Saturday, April 26, 2014

Two competing philosophies

Laid out in an essay about economics.

For the conservative, people are an asset — in the coldest economic terms, a potentially productive unit of labor. For the progressive, people are a liability — a mouth to be fed, a problem in need of a solution. Understanding that difference of perspective renders understandable the sometimes wildly different views that conservatives and progressives have about things like employment policy.

Emphasis mine.  This difference in how the two philosophies see people needs to be laid out at every turn.  Beat it into people's heads.  We see people as assets and allies.  They see people as slaves and liabilities.

The cause is the cure?

I might need to try this:  Using yeast to avoid getting intoxicated.  I do love me some beer, but these days I don't drink too much of it.  And I certainly go light when I'm out on the town.

But boy, do I enjoy beer.  IPAs, stouts, Belgian ales, porters, all of 'em.


I was but a yoot when my brother introduced me to Joe Satriani's "Surfing with the Alien" album.  And one of the most smoking hot songs on that tape was "Satch Boogie".

Joe can still crank it these days, too.

Friday, April 25, 2014

I can smell rain

I've always liked the rain.  Hell, I enjoyed living in Seattle because of the rain.  But I never thought that I would get so damn happy to smell rain on pavement like I do here in Hell Los Angeles.

Boehner needs to go

That Flaming Orange Douche-Nozzle knows there's a camera at him, and he deliberately starts taking swipes at other GOP members who refuse to cave in to Amnesty for ILLEGAL ALIENS.

I am sick and tired of the GOP establishment targeting the Tea Party.  If it weren't for the Tea Party, the Flaming Orange Douche-Nozzle would be the House MINORITY Leader.  The only reason the GOP has any clout to begin with is due to the Tea Party.

But if the GOP establishment actually stood by the principals they claim to have when they're running for election, the Tea Party wouldn't exist in the first place.

In any case, if the Flaming Orange Douche-Nozzle actually had integrity and leadership ability, he would have been working with the Tea Party rather than attacking them and trying to get invited to all the right cocktail parties inside the Beltway.  So fuck off, Boehner, you stupid prick.  Time for you to go, and time for some real leadership to step up in the House of Representatives.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

If you support Illegal Immigration, then by extension, you also support the rape of those female illegal aliens

This would not exist without the pipeline for illegal aliens to come to the USA - therefore, by aiding and abetting illegal immigration, you are also aiding and abetting the rape of female border-jumpers.

As a priest in the town of Altar, near the Arizona border, the Rev. Prisciliano Pedraza sees migrants stocking up on supplies such as food, water and medicine for treacherous treks through the desert. 
But he sees female migrants stocking up on something else: contraceptives, which they take preventatively to protect themselves against sexual violence all too common as they make the journey through Mexico to the United States. 
“The women passing through here know that they’re going to be raped,” said Father Pedraza, director of a shelter for migrants in Altar.

It's really, really simple - when you accept, allow and support an action to occur, you are accepting, allowing and supporting all the 2nd, 3rd and 4th order of effects from that action as well.  Which in this case means the rape (and sometimes murder) of females who are trying to illegally cross the USA/Mexico border.

When I say "Dammit, I'm eating that banana sundae!", I'm also accepting the 2nd order of effect that I'm going to get fat from that sundae unless I run it off.  I support X action, and X action leads to Y and Z effect.  Therefore, I support Y and Z effect.  And if I don't support Y and Z effect, then I damn well either NOT support X action, or find a way to negate that effect!

But the people who want illegal aliens in this country really don't give a shit about the lives of the people who cross our borders illegally; those people are all just pawns in their political game, and their lives mean less than nothing.

By their works you shall know them

If anyone wants to see the Right-vs-Left battle in a microscope, go check out Larry Correia's blog post regarding the Hugos, a Science-Fiction writing award.

Take a look at the sheer hatred, slander and invective being thrown against Conservative SciFi writers.  And then look at the response from the supposedly "hateful" conservatives.

Really, all you have to do is look, and learn.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Affirmative Action Supreme Court Justice

At this point, can we simply admit that Affirmative Action was a bad idea?  Affirmative Action was one of the most insulting concepts the Left has put out there, because it was so insidious.  "Oh, it's OK, we know that you're dumber and not as capable as whites, so we're going to lower the standards just for you based on your skin color, because there's no way that you're smart enough or good enough to meet the standards that white people can meet."

When you boil Affirmative Action down into one statement, that's the statement right there.

I'm willing to bet that Affirmative Action also gave us the "Wise Latina" on the Supreme Court, which is one of the worst mistakes to happen to that body since FDR.  When a Supreme Court Justice writes an opinion that could be a carbon copy of a high-school girl's grievance letter, you know that the Supreme Court as an institution has taken quite a fall.

Monday, April 21, 2014