orleans is getting hit hard.  I've been to New Orleans.  I could see a contagion starting there, just based on the climate and the actions of the folks who live there.  But should we shut down the entire country because people couldn't stay away from Mardi Gras?

We need to open back up, before the "cure" becomes worse than the disease.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

More common sense about the King Flu

From Oxford, apparently.  They're of the same mind that I am - this virus has been in our countries since at least January, it's been running it's course for three months now, and the curve we're trying to flatten is skewed by bad data based on the fact that they're not counting all the infections that happened before they officially made it a "big deal".

How many deaths attributed to Influenza actually are the fault of the Wuhan virus?  Nobody knows.

I want to know who the fuck put that $25 million in the bill

Is there a list somewhere of who demanded what?  $25 million for the Kennedy Center?  Why?

You know who has a fuck-ton of money?  The Kennedy family.  Let them send $25 million to the organization that bears the name of their political legacy.

Shit like this is just even more proof that the parasites and anal warts infesting Washington D.C. don't fucking get it.  Crap like this is why Donald Trump is president.  Crap like this is why he'll win in 2020.  Because this country is essentially shut down, "for the greater good", and those fucking assholes want to give money to an organization that services rich people in the richest area of the country.

They can't help themselves.  They are incapable of just doing the right thing.  They literally cannot do it, no matter how bad it looks or how many people it hurts.  They are deeply flawed.  And that's the nicest thing I can say about them.  I want to know who put that $25 million in there.  I want their names.

I want them to answer questions, just like anyone else would have to do.

More panic buying has a grand total of five options in 9mm ammo.  Five.  5.  Cinco.  They normally have tons of 9mm ammo online.  Today, they have five.

Lucky Gunner has two.  Dos.  Duo.  II.

I knew there was a run on ammo, but horry clap, people!

I went to Evanston on Saturday to pick up my cigar order.  Stopped in at Murdocks.  They had a few boxes of the self-defense hollow-point ammo, but all the cheaper ammo was gone.

Thank the good Lord I have plenty saved up.  I was thinking about picking up a few boxes more so my range trip wouldn't dent my supply, but I'm now looking around and wondering if I should just stay home and pet my ammo boxes while whispering "My PRECIOUSSSSSSSSS!"

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Oh great. They have a deal.

At least McConnell told Pelosi where she could stuff her Socialist shitlist.

It's still two trillion dollars that we don't have being pushed out.  And I don't even want to guess what anti-freedom concessions the National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party managed to obtain.  The third and fourth order of effects from this should be just spectacular.

The data is coming in, and the data says not to panic.

First, LawDog and Don't Panic over Bad Data.  As he says, anyone who trusts the data put out by the Chi-Coms should have their License to Adult taken away.

Willing to bet that "Death by COVID-19" has overtaken "Death by Suicide" amongst wide swaths of Chinese dissidents, wrong-thinkers, political prisoners, and other folks deemed "undesirable" by the Chinese government.

Interesting data from the Diamond Princess and South Korea.  I still say that the Diamond Princess was the worst case scenario we could have come up with:  An at-risk population confined in close quarters with shared ventilation.  This is a floating contagion that should have killed everybody.  But the data doesn't show that.

So why is everyone getting their panties in a bunch?  Because the media is a toxic dumpster fire of garbage humans who care more about hurting OrangeManBad than actually helping this country.  As a side note, any program that has on the witless bartender yet again needs to be shut down as a "news" agency.  If you actually push the googly-eyed, horse-faced socialist as a serious thinker rather than the drooling retard that she is, you do not get to call yourself "news".  Or "serious".  Or any pleasant adjective.

This virus has been here long before the officials said it was.  We're not all dying in droves.  We're not building mass graves.  And the data that we can actually verify shows it to be a serious virus, but not the plague.  I wouldn't want my parents to catch it.  Hell, I wouldn't want to catch it.  But we are not all going to die in the next month.  Calm the hell down.

Yes, the data we can actually verify.  If Italy is labeling anyone who dies after being diagnosed with this virus a Wuhan Flu death, despite whatever the cause of death, then we can't trust the data from Italy.) (Oh look!  He guzzled five liters of wine a day and smoked three packs a day, but he got the Kung Flu so that's obviously what killed him!  Not.)  We could never trust the data from China.  We cannot trust the data from Iran.  We can trust the data from Japan and South Korea.  We can mostly trust our own data, so long as it hasn't been filtered through the shit-spewing parasites in the MSM.

