Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blown clear

You know your allergies are acting up when you clear your sinuses on a run, and the size of the glob of snot that flies out of your nose reminds you of various B-grade sci-fi movie monsters.

The loud "SPLAT" it made when it hit the concrete was loud enough for people to hear it twenty yards away.

But I'm breathing better right now.  Yay me!
Every now and then, this is what I need.  Now is one of those times.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Evening Surf

Og has up a post about dogs.  Og opines about dogs and humans.  V-man comments:

And the people who despise dogs, i.e. Islam, are the savages of the world. We civilize dogs. Dogs civilize us. 

 Yep.  I agree - Puppies are part of our tribe.

I have a day off

So I slept in.  Made it until 8.  Now I'm going to the zoo, because I can.

I'll try to bring back pictures.  Don't expect too much political analysis from me today.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One of my enjoyments

While I'm stuck in hell here is a good cigar.  I've found a couple good cigar shops, and they stock cigars that I normally wouldn't be able to get back home.  One of those was a "La Gloria Cubana Serie N".  I picked one of those up on Sunday, and had it last night.


Smooth, not harsh, not too strong, but enough flavor to keep you happy and the Maduro wrapper gave it just a bit of sweetness to finish it off.  That's a damn fine cigar. 

Holy Crap

It's Wednesday already?

Dear lord, I've been slacking.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

How the day went

Sunshine.  Nice and warm.  Top down on my Scoot.  Found The Tobacco Merchant.  Got good cigars.  Drove around some more, smoking cigars with the the top down.  Ended the day with cigars and beer.

You know, there's a whole lot of negative crap that I'm not writing about, because I need to focus on the positive.  And days like today help me do that.

Riffing on a theme

With Bill Whittle.

I want to meet that man someday.

The World's Shortest Sermon

At the church I'm attending while I'm down here, the priest gave the shortest, most to-the-point sermon I've ever heard in my life.  He got up to the lectern, looked at all of us, and said:

Jesus was born of a woman, because we are.

He submitted to pain and suffering, because we do.

He submitted to death, because we will.

And he ascended into heaven, so that we can.

And then he went back to the alter and began the profession of faith.  And while I know that there are people out there who might feel as if that sermon might be too short, I guarantee that I'll remember it for a long time to come.  Four sentences, short, sweet and to the point, carrying more meaning that I've heard in many half-hour speeches.