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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Affirmative Action Supreme Court Justice

At this point, can we simply admit that Affirmative Action was a bad idea?  Affirmative Action was one of the most insulting concepts the Left has put out there, because it was so insidious.  "Oh, it's OK, we know that you're dumber and not as capable as whites, so we're going to lower the standards just for you based on your skin color, because there's no way that you're smart enough or good enough to meet the standards that white people can meet."

When you boil Affirmative Action down into one statement, that's the statement right there.

I'm willing to bet that Affirmative Action also gave us the "Wise Latina" on the Supreme Court, which is one of the worst mistakes to happen to that body since FDR.  When a Supreme Court Justice writes an opinion that could be a carbon copy of a high-school girl's grievance letter, you know that the Supreme Court as an institution has taken quite a fall.

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