Don't panic.  Wash your hands.  And for the love of God, stop listening to socialist shit-stirring fuckheads who care more about hurting OrangeManBad than helping this country.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Pelosi-Schumer bill is full of crap

And who knew that the reason Chuck Schumer is a hunch-back is because he's constantly bent over sucking Granny Rictus McBotox's dick?

You can go read the details.  Every time I think that the Democrats are a bunch of anti-American communists who can't go any lower, the go lower.

Pelosi and Schumer are garbage human beings.  They're fucking parasites in suits, sucking the life out of this country, and trying to destroy this country even faster now that we're dealing with the Kung Flu.

And every fucking Democrat senator who went along with this is an absolute boil on humanity's ass.

This pathetic fucking shitshow is why Normal Americans will be lining up to piss on Pelosi and Schumer's grave when they finally fucking shuffle off this mortal coil, and you can be damned sure that once their bodies are in the ground, Pelosi and Schumer will be spending eternity burning in hell for what they've done, both in the past and now.

They are foul, horrible, disgusting, contemptable people who deserve nothing good.

Anybody, and I mean ANYBODY who votes for this fucking Democrat-wet-dream garbage needs to be stripped naked and then tarred and feathered on national TV.

Well, isn't this just &^%$#@ great?

So after the Wuhan Kung Flu, we now get another bird flu from China?

At what point do we finally un-couple ourselves from this communist shithole?

Maybe, just maybe, outsourcing all our vital manufacturing to a communist dictatorship with medevil sanitation practices wasn't the best fucking idea, huh?

Trump sending chloroquine to NY

"What do we have to lose?"

See, this is why I like Trump.  He doesn't worry about what money the Big Pharma lobby is shoving in to his pockets, because they're not shoving any money into his pockets.  The Congresscritters who wrote Obamacare?  BIIIIIIIIG money.

But that question right there is the right thing to ask.  Will chloroquine kill any patients?  No, so long as you're not the idiot who took the version that was for aquatic parasites.

Seriously, we have this medicine.  Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't.  We don't have anything else to counter this virus.  If we give the patients chloroquine, they might get better.  They might not.  But if we do nothing, we already know what will happen, so what the hell do we have to lose?

I hope it works.  In the meantime, I'm taking the organic compound that chloroquine is based on, on a daily basis.  That compound is called quinine.  It's found in tonic water, and it goes well with gin.

Monday, March 23, 2020

China lied. People died.

The Chinese virus, which started in Wuhan, China, was covered up by the Chinese government until it was too big to cover up any more.  At that point, the globe was pretty much screwed.  The CCP knew about the Wuhan virus back in November.

Based on what I've seen, they might have known even earlier.  And as I've already stated, this bug was here in America by December, we just didn't know it was here because we assumed it was another flu virus.

Had a very interesting chat with some in-laws last night.  They went and visited their progeny in a large mid-west city in February, and the way they described the people on their flight was jaw-dropping.  There was at least one woman who was visibly, massively ill at the front of the plane, and at least half the plane was coughing and hacking the entire flight.  They got home and were absolutely hammered with some sort of virus.  103 fever, pains and aches, breathing issues.

Sound like any virus you might know about that's been in the news lately?

Folks, this Wuhan flu has been in America and making the rounds.  We're just testing for it now, which means we're finding cases that docs would have written off as an Influenza Like Illness back in January.  So the number of cases will skyrocket and the media will continue their shrieking, hair-on-fire panic and hysteria.

But it won't change anything.

If the media reported auto deaths in the same fashion that they report the Wuhan flu, nobody would drive.

Democrats, being Socialists, care more about power grabs than helping Americans.

But you knew this already.  I have to say, this $Trillion-plus boondoggle wasn't going to fix everything, and there were way to many give-aways of other people's money.  But it was an attempt to help.

And Granny Rictus McBotox doesn't give a shit.  She wants her government funded abortion.  She wants her political power.  She wants to shit all over Normal Americans and destroy their freedoms, so she's going to use a political crisis to do it.

The supposed bipartisanship to help the economic fallout from the Wuhan coronavirus fell apart on Sunday after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi returned to DC

Coincidence? Probably not because the minute she gets back, shows off her “wishlist,” the Democrats vote no on a bill they negotiated.

Democrats hate America.  They really do.  And Nancy Pelosi is a soul-less hag.  She really can't go to hell fast enough.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

More common sense about the Chinese virus

It is not as bad as you think it is, and it's nowhere near as bad as the media makes it out to be.

Now, this doesn't mean that I'm going to go visit dad if I've been exposed to it, because I'm still going to take precautions based on HIS statistics.  But I'm not going to die from this.  You are most likely not going to die from this.  This hysteria is manufactured.